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远志教育----2013秋学期7A期中考试复习(一) 2013-10-26

一、单词辨音 ( ( (

( ( ( (

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

( ( 二、词汇运用

1. 2. ).

3. I like to read a lot of 有趣的) books. 4. I take part in the 画画) competition 5. She is one of my 最喜欢的) friends。 6. I (搜索)for some information online

7. What __________ (另外,其他) nice things would you like for your birthday, Tom? 8. Bob is a boy _______(戴着) glasses.

9. The little boy __________ (希望) (excite) football match. 10. How long does it (花) you to get to school by bike? 11. What great __________ it is to play computer games!(funny) 12. Would you like to s__________ me around your hometown? 13. Don’t you know that a cat has nine __________?(life) 14. The _________(警察)in the street are my brothers. 15. There is a _______________(图书馆)in our school. 16. Look at the dog, it is enjoying __________food !(it)

17. It is 20 _________(分钟) walk from the theatre to the reataurant? 18. I am in Class 1,__________ (年级)7 at Sunshine Middle School. 19. We are all in Class 3, so we are __________(classmate). 20. Mary, _______(fly) kites in the park ,please.

21. There are five classrooms on the ___________ ( three ) floor.


22. ________(who) blouse is this?

23. We all know Yao Ming is one of the best basketball _________(play) in the world.

24 .Don’25 .His father is a kind man. He often helps others. He is very _____________(help).

26.Eddie enjoys ______________ (醒来) up just before supper every afternoon.

27.I don’t like basketball. The ___________ (原因) is that I am not tall


( ) 1. I have a house _______a small beautiful garden.

A. on B. to C. of D. with

( ) 2. All the parents love their children and my parents love__________.

A. my B. mine C. their D. theirs

( ) 3. —— It’s 76453218.

A. What B. How much C. How many D. Which

( ) 4. My friends and I often talk ___________ sports games ___________ the phone.

A. to; with B. of; on C. about; with D. with; on

( ) 5. ─ __________ your teachers kind to you? ─ Yes. And they teach __________.

A. Do; good B. Does; well C. Is; good D. Are; well

( ) 6. ─ __________ do you have your class meeting, Millie? ─ About once a week.

A. How long B. How often C. When D. What time

( ) 7. The city library _________ from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Let’s _________ right now.

A. is open; walk there B. opens ; walk to there C. is opened; walk to there D. open; walk there

( ) 8. ─ Who’s that man ________ a white shirt? ─ He’s our new Maths teacher.

A. wears B. in C. on D. with

( ) 9. My father flies to Beijing ___the night ____ November 11.

A on; of B at; of C on; in D in; on

( ) 10. ─ Did you win the football match, Simon? ─ No, __________ team is so strong.

A. one B. other C. one other D. the other

( ) 11. There is_______ milk in the bottle. Let’s go and buy_______.

A any; no B some; any C no; some D some; no

( ) 12. ─ What __________ your uncle __________? ─ Oh, he’s tall and thin.

A. does; like B. is; look like C. does; look like D. is; likes

( ) 13. We all know that there is _______ ―m‖ and _______ ―w‖ in the word ―warm‖.

A.a;a B. an;a C. an;an D. a;an

( ) 14. –-What do you think of New York City? --It’s a good place _______.

A. have fun B. having fun C. to have fun D. for funny

( ) 15. I want ___ a policeman because it is an exciting ____.

A. to be, job B. doing, work C. to be, work D. being, job

( )16.We have a job ______ you ______ a waiter.

A. for, as B. to, like C. of, as D.with, like

( )17.-How’s it going? -_________.

A. Windy B. Rain C. Cloud D. Not bad

( )18.Jim likes to_______ with her friends on QQ

A. speak B. say C. get D. talk

( )19.——_______ does he look like? —He ______ long hair.

A. What , is B. What, has C. How , has D. How, is

( )20.We can ___________newspapers.

A. look B. see C. read D. watch

( )21.Maggie and Stella _____new here. They ____listening to music.

A. are both; both like B. both are; like both C. are all; all like D. all are; like all

( )22.Can you ________ me how to_________ that in Chinese?

A. speak; say B. talk; speak C. tell; say D. speak; talk( )23.

( )24.—It’s too cold. The window is_______ now, please go and_____ it.

A open; closed B opened; close C opened; closed D open; close

( )25. Tom hopes _______ go to Shanghai for a trip.

A he can B him C him to D /


( Lucy.

A. in front of; in front of B. in the front of; in the front of

C. in front of; in the front of D. in the front of; in front of

( )27She lives far away from the school and has to _________ there every day.

A. by bus B. take the bus C. on foot D. walk


1. Everyone in our class works hard and ____________ (study) well.

2. Everybody knows fifteen minutes__________ a quarter.(be)

3. ─ What dream __________ Li Hua __________ (have)?─ He wants to be a basketball player in NBA.

4. ─ What makes you ____________ (feel) so sad, Sandy? ─ The bad news does.

5. How long does it take you ____________ (read) English every day, Mary?

6. ─ What a fine day! Would you like to go out to fly kites?

─ Sorry, I can’t. I ____________ (chat) with my old friend on the Internet now.

7. My cousins ____________ (not be) busy today because it’s Sunday.

8. ____________ glasses ____________ (help) us see well?

9. How about _________ (try) some French food here?

10. Hainan is a good place for old people ____________ (live) in winter.

11.I need some colour pens (eat) more vegetables is good for our health.

13.It’s 11 p.m.,but he 14.Look! Millie (have) long hair in a ponytail?

take)me 3 hours (finish) my work every day.

16.– Where are the students?- They__________ ready for the show in the school hall.(get)

17.There (be) any useful information in today’s newspaper.

18.The teachers each (have) a car.

19.Doing morning exercises (help) us (get) ready for the day.

20.My mother is busy (clean) the house.

21.Kitty doesn’t have much time (talk) with her friends.

22.Sandy with her parents (begin) (have) breakfast at 7:00 in the morning.

23.Is it time for him (answer) the difficult question?

24.Why not (stay) at home (watch) TV?

26.Cats like fish. They _______ _______ (show; not) any interest(兴趣) in potatoes.

27.Of course it is fun ___________ (chat) with you.



Everyone knows that exercise is important. We all need to exercise. Doctors say it is good for us. It makes your heart and body strong. Children who often exercise are more alert(灵活的).This means they do better in tests and schoolwork than those who don’ t exercise.

There are many ways to exercise. You can walk,run,swim,skate or play ball games. Make sure you exercise in the following ways: You have to like what you’ re doing. Exercise enough—but not too much. It’s best to exercise twice each week. Thirty minutes each time is enough. Try all kinds of things until you find one, two or even three sports that feel right for you.

(设备)there. The equipment will help exercise your arms, legs and other parts of your body to make you fit. Some people buy equipment for homes. But it is very expensive.

Exercising can be fun. Friends can exercise together at a fitness center, or they can play sports together. How do you exercise?


1. In the text,the writer tells us that we all need to A. drink B. sleep C. exercise D. work 2. Which of the following sports is not mentioned in the text?

A. Fishing. B. Running. C. Swimming. D. Walking.

3. The underlined words ―fitness centers‖.

A.商务中心 B.健身中心 C.购物中心 D.医疗中心

4. Exercise makes your A. head B. hand C.arm D. heart

5. According to the text, it’ s best to exercise each week.

A. once B. twice C. three times D. four times


Grandfather Can Hear Me

John likes chocolates(巧克力) very much, but his mother doesn’t give him. They’re bad for his teeth, she thinks. John has a very nice grandfather. The old man loves John very much and sometimes he buys John some chocolates. Then his mother let him eat them. Because she wants to make the old man happy.

One Sunday evening before his seventh birthday, he shouts, ―Please, God(上帝), let them give me a big box of chocolates for my birthday.‖ His mother says,―God can’t hear you. Don't shout (叫喊)! ‖ ―I know,‖ says the clever boy with a smile. ―But my grandfather is in the next room. And he can.‖

( ) 6.John's mother doesn't give him chocolates because_______.

A.John doesn't like them. B. They are bad for his teeth.

C. His mother has no money. D. His mother doesn't love him.

( ) 7.Who sometimes buys some chocolates for John?

A. God B .His mother C. His grandfather D.His grandmother

( ) 48.When the old man buys chocolates for John, his mother usually _______.

A. let him eat them. B.don't let him eat them C.makes the old man unhappy D.feels happy

( ) 9.John is _____.

A.seventh years old. B .seven-years-old . C seven years old . D.17 years old.

( ) 10.John shouts loudly(大声地)for chocolates because ______.

A. He wants God to buy chocolates for him. B.He wants his grandfather to buy chocolates for him.

C.He wants God to hear him. D.He wants his mother to buy chocolates for him.


In England, people often talk about the weather because they can have four seasons in one day. In the morning the weather is warm just like in spring. An hour later black clouds come, and then it rains. In the afternoon the sky will be sunny, the sun will begin to shine, and it will be summer at this time. In England, you can also have summer in winter, or have winter in summer. So in winter, you can swim sometimes, and in summer sometimes you should take warm clothes with you. When you go to England, you’ll see that some English people usually take an umbrella (伞)or a raincoat (雨衣)with them on a sunny morning, but you should not laugh at(嘲笑) them. If you don’t take an umbrella or a raincoat, you’ll ( ) 11. England people often like to talk about the ________ .

A. food B. weather C. jobs D. children

( ) 12. People in England can have ______seasons in a day.

A. one B. two C. three D. four

( ) 13. In winter, sometimes it is very ______like summer.

A. warm B. hot C. cool D. cold

( ) 1

A. be sorry B. be happy C. be busy D. be interesting

( )15. Why do some English people take an umbrella or a raincoat with them on a sunny morning

A. Because they like to wear raincoats B. Because the weather is cold

C. Because it may(可能) be rainy D. Because they want to make jokes


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