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新目标七年级上册英语Starter Good morning

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Starter Good morning

Grade seven -zhang wenju

Do you like English? My name is Zhang Wenju. I ‘m from Lujiang , hefei city. I have taught English for 1 year.

Why do you learn English?
To go to college To seek better job

The importance of learning English

How about introducing yourself?
What is your name? Where are you from? What are your favorite sport and subject?

Ways to study English
一要课前认真预习。 二要课上认真听讲。做好课堂笔记。 三要课后认真复习。 四要课外认真独立完成作业。 五要课堂作业上交及时,不能拖拉。 总之,要学生做到:眼到,耳到,口到, 心到和手到。

Thank you for listening! May you happy.

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