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unit6 i am going to study computer science

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We are going to study computer science

be going to 的用法 be going to + 动词原形——表示将 a 来的打算、计划或安排。常与表示将来的 tomorrow, next year等时间状语或when 引 导的时间状语从句连用。各种句式变换都 借助be 动词完成,be随主语有am, is, are 的变换,going to 后接动词原形。

? 肯定句: 主语 + be going to + 动词原形 + 其他。 eg: He is going to take the bus there. 否定句: 主语 + be not going to + 动词原 形 + 其他 eg:I’m not going to see my friends this weekend.

我打算明天和朋友去野炊。 I am going to have a picnic with my friends. 下个星期一你打算去干嘛 我想去打篮球。 What are you going to do next Monday? I am going to play basketball. 你妈妈这个周末去购物吗?是,她要去买一些水果。 Is your mother going to go shopping this weekend? Yes, she is . She is going to buy some fruit. 你们打算什么时候见面。 What time are you going to meet?

1.grow up 长大 stand up 起立 get up 起床 pick up 拾起,捡起 look up 查找(资料),向上看 turn up 调大音量 put up 举起,抬起;张贴 put up with 忍受,容忍 eat/use up 吃/用光 set up 建立,设立 take up 占据;开始从事 bring up 养育









postman artist






bus driver

cook 厨师 doctor 医生 engineer 工程师 teacher 老师 violinist 小提琴手 driver 司机 pilot 飞行员 pianist 钢琴家 basketball player 篮球运动员 scientist 科学家 actress/ actor 演员 singer 歌唱家 writer 作家

? What does he/she do? ? What is his/her job?

? He/She is ......

an artist/painter
Fu baoshi

a professional basketball player Yao ming

a writer

Guo jingming

a pianist


a singer

Jay chou

a pilot

Yang liwei

an actress

Liu shishi

1.The Old man and the Sea by Hemingway=The Old man and the Sea is written by Hemingway eg.Dream of the Red Chamber by Cao xueqin paintings by Van Gogh

2.be good at doing sth = do well in 在某方面 擅长 be good to 对....友好 be good for 对…有好处 be good with 和……相处得好

3.keep on doing sth = go on doing sth 继续 eg.He keeps on swinming in winter 4.be sure about/of + 名词、代词、 动名词 确信 eg.we cannot be sure about the changes in the future. 我们无法确定未来会发生什么变化 make sure 确保 eg.Make sure you wash your hands before meal. 确保饭前洗手

be sure +动词不定式 我确信和你一起去 I am sure to go with you be sure +that +句子 我确信这个学期你可以取得巨大的 进步 I am sure that you can make great progress this term

try one's best to do sth =do one‘s best to do sth 尽某人最 大的能力干某事

I. 根据句意和首字母提示完成单词。

1.Tom is going to be a p_____ because he loves ilot planes.

2.Jimmy likes computers very much, so he is going to be a computer p rogrammer __________. 3.I’m going to be a d_____ in a hospital, because I octor want to help sick people. 4.My sister loves children very much, so she is going to be a t_________. eacher

1.-你长大了干什么? -我想当一名记者。 -- What are you going to be when you grow up? -- I’m going to be a reporter.
2.-他打算怎样成为一名演员? -他打算去上表演课。 -- How is he going to be an actor? -- He is going to take acting lessons. 3.-他们打算搬往哪里? -他们打算搬往上海。 -- Where are they going to move? -- They’re going to move to Shanghai.

New Year's resolution 新年决心
resolution 决心= determination make a resolution/determination to do sth 下定决心干某事 他下定决心要努力学习 He made a resolution to study hard

Next year, I’m going to :
learn to play an instrument get good grades make the soccer team eat healthier food get lots of exercises

make a list 列个清单;列出单子; 造表
We should make a list of the students and check thier information. 我们应该列一张学生的单子,核查 他们的信息

make promises 承诺 keep a promise 遵守承诺 break a promise 不守信 make a promise 许下诺言 promise sb to do sth 答应某人做某事 eg.她答应这个星期天和我去逛街 she promised to go shopping with me this sunday

promise adj.promising 有前途的 他是一个有前途的学生 He is a promising student

get back 回来 get away/off with:逃避处 罚 get out of:摆脱 get along with:相处 get through:到达;做完;接 通电话 get down to (6doing) sth 开 始做某事,认真处理某事

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