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( )1.A. face B. bag C. name D. late ( )2.A. he B. she C. me D. bed ( )3.A. nine B. rice C. hi D. his ( )4.A. go B. no C. not D. hello ( )5.A. bus B. uncle C. cup D. student


( )1. I have e-dog. name is Hobo.

A. a, Its B. an, Its C. an, It’s D. an, its ( )2.That girl from the USA. But where her father come from?

A. is; is B. comes; does C. is; do D. are; does ( )3.He goes to school by bus, but he walks after school.

A. to home B. for home C. to his home D. the home ( )4.—Can I your new watch?


A. look at B. look after C. look for D. look like ( )5.—Is your name Daniel?

— .What about yours?

A. Yes, I am. B. No, it is. C. No, I’m not . D. Yes, it is. ( )6.Millie, do you enjoy in the sea?

A. swiming B. swims C. swimming D. to swim ( )7.I can swimming very , but my brother isn’t a swimmer.

A. good; good B. well; well C. good; well D. well; good ( )8. There some juice, food and fruits on the table.

A. has B. are C. have D. is

( )9. their sister go with you? Yes, .

A. Does, he does B. Is, she is

C. Does, she does D. Does, their sister does

( )11. they glad the museum?

A. Do, visit B. Do, to visit C. Are, visit D. Are to visit ( )11.Nick, it’s time to go to bed.

A. Goodbye B. Good morning C. Good night D. Good evening ( )12. are there clothes? They are those .

A. Whose boy’s B. Who’s boys’ C. Whose, boys’ D. Whose, boys ( )13.Sandy with her friends shopping every weekend.

A. go B. to go C. goes D. is going ( )14.The presents are for


A. him and you B. Millie and I C. me and you

( )15. —You look very beautiful today.— .

A. That’s right.. B. No, I don’t look beautiful. C. That’s all right.. D. Thanks.


D. him and me

Tick, tick, tick! Good morning, Jim! It’s 6:30 now. It’s time up. Do you know me? I’m your new friend. My name is Clock. Look I can walk with my hands. I have no mouth, but I speak to you. Now please listen to . Today is Monday. You have many things to do. Classes at 8:00. You have four classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. After 3:40 you have a basketball match Class Two. You come at 5:40. You have supper at 6:00. You CCTV news at 7:00. And you go to bed at 9:30. Now please get up quickly and have your breakfast or (否则) you will be ( )1. A. get ( )2. A. hands ( )3. A. and ( )4. A. can’t ( )5. A. I

B. gets B. head

B. but B. mustn’t

C. to get

C. feet C. so C. must C. mine

D. getting D. leg

D. or

D. can D. me D. to begin D. for D. at home D. look at

B. my

B. begins

( )6. A. begin ( )7. A. to

C. beginning C. and

B. with

B. to home

( )8. A. home ( )9. A. see ( )10. A. early

C. your home C. watch C. glad

B. read

B. happy

D. late



My name is Ma Li. I'm from Guangzhou, China. But now I live in Beijing. I’m at No.16 Middle School. I’m in Class One, Grade Two. I like music because it’s great fun. I want to join the Music Club.

My name is Mary King. I am from the United States. I can speak a little French and Japanese. But I can’t speak Chinese. I think Art is interesting. But I don’t like Science. I think it’s boring(无聊). I want to visit China very much.

My name is Miyoko. I am from Japan. I go to school at 7:30every day. I have lunch at school. I like Science and Art. I want to join the Art Club. I don’t like Maths. I think it’s different.


( )1.Where does Ma Li live now?

A. In Guangzhou B. In Beijing C. In the United States D. In Japan ( )2.What language can’t Mary King speak?

A. French B. English C. Chinese D. Japanese ( )3. Which country does Mary King want to visit very much?

A. Japan B. France C. The UK D. China

( )4. What club does Miyoko want to join?

A. The Music Club. B. The Art Club.

C. The Science Club. D. The English Club.

( )5. What subject doesn’t Miyoko like?

A. Maths B. Art C. Music D. Science


There are seven days in a week. They are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Most children go to school from Monday to Friday. Most people don’t work on Saturday or Sunday. In England most shops are closed on Saturday and Sunday. But in China shops are open every day. In England some people go to church(去做礼拜). The time between Friday evening and Monday morning is the weekend. It is the time for rest. We can’t work all the time. We have to work from time to time. We rest over the weekend(周末期间).

( ) 1. Most children don’t go to school onand Sunday.

A. Saturday B. Monday C. Wednesday D. Tuesday

( ) 2.In China shops are open .

A. on Tuesday B. every day C. Thursday D. from Monday to Friday

( ) 3.We have ________ at weekends.

A. to work B. a good rest C. lessons D. a look

( ) 4. Most children have _______ days’ holiday(假日).

A. two B. one C. three D. four

( ) 5. There are ______ people in most shops in England on Sunday.

A. some B. many C. no D. any


Dear Zhou Lan,

Thank you very much for your mail. I want to go to China. I know something about China from your e-mails. Your English is very good. But I don't know much Chinese. Now I'm learning it from my parents. They know much about China. They tell me many things about China.

I'm happy to know you like your school and your family. You want to know my family and my school. I have a big family. My grandparents and my parents are all very fine. My father has a brother. He is my uncle, John. He and my aunt have their children. They're Bill, Linda, Mary and Lily. My brother Dick is a boy of eighteen. I like my family very much. I'll go to China next 3

year with my mother. She is going to teach English in a middle school in Beijing.

Yours, Annie ( )1.This is an e-mail from _____ to _____.

A. Zhou Lan; Annie B.Annie; Zhou Lan's family

C. Zhou Lan; Annie's family D. Annie; Zhou Lan

( )2. Does Annie's father have any sister?

A. Yes, he has one. B.No, he doesn't

C. Yes, he has two. D.No, but he has a brother.

( )3. How many people are there in Annie's big family.

A.4 B. 6 C.12 D. 14

( ) 4. Who will come to China?

A. Annie B. Annie's family

C. Annie and her mother D. Annie's parents

( )5. Who teaches Annie Chinese?

A. Zhou Lan. B. Annie's parents

C. Annie's grandparents D. Annie herself



运动员) of the football team. They are very nice.


4. My ’s or aunt’s son or daughter)is 12 years old.


Club three times a week.

in his free time.

tired after having sports.


4.Daniel, English every morning.



1.Sandy likes maths best.(改为同义句)

2.They are in the school football team.( 改为同义句)

the school football team.

3.The little boy washes his hands before meals.( 改为否定句)

his hands before meals. 对划线部分提问)


after supper?


is Jim Green. I am at playing it. they are on our basketball team. They usually play basketball and Thursday are to be football players when they grow up.


Liu Mei has a happy family. She lives with her grandparents and parents in Zhejiang. Her father is a doctor. He goes to work on foot every day. He is not very tall, but he is ver y strong. Her mother is a teacher. She goes to work by car. She loves her students. Liu Mei's grandparents stay at home. In the morning, they go to the park. In the afternoon, they drink tea with their friends. In the evening, they watch TV and read newspapers.

Liu Mei is a student in No. 1 Middle School. Her school is very beautiful. There are many tall buildings there. She likes studying at this school.

1. What do Liu Mei's parents do?

2. How does Liu Mei's mother go to work?

3. What do Liu Mei's grandparents do in the afternoon?


4. What does Liu Mei’s father look like?

5.Are there many tall buildings in Liu Mei’s school?



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