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1. ---What’s your job? ---I _____for a newspaper A. have worked B.work C. worked D. had worked

2.Mary never_____to school, she goes to school by bus.

A. walks

B. walked

C. is walking D. on foot

3. The year ________four seasons.

A.has been divided B. is divided into C. divides into D.divided into 4. I will tell him as soon as he ______back. A. comes

B. came C. come

D. will come

5. The train _______for Beijing at 2:30 pm. A. will leave B. is leaving C. leaves

D. left

6.Don’t talk so loudly, the baby _______.


B. slept

C.is sleeping D. has slept

7. What _________now? --- I ________ at university. A.do you do; have studied

B. are you doing;studied

C. are you doing; am studying D. are you doing, study 8. Your watch ______now, you can get it tomorrow.

A. will be repaired B. is repaired C. has been repaired D. is being repaired 9. —Look, you made the same mistake again. —.Oh, no, not again! ___________ that mistake A. I always make B. I’m always making C.I’ve always made

D. I always made

10.The New Year __________. A.is coming B. comes C. came D.will come

11._______it to the party next Saturday. A.Will you bring B.Have you brought C.Do you bring D.Did you bring 12.---Sorry, I fogot to post the letter for you. --- Never mind._________it myself tonight.

A.I’m going to post B. I’d rather to post C.I’ll post

D. I’d rather post

13. I _________ basketball this afternoon. A.am going to play B. will play C.played D.have played

14 Lu Xun ________a lot of famous novels. A.wrote

B. was writing C. had writtenD. writes

15.When _______this story? A.were you written B. have you written C. did you write

D. had you written 16.We _______a monthly test two hours ago. A.had already had B. have


D. has

17 Great changes_________in the last three years A.took place B.was taken place C.take place D. have taken place 18 They _________three letters since they came back. A.have written

B.had written C.had wrote

D.were written

19 The town________a lot since I was there in 1983.

A. has changed B.was changing C.is changing D.has been changed 20. When we arrived at the station we found the train_________. A.left B.will leave C. was left D. had left 22. I ______ the film before, but I decided to see it a second time.

A. have seen B. saw

C. had seen



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