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( ) 1. — Would you mind turning down the music?


A. Yes, I would A. smoke B. No, of course B. smoking C. No, not at all D. Yes, of course C. not smoking D. smoked ( ) 2. here? I can’t stand the smoke.

( ) 3. — Would you mind opening the window?


A. Yes, go ahead

C. No, please don’t

D. Yes, of course

( ) 4.

A. after a minute B. in a minute C. at that minute D. on a minute

( ) 5. ?

A. do the dishes B. doing the dishes C. to do the dishes D. to do the dished

( tomorrow, we go to the park..

A. rains; won’t B. will rain; won’t C. rains; don’t D. will rain; will

( ) 7. There are four people in my family. ___me, there are my parents and my brother

A. Beside B. Besides C. Except D.But

( ) 8. -- How about a hamster? -- _____ too noisy.

A. It’s B. They are C. It was D. They’re

( ) 9. --How about the football match yesterday?

--It was not ___. Some fans thought it a little __________.

A. enough wonderful ;boring B. wonderful enough; boring

C. wonderful enough; bored D. enough wonderful ;bored

( ) 10.Last night I ___ at ten o’clock. Half an hour later, I ______.

A. slept, fell asleep B. went to bed; fell asleep

C. slept, went to bed D. went to bed; slept


write a thank-you note. The words "Thank you”ings, lends us a book or gives us a gift.

something without saying”please”.We have to use it when weuse”please”to make request pleasant.

”,too. When we have someone, we’11 have to go up and say we’re sorry. When we have forgotten something, we will also say”sorry”.We can make wrongs by saying it. use in any languages.

( )11. A. in B. at C. for D. to

B. Sorry, it’s too cold outside

( )12. A. so B. very C. rather D. such

( )13. A. helps B. has C. lets D. makes

( )14. A. want B. forget C. like D. remember

( )15 A. ask for B. say C. need D. want

( )16. A. but B. and C.or D. as

( )17. A. learn to say B.to learn and say C. learn and say D. to learn to say

( )18. A. fell B. touched C. felt D. hurt

( )19. A. remember B. forget C. need D. think

( )20. A. difficult but important B. simple but important

C. useful but difficult D. helpful but difficult



If you knew you had only three years left to live, how would you use your time? It’s a hard question and few of us would even like to think about it. But 18-year-old Huang Ge has to answer this question and he says, “ I want to thank the people who have helped me.”

At the age of one, Huang’s mother left the family. Six year’s later, he was badly ill. He has been using a wheelchair since 9 years old. Doctors said he would only live to be 18. After Huang’s story went on TV, hundreds of Chinese sent money to help him. The boy was so moved that he decided to thank everyone of them. But it is not an easy job, because Huang was too sick even to drive a mosquito(蚊子) away from his leg. Huang has to be tied to his wheelchair to stop him from falling out. And the family can only afford a three-wheeled motorcycle(三轮摩托). Since 2003, the father and son have traveled 14,000 kilometers to 10 provinces, and thanked more than 30 helpers.

“I am moved by the story of this boy. We need the courage to face death, and we should also r those who help us, ” read an online post on CCTV.com.

( )21. After hundreds of people sent money to help him, ________.

A. Huang Ge decided to ask for more money.

B. Huang Ge decided to thank everyone who had helped him.

C. Huang Ge’s story went on TV.

D. Huang Ge had a happy life with his father at home.

( )22.They________to thank the helpers.

A. took a train B. took a ship

C. took a motorcycle D. took a bus

( )23. What does the underlined word “thankfulness” mean?

A. 感恩 B.宽容 C.诚信 D.奉献

( )24. Put the following sentences into correct order.

a. Hundreds of Chinese sent money to help Huang Ge.

b. Huang Ge decided to thank everyone who helped him.

c. Huang’s story went on TV.

d. Huang Ge’s mother left the family.

e. Huang Ge was badly ill.

A. dceba B. edbca C. cdeab D. decab

( )25. Which is the best title of the passage?

A. A way to success B. An interesting trip

C. A grateful heart D. A TV show


Our eating habits are very important for good health and a strong body. There are times when most of us like eating sweets and ice cream better than meat and rice. Sweets and ice cream are not bad for us if we eat them at the end of a meal. If we eat them before a meal, they may take away our appetite(食欲). It’s important for us to eat our meal at regular(规律)time each day. When we feel worried or excited, we may not want to eat. A long time ago, in England, some

judges often decided whether a man was telling truth by giving him some dry bread. If the man could not swallow(吞)the bread, it meant that he wasn’t telling the truth. Though this seems strange and foolish they thought it was good way of finding out truth. A man who is worrying something has difficulty in swallowing anything dry, because he loses his appetite.

( )26. Good eating habits make us ________.

A. stronger B. happier C. more beautiful D. more polite

( )27. It’s good to eat sweets and ice cream ________.

A. after a meal B. before a meal C. when we are happy D. when we want to eat

( )28.It’s good for us to have our meal _______ every day.

A. earlier B. at the same time C. at any time D. at the different time

( )29. The judge in old England thought if a man didn’t tell me the truth, he can ________.

A. drink milk or tea B. eat a lot of dry bread

C. hardly eat dry bread D. swallow dry bread easily

( )30. A person who feels ________ may not want to eat.

A. happy B. shy C. upset D. well



you feel away talk good call surprise long know care

Everyone needs friends. It is nice to have a friend__1____, laugh and do things with. But we _2_____ lonely if we never had a friend. Friends sometimes don’t get on 3_____. Sometimes friends move 4______. We miss them very much, but we can 5______ them and write to them. It is 6_____ to find out how much we like new people when we get to know them.

There’s more good news for people who have friends. They live7_____ than people who don’t. Why? It could be just 8_____ that someone cares. If someone 9______about you, you take better care of 10______.


1、The pot-bellied pig is so big that it Can’t sleep in the house.(改为同义句)

The pot-bellied pig is big sleep in the house.

2、I paid 8$ for this pair of shoes.(改为同义句)

I 8$ this pair of shoes.

3、Why don' t you get her a camera?(改为l司义句)

get her a camera?

4、Joe got the bike 对划线部分提问)

Joe get the bike?

5、Maria is a lucky girl.(改为感叹句)

lucky girl Maria is!








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