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初二升初三入学考试题 B

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英 语

学生:________ 成绩:________

Part One Vocabulary and Grammar

(第一部分 词汇和语法 共40分)

Choose the best answer.(选择最恰当的答案,用A,B,C或D表示,请将答案填写在答题纸上):15分)

( ) 1.If you have ________ ambition, you need to work hard to realize it.

A./ B.a C.an D.the

( )2.I know that his hobby is _______ badminton.

A./ B.to playing C.playing D.play

( ) 3.They all looked at the man surprisedly.No one knew what ________.

A.was happening B.has happened

C.was happening D.have happened

( ) 4._______ it is to watch this kind of movie with you!

A.How funny B.How fun C.what a fun C.What fun

( ) 5.Those two ________ are both from Germany.

A.woman tourists B.women tourists

C.women tourist C.woman tourist

( ) 6.We all know that ancient people also counted ________ tens.

A.in B.on C.with D.by

( )7.He suddenly ________ out his bag and ________ me it was empty.

A.hold sowed B.held shown

C.hold shown D.held showed

( ) 8.This is ________ that he has ever made.

A.the greatest inventions B.one of the greatest invention

C.one of the greater inventions D.one of the greatest inventions.

( ) 9.There are so many students on the playground.Some are playing football, _______ are

playing basketball.

A.others B.other C.the other D.the others

( ) 10.Nowadays, a lot of young boys and girls go to ________ college to learn knowledge.

A.a B.the C./ D.other

( ) 11.You must report the ________ to the police at once so that they will deal with it for


A.robber B.robbery C.rob D.robbed

( )12.We all know that 0.37 is ________.

A.a decimal number B.a fraction

C.a decimal number D.a percentage

( )13.I wonder if you _________ tomorrow.If you _________, I will invite someone else.

A.come, will come B.will come, come

C.will come, comes D.come, come

( ) 14.These powerful _________ machines are often used by those accountants. 1

A.calculate B.calculator C.calculation D.calculating

( )15.Could you tell me _________?

A.What?s his trouble B.What his trouble was

C.What was wrong with him D.What?s wrong with him

Fill in the blanks with the given words in their proper forms.(用括号内所给单词的适当形


16.We all know that Tom?s mother is a very _________ business woman.(succeed)

17.A car accident happened in our street last night._________, no one was injured.(luck)

18.My sister _________ fish in that market early every morning.(sales)

19.It?s __________ for her to get school so late because she is always the first one to get to


20.Suddenly, we heard a big ________ in the next meeting hall.(argue)

21.In some maths tests, the students are allowed to use the _________ calculators.(electric)

Choose the word or expression from the box to replace the underlined part in each



23. 24.


26..We all like her so much.

27.We all know that we needn?t wear .

Ⅷ.Rewrite the sentence as required.(按要求改写下列句子,每空格一词,请将答案填写


28.It is .(划线部分提问)

__________ _________ is it from my home to that stadium?

29.Alice often got up late when she was a young girl.(保持句意不变)

Alice _________ ________ get up late when she was a young girl.

30.I enclosed some photos of our school.(改成一般疑问句)

________ you ________ any photos of your school?

31.She has a very pleasant voice.(改为感叹句)

________ a ________voice she has!

Part Two Reading comprehension.

(第二部分 阅读共60分)


A:Read and judge.(判断下列句子是否符合短文的内容,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的 用“F”表示,请将答案填写在答题纸上):(12分)


I think the most terrible thing in life for my little brother is getting up in the morning.He is almost sick when my mother calls, “Herbert! It?s seven o?clock! Get up!” Herbert answers, “I?m coming!” and goes right back to sleep.I?m not at all like my brother.I don?t like to go to bed at night but I don?t mind getting up in the morning.I usually wake up before my mother calls me.I jump out of bed and go into the bathroom to take a shower.I get dressed, brush my teeth, comb my hair, and get ready to go downstairs for breakfast as soon as my mother calls.But not Herbert.He just sleeps.A military band(军乐队)in our bedroom could not wake him up.I call him and say, “Get up! Mum will be up here to pull you out of bed if you don?t get up immediately!” But he just sleeps.After calling a few more times my mother has to come upstairs and pull Herbert out of bed.It?s that way every day with my little brother.Perhaps some day he?ll learn to get up on time, but I really don?t think so.

True or False

32.The most terrible thing in life for my little brother is going to school.

33.I?m not like my brother because I like to go to bed early at night and get up early in the


34.I usually jump out of bed and go into the bathroom for a shower before my mother calls.

35.My mother often has to go upstairs and pull Herbert out of bed as he refuses to get up.

36.Sometimes we have to send for a military band to wake Herbert up.

37.The writer thinks some day Herbert will learn to get up on time.

B:Choose the best answer.(根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案,用A,B,C或D表示,请将答案填写在答题纸上):(12分)

“I spend more time in chat rooms than with my ?real—life? friends.” Do you know any people like these? They are part of a new addiction(瘾)called Internet addiction.Internet addicts spend at least thirty to forty hours online every week.The use of the Internet can be an addiction like drug(毒品)use.People lose control(控制)of the time they spend on the Internet.

For example, one college student was missing for several days.His friends were worried, and they called the police.The police found the student in the computer lab.He was surfing the net for several days straight.

Studies show that about 6 to 10% of Internet users become addicted.And people worry about the teens because the Internet is changing the playing field for some of them.They spend more time in cyberspace than in the real world of friends and family.

Is “surfing the net” a hobby or an addiction for you? You may have a problem if you have these symptoms(症状):

·You do not go to important family activities or you do not school work because you like to spend hours on the Internet.

·You can?t wait for your next online time.

·You plan to spend a short time online, but then you spend several hours.

·You go out with your friends less and less.


38.What does the beginning of the passage tell us?

A.How to become an Internet addict.

B.What an Internet addict usually does.


C.Where to find an Internet addict.

D.Why to write this passage.

39.How does the writer describe the addicts? use of Internet?

A.It is something like keeping drugs.

B.It is a way of producing drugs.

C.It is like taking drugs.

D.It is terrible to imagine.

40.Why do people worry about the teens?

A.The teens are wasting too much money.

B.They used to work on the Internet.

C.The playing field of the teens will disappear.

D.More and more of the teens will become addicted to the Internet.

41.The example in the passage shows that ________.

A.Internet problems are more serious among college students

B.Internet addicts usually stay in the computer lab without sleep

C.Some of the Internet users have already been seriously addicted

D.The police often help to find those Internet addicts.

42.Which of the following is not a symptom of the internet addiction?

A.You do not want to go outside with your friends a lot.

B.You feel uncomfortable without the online time.

C.You like doing your homework very much.

D.The time flies when you are online.

43.What is the writer trying to tell us at the end of the passage?

A.Don?t be addicted to the Internet.

B.Go to family activities more often.

C.Do things as you have planned.

D.Stay with your parents as often as possible.

C:Read and answer the questions.(根据短文内容回答下列问题,请将答案填写在答题纸


A businessman had worked too much.He found that he couldn?t sleep at night, but often fell asleep in the day.He became very worried, so he went to see his doctor.

“Can you help me, doctor?” he asked.I slept so well, but now I slept less than two hours at night.

The doctor looked him very carefully, gave him some tests, asked him to work less hard, and told him to take some medicine to help him.He said he was sure that he was not seriously ill, and that he would soon be better.

But the businessman grew worse instead of better.He slept even less than before at night and was still falling asleep in his office.He visited the doctor again and again and it took the doctor a long time to find out the reason: the businessman?s wife was giving him the sleeping medicine in the morning and the ones to keep him awake at night.

44.Why couldn?t the businessman sleep at night?



45.How long does he sleep now at night?


46.Did the doctor think the businessman had a serious problem?


47.Did the businessman grow worse or better after seeing the doctor?


48.Was the doctor able to find the real reason for the business?s problem?


49.Who was responsible for the businessman?s problem?


.Cloze test.(完形填空):(18分)

A:Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage.(选择最恰当的单词或短语,


As I have learnt English very well in the university, there is a good chance I will be able to stay on as a teacher with the university where I am __50__.Most of my friends and parents think that it?s best for a girl to be a university teacher.

But I don?t know __51__ to do.It is not that I wouldn?t like to be a teacher.But I don?t want to stay, not now, because I need some experience in telling my students how to turn __52__ into practice.

I once taught business English at a night school, yet I had never done any business.Though I prepared my lessons well, I still __53__ to create a “real—life “situation for my students to practice with.I feel now is not the right time for me to work here and spend my life in a university.I want to work in a place where I can use what I?ve learnt:my knowledge of English and French.I also want to know more about other things.

I know that if I leave the university, I shall start from the beginning in some ways, but I?m __54__ to learn, to work __55__ to keep up with others and then, if possible, surpass(超过)them.English can be a good tool to help me.It is a means to an end, but not the end itself.

( )50.A.visiting B.working C.studying D.playing

( )51.A.whether B.what C.how D.why

( )52.A.pictures B.covers C.pages D.theory

( )53.A.failed B.enjoyed C.decided D.needed

( )54.A.free B.slow C.ready D.polite

( )55.A.difficult B.hard C.hardly D.easily

B:Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words.(在短文的空格上填入适当的词,使其内容通畅,每空格限填一词,首字母已给,请将答案填写在答题纸上):(9分)

A man once had a dream about the Black Forest in Germany.In his dream he was walking in the forest when two men ran out and tried to throw him to the ground.He ran off as f _______ as he could, but they followed him.He reached a place where he saw two roads in f _______ of him, one to the right and the other to the left.Which road should he take? He heard the two men behind him, getting nearer, and at the s _______ time he heard a voice in his ear.It told him to go to the right, and he did so.He ran on and soon came to a small hotel.He was received there kindly and 5

given a room, and he was saved from the two men.That was the dream.

Twenty years l _________ he was really in the Black Forest and, as happened in the dream long ago, two men ran out and tried to throw him down.He ran off, and came to a place with two roads, like in the dream.He remembered the dream and t ________ the road to the right.He soon reached a small hotel, was taken in, and so was safe.His dream of twenty years before had saved his life.

56.f _______ 57.f _______ 58.s ________ 59.l ________ 60.t _______




1.F 2.D 3.A 4 E 5.B

6.A 7.B 8.C 9.C 10.B 11.C 12.D 13.A

14.T 15.T 16.T 17.F 18.F 19.F

20.concert 21.first 22.November 23.hospital 24. 288300658 25. underground


26. C 27. C 28.C 29.D 30.B 31.A 32. D 33.D 34.A 35.C

37.C 38.D 39. D 40. D

41. successful 42. luckily 43. sells 44. unusual 45. argument

46. eclectic

47. G 48.E 49.F 50.A 51. C 52. D

53. How far 54. used to 55. Did … enclose 56. What…pleasant

57. F 58.F 59.T 60.T 61.G 62.F

63. B 64.C 65.D 66.C 67.C 68.A

69. Because he had worked too much.

70. Less than two hours.

71. No,he didn?t.

72. He grew worse.

73. Yes, he was.

74. The businessman?s wife.

75.V 76.B 77.D 78.A 79.C 80.B

81. fast 82. front 83. same 84. later 85. throw 86. took

7 36.B

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