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1. Your room is a real mess. Would you please _________?

A. clean up B. clean it up C. clean up it D. clean out it

2. You’d better ______off ______a decision.

A. don’t put, to make B. don’t put, making C. not put, making D. not to put, making

3. They plan to ________a food bank to help homeless people.

A. set off B. set out C. set in D. set up

4. You can ______some signs to tell people about it.

A. put on B. put up C. put off D. put away

5. Can you _______a solution to the problem?

A. think over B. think of C. think about D. think up

6. Jack _______his father. They are both tall and outgoing.

A. looks like B. likes C. is like D. takes after

7. My math teacher ________my mobile phone because I used it at class.

A. took away B. took out C. took care of D. took after

8. The problem was too difficult for me to _________.

A. work out B. work it out C. work out it D. work on

9. His duty is to ________food to hungry people in the food bank.

A. work out B. give out C. take out D. put out

10. Please _______the windows. It’s much too cold outside. A. turn off B. shut up C. open D. shut

11. —How many teachers are there in your school? — , but I'm not sure.

A. Hundreds B Hundred C. Hundreds of D. One hundred

12. I don’t know ________.

A. who is the man B. who the man is C. who did come yesterday D. who are you going with

13. Her cell phone number is 1356789900. Please ________.

A. write it down B. write down it C. write them down D. write down them

14. Everyone wants to do ________he is interested in.

A. that B. what C. all what D. how

15. He often ________his money and clothes to charity.

A. gives out B. gives away C. hands out D. hands in

16. On weekends I’d like to _______at the park with my friends.

A. go out B. go out to C. hang out D. run out

17.Miss Smith has made ________interesting for us students to learn English by establishing English study group.

A. it B. this C. that D. her

18. I must appreciate you ________your kind donation.

A. thanks to B. because C. because of D. for

19. It’s raining. You’d better ________umbrella with you.

A. bring B. take C. fetch D. get

20. Umbrellas _________out rain.

A. used to keep B. used to keeping C. are used to keep D. are used to keeping


I haven’t written my blog(博客) for two weeks because I’ve been really busy with my work. And for me, being busy is being , for I really like my work. I have been finishing up my volunteer work for Doctors Without Borders. I some Wharton classmates around to see Shanghai (actually, to see Shanghai bars), and

also hung out with some online friends I met on Pop English. It’s too bad I don’t have to actually meet all the people I’ve met on this website—sometimes I hardly have time to the messages I get from the other friends. But I have had a lot of fun meeting the online friends, and it’s also been a great way to my Chinese.

I have two more weeks in Shanghai and then I go to New York for training with Morgan Stanley. In early September I will move to Hong Kong to to work with Morgan’s Asia Special Situations Group. I will mostly be covering China, and will come here often trips. But I will not necessarily go to places like Beijing and Shanghai, , often to 2nd and 3rd tier(等级) cities. That’s always but it can some-times be hard for a big city boy like me.

Before I start work, I want to make sure I enjoy my stay here in Shanghai most of my last two weeks!

( )1. A. sad B. useful C. tired D. happy

( )2. A. sent B. showed C. provided D. supported

( )3. A. time B. money C. places D. fun

( )4. A. write B. reply C. answer D. send

( )5. A. learn B. speak C. listen to D. practice

( )6. A. left B. paid C. spent D. taken

( )7. A. look for B. choose C. use D. start

( )8. A. with B. to C. by D. on

( )9. A. otherwise B. instead C. though D. or

( )10. A. awful B. sad C. interesting D. special

阅读理解 A

Newspapers are very important in our everyday life. Many people begin their day by reading the paper. In this way they learn what is going on in the world. But sometimes they don't have the time to read the newspaper carefully and must be pleased with a quick look at the front page. Sometimes they may be in such a hurry that they have time only to look at the headlines quickly.

There’re newspapers to please every reader. In big cities there are many kinds with several different editions (版本) every day. In small towns there are fewer newspapers and perhaps only one edition each day. Some papers in small towns have several editions, especially on Sundays. Besides the front page with the most important news, there is the sports page, the amusements(娱乐) page, the business page and so on..

( A. they sometimes read the front page B. they sometimes read the headlines

C. they don't read it at all D. Both A and B

( .

A. important editions B. words in large letters above stories in a newspaper

C. interesting stories D. some sports and amusements pages

( A. what is happening in the world B. how many editions there are each day

C. the headlines are not so important D. the sports page isn’t as clear as the others

( A. more editions B. more pictures C. fewer editions

A. the business page

C. the sports page

Dear editor, B. the front page D. the amusements page D. fewer pictures ( )5. If you want to watch a football match, you’d better read in the newspaper. B

I am not a good-looking boy and I'm not good at studying, either. Some people don't even want to talk to me. So I usually feel lonely. Sometimes I think that if I wanted to leave home, nobody would care. How can I stop feeling like this?


* * * * * * * * * * *

Dear Peter,

Without knowing more about you, it is hard for me to give you some good advice.

But first, I am sure that you are wrong that nobody would care if you left home. What about your parents? And other family members? It seems that you are very sad. You'd better go to see a doctor or talk to your parents. They will be able to help you.

Second, I'm sure there s someone in your class who feels lonely, too. You never know how other people feel inside. Try to make friends with them.

Or you may join a club to meet new people and to keep yourself busy.

You need to find happiness in yourself. Write a list of all the good things about yourself, learn to like yourself, and then others will see your confidence and like you, too.


( )1. What's the trouble with Peter?

A. He doesn't like his parents. B. He doesn't like others.

C. His parents don't like him. D. He isn't good at studying and feels lonely.

( )2. Why does Peter write to the editor?

A. Because he wants to make friends with him.

B. Because he wants to ask the editor to help him.

C. Because he wants the editor to know about him.

D. Because he wants to give the editor some advice.

( .

A. meet new people and make friends with them B. keep his friends busy

C. study hard but never think about others D. be a good-looking boy

( when he reads the letter from the editor.

A. sad B. lonely C. glad D. afraid

( )5. How many pieces of advice did the editor give to Peter?

A. one B. two C. three D. four


Wilma Rudolf was born in Clarksville, Tennessee, in 1940. There were twenty-two children in her family. Wilma was not a strong child. When she was very young, her leg began to have problems. Wilma's family loved and helped her. Her mother and her sisters took turns to rub(按摩)her bad leg. Every night they rubbed and rubbed until Wilma was fast asleep. After some time, she got a little better. Then the doctor put a brace on her leg to help her walk for six years. One lucky day when she was twelve, the doctor took it off and she was able to walk without it.

At high school Wilma started to run. Soon she won every race she ran. At fifteen, she won all nine of the races in the country. The next year, 1956, Wilma won the third place in the Olympic Games in Australia.

In 1960 Wilma went to the Olympic Games in Italy. The weather was very hot just as it was in Tennessee. She won the 100-metre, the 200-metre and the 400-metre relay races. Wilma Rudolf was the first American woman to win three Olympic gold medals.


A. leg B. foot C. arm D. hand

( )2. How many people were there in her family?

A. 20 B. 22 C. 23 D. at least 23

( years old when the doctor put a brace on her leg.

A. 12 B. 10 C. 8 D. 6

( .

A. started to run with a brace

B. started to run and won every race in her country

C. ran for Australia and won

D. won the third place in the Olympic Games in Italy

( )5. Which of the Mowing is NOT true?

A. Wilma's family was very big.

B. At the age of 20 Wilma went to the Olympic Games in Italy.

C. Wilma won three gold medals in the 100-metre , 200-metre and 400-metre races.

D. Wilma was the first American woman to win three Olympic gold medals.


1. After the earthquake(地震), lots of people became ________, so they had to live outside.

2. They have put off the meeting ________November 12th.

3. My bike is broken. I’ll get it ________up tomorrow.

4. Check your homework carefully before it’s _________in.

5. The kind old man always helps others with ________.

6. The man is ________two eyes. He can’t see anything.

7. We should come up with _______to cheer him up.

8. He’s in trouble. Let’s help him ________.


1. Clean-up Day is two weeks from now.

Clean-up Day is ________ _______two weeks.

2. She often sings to cheer up the sick people.

She often sings to _______the sick people ________.

3. Tommy takes after his mother. Tommy ________ ________to his mother.

4. I’ve used up my money. My money has _______ ________.

5. It is necessary for them to support and help each other during this sports event.

It is necessary _________ _________ support and help each other during this sports event

6. Lisa began to work in a computer factory ten years ago.

Lisa _________ _________ in a computer factory for ten year


Mary: Hello, this is Mary.

Mr. White: Hello, this is Mr. White, Peter’s father.

Mary: Hello, may I speak to Peter?

Mr. White: Sorry, ___________________________________.

Mary: Could you tell me when he’ll come back?

Mr. White: ___________________________. Can I take a message for him?

Mary: Please tell him that I hope he will come to my birthday party next Sunday.

Mr. White: Thank you for inviting Peter to your party. By the way, __________________________? Mary: It will start at half past five.

Mr. White: ___________________________________?

Mary: I am going to have it at Sichuan Restaurant near his office.

Mr. White: OK. _______________________.

Mary: Thank you. Good-bye.


根据内容提示和要求,以“My Dream Job”为题写一篇短文。

内容提示:1. 想成为一名记者;

2. 多读书,勤写作,向报刊、杂志投稿??;

3. 高中毕业后去北京上大学;

4. 想到电视台工作,游祖国大好河山,观世界风云变幻;

5. 通过努力,梦想成真。




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