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1. When _______the telephone ________?

A. did, invent B. does, invent C. is, invented D. was, invented

2. The heels are _________changing the style of the shoes.

A. used for B. used to C. used at D. used with

3. Desks are made ________wood and paper is made _______,too.

A. of, of B. of, from C. from, from D. from, of

4.-- Where’s the TV made _______? --It’s made ________Shanghai.

A. in, in B. in, / C. /, / D. /, in

5. Winter has already come. The temperature will fall _________zero tomorrow.

A. under B. below C. on D. over

6. We saw the sun _________on the top of the mountain yesterday.

A. raise B. raised C. rise D. rising

7. _______telephone was invented earlier than _______car.

A. /, / B. The, / C. /, the D. The, the

8. The soup isn’t _________because he hasn’t put _________into it.

A. enough salty, enough salt B. enough salty, salt enough

C. salty enough, enough salt D. salty enough, salt enough

9. Turn on the blender for _________until the juice is boiled

A. some time B. some times C. sometime D. some times

10. One of his inventions ________by accident.

A. invented B. invents C. were invented D. was invented

11. Making paper is one of ___________in the history of China.

A. the greatest invention B. the biggest inventions C. the biggest invention

12. The number of the students in the music club _________all the time.

A. is increasing B. are increasing C. is increased D. are increased

13. When I passed by the park, I noticed the children ________ basketball there.

A. play B. to play C. playing D. are playing

14. I didn’t wake up ________ I heard the alarm clock.

A. after B. since C. until D. when

15. -- _______, you can work out the math problem very easily.

-- I see. Thank you very much, Miss Wang.

A. By the way B. On the way C. In this way D. From the way

16. -- _______ out plan, there will be a meeting next Monday.

-- Oh, thanks. I will be there on time.

A. With the help of B. Because of C. According to D. In

17. The milk __________ strange, It has gone bad, I think.

A. is tasted B. taste C. tastes D. is tasting

18. Only a few hundred of these animals _________ today.

A. stay B. remain C. keep D. alive

19. Take these plates away to the kitchen and ________ some clean ones.

A. take B. bring C. fetch D. send

20. – Sorry, Mary. I took your notebook _________.

-- It doesn’t matter. D. the greatest inventions

A. by mistake B. by accident C. by hand D. by chance


basketball and volleyball are very new. And new sports or games come to world nearly all the time.

’“their”match. in winter.

fun it is to watch an NBA match!

( )1. A. health B. healthy C. healthily D. unhealthy

( )2. A. thousand B. thousand of C. thousands of D. ten thousands of

( )3. A. others B. the others C. the other D. another

( )4. turn on B. turn off C. turn down D. turn up

( )5. A. interested B. exciting C. excited D. surprised

( )6. A. beats B. wins C. fights D. loses

( )7. A. though B. so C. but D. however

( )8. A. very B. quite C. really D. so

( )9. A. plays B. is played C. is playing D. are played

( )10. A. What B. What a C. How D. How a



“Everything happens for the best,” my mother said whenever things weren’t going my way. “Don’t worry, one day your luck will change.”

Mother was right, as I discovered after I had finished my college education. I had decided to try for a job in radio. One day, I wanted to host(主持) a sports program. I went to Chicago and knocked on the door of every station. But I got turned down every time.

In one station, a kind lady said my problem was that I hadn’t got enough experience. “ Get some work with a small station and work your way up,” she said.

I went back home. I couldn’t get a job there, either. Then my dad told me a businessman had opened a store and needed someone to help him. But again, I didn’t get the job.

I felt really down. “ Your luck will change,” Mom said to me. Dad lent me the car to help me to look for my job. I tried another radio station in Iowa. But the owner, a nice man, told me he had already had someone.

As I left his office, I asked, “How can someone be a sports announcer(播音员) if he can’t get a job in a radio station?”

I was waiting for the lift when I heard the man call. “ What did you mean? Do you know anything about football?” He put me in front of a microphone and asked me to try to imagine that I was giving my opinion on a football game, I succeeded.

On my way home, Mom’s words came back to me, “One day your luck will change, Son. And when it

happens, it’ll feel doubly(加倍的) good because of all the hard work you’ve had.” At that moment I knew what just what she meant.

1. What’s the writer’s ideal(理想的) job?

A. A sportsman B. A shop assistant C. A sports announcer D. A businessman

2. Why didn’t the writer get the job in Chicago?

A. because he was too young B. Because he didn’t get college education

C. Because he’s got a good-looking person D. Because he hadn’t got enough experience

3. Which of the following is true according to the article?

A. You just need wait for some time, then luck will come.

B. Luck will come if you try your best to do everything.

C. It’s important for you to wait for luck. D. You should trust your mother.

4. The sentence “But I got turned down every time.” Means “______”

A. But I was refused every time B. But I was successful every time

C. But I lost my way every time D. But the door of every station was always closed

5. What’s the best title of this passage?

A. Mother’s words B. Everything Happens For The Best

C. No One Is Always Lucky D. To Find A Job In Radio Is Difficult


In 1826, a Frenchman named Niepce needed pictures for his business. But he was not a good artist. So he invented a very simple camera. He put it in a window of his house and took a picture of his garden. That was the first photo.

The next important date in the history of photography was in 1837. That year, Daguerro, another Frenchman, took a picture of his reading room. He used a new kind of camera in a different way. In his picture you could see everything very clearly, even the smallest thing. This kind of photo was called a Daguerro type.

Soon, other people began to use Daguerro’s way. Travelers brought back wonderful photos from all around the world. People took pictures of famous buildings, cities and mountains.

In about 1840, photography was developed. Then photographers could take pictures of people and moving things. That was not simple. The photographers had to carry a lot of film and other machines. But this did not stop them. For example, some in the United States worked so hard.

Mathew Brady was a famous American photographer. He took many pictures of great people. The pictures were unusual because they were very lifelike(栩栩如生的). Photographers also became one kind of art by the end of the 19th century. Some photos were not just copies of the real world. They showed the feelings, like other kinds of art.

1. The first photo taken by Niepce was a picture of A. his business B. his house C. his garden D. his window

2. The Daguerro type was .

A. a Frenchman B. a kind of picture C. a kind of camera D. a photography

3. If a photographer wanted to take pictures of moving things in the year of 1840s, he had to .

A. watch lots of films B. buy an expensive camera

C. stop in most cities D. take many films and something else with him

4. Mathew Brady .

A. was very life like B. was famous for his unusual pictures

C. was quite strong D. took many pictures of moving people

5. This passage tells us A. how photography was developed B. how to show your ideas and feelings in pictures

C. how to take pictures in world D. how to use different cameras


If you don’t use your arms or your legs for some time, they will become weak; when you start using them again, they will gradually become stronger again. Everybody knows this. Yet many people do not seem to know that it is the same with our memory. If a friend says that his arms and legs are weak, we know that it is his own fault. But if he tells us that he has a poor memory, many of us think that his parents are to blame, and few of us know that it is just his own fault.

Have you ever found that some people can’t read or write but they usually have better memories? This is because they can not read or write and they have to remember things; they can not write them down in a little notebook. They must remember dates, names, songs and stories; so their memories are being exercised the whole time. So if you want a good memory, learn from there people: practice remembering.

1. What will happen to your arms or legs if you don’t use them for some time?

A. They will be strong B. They will be broken C. They will be weak D. They will be hurt

2. What does the word “fault” mean in the second paragraph?

A. 困难 B.过错 C.粗心 D.聪明

3. What do many of us think of the person with a poor memory?

A. His parents are to blame. B. He isn’t clever. C. He is foolish. D. His parents are very clever.

4. Why do some people usually have better memories but they can’t read or write?

A. Because they stronger. B. Because they often practice remembering things.

C. Because they have strong arms and legs. D. Because their parents are good.

5. What does the passage mainly(主要)talk about?

A. Arms. B. Legs. C. Behaviors. D. Memories.


1. The abacus was invented by Chinese in the sixth ___________.

2. The dress is made ________silk, so it feels very soft.

3. The name of Xiaogan came from an _________legend.

4. China is a ________developed country while the USA is a more developed country.

5. _________speak English and French.

6. Cookies are hard, dry and _________broken.

7. China was ________made in China.

8. Potato chips are invented by ________.


1. Henry Ford invented the car. The car __________ _________by Henry Ford.

2. Who invented tea? _________ ________was tea invented?

3. Tea wasn’t brought to Europe until 1610.

Tea ________brought to Europe ________1610.

4. We keep sheep to produce wool and mutton.

Sheep ________kept for ________wool and mutton.

5. There are more students in our school than in theirs.

The number of the students in our school ________ _________than in theirs.

6. This invention was invented earliest of the four.

This invention was invented earlier than ________ ________three.


A: __________________________?

B: Yes, please. I’d like to buy a TV.

A: ________________________________?

B: It’s nice. _________________________________?

A: It’s made in Japan.

B: Oh, no. I don’t like things made in Japan.

A: What about this one? It’s made in Qingdao.

B: OK. ______________________________?

A: It’s 4500yuan.

B: That’s a bit expensive. ______________________________________?

A: Sorry. This kind is the cheapest.


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