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九年级英语上第三单元课时练习7(Unit 3 Teenage Problems)

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Unit 3 Teenage Problems

Period 7 Integrated skills


A. 听句子,选择正确答语。(听一遍)

()1. A That's OK. B I'm sorry to hear that. "C It doesn't matter. ()2. A Yes, I do.

B I often write to my friends.

C I often read books.

()3. A Once a day. B No, I don't. C For two hours.

()4. A OK. I'll go to ask for their advice.

B Thank you for your help.

C That's all right. .

()5. A I like playing computer games.

B I often read comics for fun.

C I will ask my teacher for help.

B. 听对话及问题,选择正确答案。(听一遍)

()1. A Deal with the problem herself.

B Talk to her parents.

C Talk to her friends.

()2. A Her hobbies. B Her homework.一C Her housework.

()3. A Because she failed in the English exam.

B Because she failed in the Maths exam.

C Because she got high marks in the exam.

()4. A He has too much homework.

B He can't sleep well.

C He doesn't have enough money.

()5. A We don't have enough time for our hobbies.

B Their parents don't allow them to play with their friends.

C They feel lonely sometimes.

C. 听短文,判断下列句子正(T)误(F)o(听两遍)·

()1. Albert Einstein was born in the USA in 1879.

()2. Einstein often got high marks at school and his teachers all liked him.

()3. Einstein failed in the exams because he had no interest in those subjects.

()4. Einstein's parents believed that he would become a great scientist.

()5. Einstein won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1921.


Millie: I have got a problem, Tom. I'm very worried.

Tom: (1)______ What's the problem?

Millie: My friend in Japan hasn't replied to my last e-mail. I'm afraid she doesn't want to write to me any more.

Tom: (2)______ Maybe she's just too busy these days.

Millie: You're right. (3)______

Tom: Why don't you send her another e-mail and let her know you miss her very much?

Millie: (4)______ Thank you for listening to my problem and offering me such useful advice. Tom: My pleasure. (5)_____

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