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新目标八年级上 Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show 练习卷

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八年级英语Unit 5 知识点归纳与复习


1.考虑,认为_______ _______ 2. 介意做某事_______ _______

3.计划做某事_______ _______ 4. 希望做某事_______ _______

5.查明;弄清_______ _______ 6. 不能忍受_______ _______

7.期望做某事_______ _______ 8. 从……中学到_______ _______

9. 代替某人_______ _______ 10. 尽力某人最大的努力_______ one’s _______

11. 面对任何危险_______ _______ _______ 12. 愿意迅速做某事_______ _______ _______

13. 主要原因之一_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 14. 一双耳朵______ ______ ______ _______

15. 出版_______ _______ 16.装扮;乔装_______ _______

17.代替某人_______ one’s _______ 18.干得好_______ _______ _______

19. _____ the ______ 二十世纪30年代 20. _______ _______一天(过去或将来的某一天)


1. 你想看这个新闻吗?

Do you want _______ _______ _______ _______?


What do you ________ ________ talk shows?

--我不在意它们。 ---我不能忍受它们。



John wants to watch _________ _________ because they’re _________.


One of the _______ _______ is that Mickey was _______ a ________ ________, but he always tried to __________ ___________ ________.

5. 这部电影展示了她对家庭、朋友、国家的热爱。


Mulan ______ ______ like a boy and ________ her father’s _______ _______ fight in the _______.

7.I think game shows are ________ ________ (更有教育意义) than sitcoms.

8.One symbol_______ _______ _______ (在美国的文化中) is a cartoon.

9.Today’s cartoons are usually______ ______ ______ _____ (不像那么简单) little Mickey Mouse, but everyone still knows and loves him.

10. 我认为这个女演员把木兰角色扮演得很好。 I think this actress _______ Mulan’s _______ well.


1. He __________ (become) rich and successful when he was young.

2. I expect __________(meet) you again.

3. They had a ____________(discuss) about air pollution.

4. I plan ____________(take) a vacation next year.

5. They are ____________(plan) a party.

6. I want to learn__________(use) the computer.

7. I hope _________(hear) from you.


8. I cant’ stand _____________(wait) so long time.

9. I don’t like TV shows because I think it is ______________(meaning).

10. Do you think the rich____________(be) always happy?

11. Liu Yang is a ______________(success) woman.

12. The doctor did what he could _________(save) the girl who was badly hurt in the accident.

13. Are you ready ________(help) the homeless children?

14. I find it very interesting ___________(talk) with foreigners.

15. I don’t like them, ___________(too).


1. He _________ his daughter and went to the park.

A. dressed B. put up C. wore D. put on

2. Dear friends, please read every sentence carefully. Details(细节) decide ________or not. If you take it seriously, you’ll achieve your goal!

A. success B. successful C. succeed D. to success

3. ---What does he think of Animal Word? ---__________.

A. He loves it B. He was right C. That’s right D. No,he doesn’t mind

4. My grandfather wants ________ around the world because he enjoys ________new places.

A. travelling, seeing B. to travel, to see C. to travel, seeing D. travelling, to see

5. I'm very busy. Could you ______ to go to the party?

A.take place B.take me place C.take the place of mine D.take my place

6. --The doctor told me ____ too much, but I find it difficult. --The doctor is right. The less you drink, _____you will be.

A. don’t drink, the healthier B. not to drink, the healthier

C. not to drink, the more healthier D. don’t drink, healthier

7. When I ______through the station, I saw the accident __________.

A. pass, happening B. passed, happened C. pass, to happen D. passed, happen

8. ---Could you tell me_________ the information? ---By searching the Internet.

A. how you got B. why you got C. how did you get D. why did you get

9. —I like this movie. What about you? —______.

A.I do,too B.I can,too C.I am,too D.I was,too

10. He hopes __________ an actor in the future.

A. to is B. is C. to be D. him to be

11. Walt Disney made 87 cartoons _________, he became ___________.

A. successful, successful B. successful, successfully

C. successfully, successfully D. successfully, successful

12. An accident ___________in the street just now.

A. takes place B. took place C. happened D. is happening

13. ---Do you mind if I sit here? --- ________, It’s for Mr. Brown.

A. Not at all B. Never mind C. Better not D. Of course not.

14.______,they ______the game and felt sad.

A.Luckily;won B.Luckily;lost C.Unluckily;won D.Unluckily;lost

15. Excuse me, would you mind __________your voice down, please?

A. keeping B. to keep C. keep D. kept

16. There ___________ a lot of news in the newspaper?

A. is B. are C. be D. have

A. dressed up, laugh B. dressed up, to laugh C. dressed on, laugh D. dressed on, to laugh


18. Han Han is a popular writer. His new book will ________this summer.

A. come up B. come in C. come on D. come out

19. Cooking is _______moms! I can’t ________it.

A. from, mind B. for, stand C. of, like D. to, stand

20. I saw two ________an apple when I came by.

A. mice, eating B. mouses, eating C. mice, ate D. mouses, ate


1. Where is the post office? (改为宾语从句) Could you tell me ________ _________ ________ _________ _________?

3. I would like to go fishing this weekend. = I _______ _______ go fishing this weekend.

4. Please show me your photos. = Please show ________ _________ ________ _________.

5. Maybe he is a teacher. = He ________ ________ a teacher.

6. We have a discussion with some exchange students. = We ________ ________ some exchange students.

7. The other cartoons are not as famous as Mickey? = Mickey is ________ _________ ________the other cartoons.

8. Kate likes comedies, because she thinks they are interesting. (划线部分提问)

________ _________ ________ like comedies?

9. I hope I can travel around the world. = I hope I can travel ________ _________ ________ _________.

10. He asked Maria to open the window. (否定句) He ________ ________ _________ ________ open the window.

11. "Modern English" is very interesting.(变为感叹句) __________ _________"Modern English"___________!

12. I don’t like this movie because it is meaningless.(对画线部分提问) ______ ______ ______ like this movie?

13. I hope to find out what’s happening around the world. = I hope to find out what’s ______ ______ around the world.

14. Do you want to watch the news? (同义句to watch the news?


A teacher has two vacations a year. They are summer vacation and winter vacation. Office workers do not have very ____1____ vacations. ____2____have a _____3____ at Christmas. In China, people have the Spring Festival. Some people go on a vacation when they are free.

During their vacations, people go to different places and enjoy themselves ____4____ different ways. They go to Italy _____5____ the ancient Roman amphitheaters(古罗马竞技场) or go to Egypt to see the pyramids(金字塔). In summer they go to the seaside, in winter they go to the mountains.

Nearly every country has something for people ____6____. When they go to China, the ancient ____7____civilization (古代文明) becomes part of their interest. They will see the Maoli Culture (毛利文化)_____8_____they go to New Zealand. People take a vacation to rest but ____9____ the same time they can learn ____10____.

( ) 1. A. many B. much C. long D. good

( ) 2. A. Many them B. They many C. Most of them D. The most of them

( ) 3. A. plan B. vacation C. day D. party

( ) 4. A. in B. on C. at D. by

( ) 5. A. visit B. to visit C. visits D. visited

( ) 6. A. to work B. to see C. to look D. to go

( ) 7. A. the Chinese B. the China C. Chinese D. China

( ) 8. A. after B. while C. because D. when

( ) 9. A. in B. on C. at D. during

( ) 10. A. some new thing B. new thing C. everything new D. something new.



Chopin(肖邦) was born in March, 1810 near Warsaw(华沙) in Poland(波兰). He was one of the greatest musicians in the world. In 1831, when he went to Paris, no people but he could play the piano very well.

At that time people in Paris liked the Hungarian(匈牙利) pianist Liszt(李斯特). One night, at a concert, Liszt went to the piano and all the people shouted. As all the lights in the concert were turned off, a wonderful piano concert started. The music was so good that the listeners were all greatly interested. They kept praising the pianist and thought that Liszt reached something new in playing the piano.

Suddenly, all the lights were turned on again as the music came to an end. And there stood a young man instead of the famous Hungarian pianist Liszt.

Liszt planned all this. As the lights went out, Liszt left his chair and let Chopin take his place. So with the help of Liszt and his own talent(才能), Chopin soon became famous.

( ) 1. Chopin was__________________.

A. the greatest musician in the world B. a famous Polish pianist

C. a famous Paris pianist D. one of the greatest musicians in Hungary

( ) 2. The wonderful piano concert started___________________.

A. after all the lights were turned on B. when Liszt sat down at the piano

C. after all the lights were turned off D. when Chopin went to piano.

( ) 3. When the music came to an end, ________________.

A. Liszt stood at the piano B. all the lights were turn off again

C. Chopin stood at the piano D. people went out of the hall

( ) 4. Chopin became famous_________________________.

A. before he came to the concert B. all the lights were turn off again

C. because people in Paris liked him D. since he played so well at the concert

( ) 5. From the story we know________________.

A. Chopin could be famous because of his own talent and the help from Liszt

B. Liszt planned to make Chopin famous. C. Liszt was Chopin’s teacher

A. One could be famous only with the help of a famous pianist



提示: 1、 我非常喜欢这场比赛,很有趣,很令人激动。

2、 我不介意A队输了比赛,他们表现得非常好。

3、 我不能忍受那个45岁的裁判(judge)。他身材矮小,有一头金发,非常严肃,没有笑容。

4、 事实上我非常喜欢在电视上看足球比赛。

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