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七年级英语上册期中试卷 本试卷分第i卷(选择题)和第ii卷(非选择题)两部分。共6大题,满分100分。考试用时100分钟。 第i卷所有题目都须填涂在答题卡上。


听力部分 ? 根据你所听到的句子,选择相应的答语,每个句子读两遍。(5分)

1. a. thank you b. the same to you c. yes , i think so.

2. a. sandy is out . b. amy is ill . c. simon is .

3. a. they’re in her bag . b. they’re in english . c. they’er interesting .

4. a. it’s two. b. it’s three. c. it’s five .

5. a. it's a black . b. it's black . c. it's cheap .

? 听下面五段对话,选择正确答案,每段对话读两遍。(

6. who is going to the flower show ?

a. betty . b. simon . c. betty and simon.

7. what’s the date today ?

a. june 2. b. june 3. c. june 4.

8. what season is it now ?

a. spring . b. summer . c. autumn.

9. what number is the woman calling now ?

a. 7045386 b. 7043586. c. 7045368.

10. what will they do ?

a. go to the cinema. b.listen to the radio. c. get new glasses.

? 听短文,选择正确的答案,短文读两遍。(5分) 11. where does lin tao write this letter? he writes at his ______________.

a. home . b. school . c. friend’s home.

12. lin tao’s english teacher is ______________.

a.mrs gao. b. miss gao. c. mr gao

13. there are __________ classes all day .

a.four . b. three. c. seven

14. one of lin tao’s friends is from ___________.

a. america b. england c. france

15. which is true?

a. this letter is from may to lin tao . b. lin tao is a teacher .

c.lin tao’s favourite game is basketball .


5分) 1

? 单项选择(15分) 16.there is _______ “s” and _________ “u” in the word “study” .

a.a/a b. a/an c. an/a d. an/an

17. what did mr.green _________ at the class meeting?

a.say b. tell c. talk d. speak

18. these are __________ books .please give ________ to __________ .

a. my ;it;me; b. his;them;him

c. her;them;hers d. his;it;his

19.__________ you free today ? would you like ______________ shopping ?

a. do;going b. do ;to go c.are;to go d. are;going

20.i want to go to a _________ to buy something for my son.

a .cloth shop b.sports shop c.books shop d.shoes shop

21. my parents and i ___________ like watching tv.

a. are both b. both c. are all d.all

22. tom doesn’t have much time _______________.

a. plays with his friends b. play with his friends

c. playing with his friends d. to play with his friends

23.how ________ the pair of shoes?

a. much are b.many are c. much is d. many is

24. the english children usually have a big dinner ________ christmas day .

a.at b.on c. in d. for

25. --- can the boy speak english?

--- ____________________.

a. i think don’t b. i don’t think c. i think he can’t d. i don’t think so

26. this is ________ bedroom. the twin brothers like it very much.

a. tom and jack ’s b. tom’s and jack’s

c. tom’s and jack d. tom and jack

27. --- would you like some coffee? --- ____________.

a. yes,i would. b. no ,i wouldn’t. c. yes,please d. no,please

28. thank you ___________ me a new pen.

a. for buying b. to buy c.buying d.buy

29. he is my ___________.

a. twins brother b. twin brothers c. twin brother d. brother twin

30. one of ___________ looking at the kites in the sky.

a: the boy is b: boys is c: the boys is d: boys are

? 完型填空(10分)


装饰) the houses and buildings of every the year.

o open the from their parents . then they wake their parents up ,calling “merry christmas”.

31. a. am b. is c. was d. be

32. a. snow b.rain c. leaf d. kite

33. a. kept b. to keeping c. keeps d. to keep

34. a. seeing b. looked c. looking d.saw

35. a.everything b.nothing c.anything d. some things

36. a.interested b.thin c. welcome d. strong

37. a.evening b.night c. morning d. afternoon

38. a. time’s b. times’ c. times d. time

39. a.before b. at c.from d. in

40. a. doors b.presents c. windows d. tv

? 阅读理解(20分)


the day is like any other day in his life .tom walks past the shop on the street corner .he stops to look at the front row of shoes ,and he feels happy to see that the pair of shoes he wants very much is still there. looking down at his old shoes ,he feels s lly wants to have them for his birthday .

he sadly walks away and thinks how to tell his mother about it .he knows very well she has little money .orry for himself .he reahe decides not to go home at once ,as he looks sad and his mother will notice it .so he goes to the park and sits on the grass. there he sees a boy moving a wheelchair with his hands. tom looks at him and is surprised to see that the boy has no feet .he looks at his own feet. “it’s much better to be without shoes than

without feet”, he thinks .there is no reason for him to feel so sorry and sad .he goes away and smiles ,thinking he is happier.

41.that pair of shoes tom likes is _______________

a. too cheap b.too large for him c.not sold yet d.not there

42. tom passes the shop __________________

a.on foot b.by bike c.in a wheelchair d by bus

43. we can learn from the story that tom ______________

a.doesn’t like new shoes b. loves his mother very much

c.doesn’t want to stay at home d. has no feet


all students need to have good study habits (习惯). when you have good study habits, you can learn things quickly .you also remember them easily.

do you like to study in the living-room? this is not a good place because it is usually too noisy. you need to study in a quiet place,like your bedroom .a quiet place will help you only think about one thing ,and you will learn better. 3

before you begin to study ,do not forget to clean you desk ,a good desk light is important ,too .you’ll feel tired easily if there is not enough light .

44.when you have good study habits,you will _____________.

a. learn things quickly b. remember things easily

c. think about one thing d. both aand b

45. you will feel tired easily if the light is _______________.

a. good b.enough c. bad d. wonderful

46. the best title (标题) for this passage is _______________.

a.study in the bedroom b. good study habits

c.how to study d. desk light is important


it was jimmy’s birthday ,and he was six years old . he got quite a lot of nice birthday presents from his family ,and one of them was a beautiful drum(鼓).

“who gave him that thing ?” jimmy’s father said when he saw it .

“his grandfather did,” answered jimmy’s mother .

“oh,” said his father .

of course jimmy liked his drum very much . he made a terrible noise with it . and his father didn’t mind(介意) , because his father was working during the day ,and jimmy was in bed when he got home in the evening ,so he didn’t hear the noise .

but mrs.jones didn’t like the noise at all ,so one morning a few days later, she took a knife and went to jimmy’s house while he was beating(敲打) his drum. she said to him ,“hello ,jimmy .do you know there is something very nice inside your drum? here’s a knife .open the drum and let’s find it .”

47.when did jimmy get the drum?

a. at christmas b six years ago

c. on his birthday d .shortly after he was born

48. who gave jimmy the drum?

a. his mother b. his father c.his grandmother d.his grandfather

49. what did mrs.jones really want jimmy to do ?

a. to destroy(毁坏) the drum b. to play the drum happily

c. to find something nice in his drum d. to make a noise on his drum with a knife

50. which of the following sentences is right ?

a.there was something nice inside the drum.

b.there wasn’t anything nice inside the drum.

c.jimmy couldn’t open the drum with mrs.jone’s knife .

d.jimmy found something strange(奇怪的) in the drum .


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