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1、go home on foot 2、of course 3、turn right

5、over there

7、last winter

4、in front of the bank 6、on the second floor 8、I m 4cm taller than you 二、选择填空。(4分,每小题0.5分)

( )1、Are there any on the desk? A、book B、a book C、books

( )2、Can he football? A、playing B、play C、plays

( )3、 that boy?He s Tom A.Who s B.What s C、Where s

( )4、It s time go. A.to B.for C.at

( )5、How you go?I went by bike.A.do B.did C.does

( )6、She my friend. A.are B.am C.is

( )7、She likes songs.

A.are B.am C.sing

( )8、I want to home. A.go

B.went C.going


1. room, did, clean, you, your,(?)

2. visitors, city, we, to, are, this,(.)

3. am, to, sorry, that, I,hear(.)

4. you, on, where, holiday, did,your, go(?)


( )1.问对方姐姐的职业 A.Let s play computet games.

( )2.介绍自己的家庭 B.Don t worry!

( )3.邀请朋友一起玩电子游戏 C.I like blue.

( )4.想知道今天的天气情况 D.What s your sister s job?

( )5.表达喜欢蓝色 E.Help yourself!

( )6.想知道对方的爱好 F.This is my family.

( )7.安慰对方 G.What s your hobby?

( )8.招呼客人吃饭 H.What s the weathet like today? 五、阅读理解。(4分,每小题0.5分)

It s a sunny Sunday in June .The students are having a good time .They are

going on a field trip .Look! Amy is drawing a picture of a butterfly . Wu Yifan is counting insects under a tree . Mary is writing a report .Mike is reading a story-book beside the tree .Tom is playing chess with John . How happy they are !

(一)、判断下列句子是否与短文相符合,用“ ”或“ ”表示。

( )1.Today is Sunday .

( ) 2.It s spring time .

( ) 3.The students are angry .

( ) 4.Five boys are mentioned(被提及) in this passage .


A.writing a report

5. Amy B.collecting leaves

6. Jony C.playing chess

7. Mike D.reading a story-book

8. Mary E.counting insects

F.drawing pictures

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