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八年级上学期英语学习小组分组标准 测验

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八年级上学期英语学习小组分组标准 测验(满分100)

Class_________ Name_____________ Number______________ Mark_____________


1.________ of trees are cut down every year.

A. Million B. two million C. two millions of D. Millions

2. John is much shorter than his sister, but he jumps _____ she does.

A. as good as B. as best as C. as high as D. as higher as 3. --- Our team the match. We’ve got the first place!

--- Well done! Congratulations!

A. hit B. beat C. won D. watched

4. The ice in the lake is as ____ as it was before.

A. thin B. thinner C. thinnest D. the thinnest.

5. Look! The children __________ kites over there.

A. are flying B. is flying C. fly D. flies

6. ________ interesting book it is! A. What B. How C. What an D. How an

7. Please help ________ the fish, children.

A. yourselves for B. yourself to C. yourselves to D. yourself for

8. Listen! Can you _________her ________outside?

A. hear, sing B. hear, singing C. hear, to sing D. hear, sings

9. The boy is ________to go to school. But his parents don’t have _______

A. enough old, enough money B. old enough, enough money C. enough old, money enough 10.We need to buy some rice because we have _____ at home.

A. a few B. few C. a little D. little


1. This piece of glass looks like a d_________.

2. You must finish the work today. This is an o________.

3. Is there any fresh milk in the f________?

4. They keep a dog as their p________.

5. Which colour do you p________, red or yellow?

6. He likes singing, he will become a m__________ if he works hard.

7. I knocked at the door, but n_______ answered.

8. H___________, he didin’t catch the bird at last .

9. Telephone is one of the most important i_________ in the world.

10. I keep a n_________ to write notes in class.



1.汤姆出生在1986年。Tom _________ __________ in 1986.

2.这部电影和那一部电影一样著名。This film is _______ __________ _______ that one.


My parents boughgt __ _________ for me as my birthday present.


Many plants _________ _______ because of all kinds of reasons.


Her daughter always ________ _______ the new words in the dictionary.


Dinosaurs _______ on Earth ______ ______ sixty million years before _____ ____.

7. 他们是兄弟,但彼此长得不像。

They are brothers but they don’t ____ ____ each other.

8.一群老年人聚集在公园门前___ _______ ____old people got together at the park gate.

9. 天气不热,请关掉空调。It’s not hot。Please _______ _______ the air conditioner.

10. 一支足球队由11名队员组成。

A. football team ________ ________ ________ ________ 11 players.


Bob and Sue are in the same school 1 they are in different 2 . They go to school on weekdays. 3 school, Bob and Sue often play games with 4 friends. Classes begin 5 eight in the morning. Now Bob and sue are in their classrooms. They are listening to their 6 .Bob's studying English. His teacher is talking 7 English. Sue's 8 a Chinese class. Her teacher is talking 9 writing. They study hard. They love their teachers and they like their 10 .

1) A. but B. and C. or D. when

2) A. classes B. class C. lesson D. lessons

3) A. In B. When C. To D. At

4) A. his B. her C. other D. their

5) A. about B. in C. at D. on

6) A. friends B. father C. teacher D. teachers

7) A. with B. at C. in D. for

8) A. having B. listening C. getting D. sitting in

9) A. at B. about C. for D. like

10) A. home B. family C. school D. clothes


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