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1. –Were you ________after the school trip? --Yeah, it‘s too _________.

A. tiring, tiring B. tiring, tired C. tired, tiring D. tired, tired

2. The food bank can ________homeless people with food.

A. provide B. offer C. give D. buy

3. _________through the jungles is quite an exciting way to travel.

A. Treking B. Trekking C. Trek D. Treked

4. –I stayed up doing my lessons last night. --_________, the exam will be taken in two weeks.

A. Hurry up B. Take it easy B. Be quick D. Slow down

5. Paris is one of __________in the world.

A. the most alive cities B. the most living cities C. the liveliest cities D. the liveliest city

6. Mo Yan has written many famous novels, _________Red Sorghum(红高粱).

A. except B. beside C. besides D. including

7. We are learning some other subjects _______English.

A. except B. beside C. besides D. including

8. Everyone else went to the museum ________Kate, she was ill in hospital.

A. except B. beside C. besides D. including

9. There are about ten ________books in the small library.

A. thousand B. thousands C. thousand of D. thousands of

10. There‘re about _________books in the library, _________them are about science.

A. twenty thousand, nine hundred B. twenty thousands, nine hundreds

C. twenty thousand, nine hundred of D. twenty thousands of, nine hundreds of

11. He‘s always willing to ________us whenever we need help.

A. help B. helping C. helps D. helped

12. He dreams ________a pilot.

A. to be B. being C. of being D. be

13. I‘d like to ________for vacation.

A. go to somewhere warm B. go to warm somewhere C. go warm somewhere D. go somewhere warm

14. –Hello, May I speak to Lucy. --_________, I‘ll go and find her.

A. Hold on B. Hold on to C. Yes, please D. Sorry, you may not

15. He‘d like to go to a place _______near the sea for vacation.

A. that B. which C. where D. when

16. He‘d like to visit the place ________people are friendly.

A. that B. which C. where D. when

17. I‘ll consider _______light clothes to Hainan.

A. pack B. packing C. packed D. to pack

18. She _______books.

A. doesn‘t have B. hasn‘t C. doesn‘t have some D. has no

19. We‘d like to _______for two weeks.

A. leave B. go C. be away D. come

20. It‘s best for us _______with other people.

A. swim B. to swim C. swimming D. swam


Helen Keller was a very bright, beautiful girl. the age of six months, she could still say a few words. But unluckily, before she was two years old, she was

fight for what she wanted. When she was six, her parents invited a teacher for her. the help of the teacher, trees and smelled a rain storm(暴风雨) before it came. She also learned how to swim and ride a horse. After she The Story of My Life. Her story has live and work.

1. A. at B. on C. in D. up 2. A. and B. or C. with D. but

3. A. run B. walk C. eat D. talk 4. A. With B. In C. On D. Through

5. A. eyes B. ears C. hands D. mouth 6. A. enjoy B. look C. see D. read

7. A. told B. spoke C. asked D. said 8. A. called up B. set up C. put up D. grew up

9. A. chance B. hope C. money D. job 10. A. her B. him C. them D. it



In 1993 an unknown American called Clarence Nash went to see the filmmaker Walt Disney. He had an unusual voice and he wanted to work in Disney‘s cartoon film for children. When Walt Disney heard Nash‘s voice, he said, ―Stop! That‘s our duck!‖

The duck was the now-famous Donald Duck, who first appeared in 1934 in the firm The Wise Little Hen. Donald lived in an old houseboat(水上住家) and wore his sailor jacket and hat. Later that year he became a star after an eight – minute Mickey Mouse film. The cinema liked him because he was lazy and greedy(贪婪的), and because he lost his temper (发脾气) very quickly. And they loved his voice when he became angry with Mickey‘s eight nephews(侄子). Soon Donald was more popular than Mickey Mouse himself, probably because he wasn‘t a goody-goody like Mickey.

In the 1930s, ? 40s and ? 50s Donald and his friends Mickey, Goofy and Pluto made hundreds of Disney cartoons. He also made educational films about the place of the USA in the world, and safety in the home. Then in 1966 Donald Duck and his voice disappeared – there were no more new cartoons.

Clarence Nash died in February, 1985. But today‘s children can still see the old cartoons on television and hear that famous voice.

1. Who made Donald Duck film? ______

A. Mickey Mouse. B. Clarence Nash. C. Walt Disney. D. Pluto.

2. When was the first Donald Duck film made? ______

A. In 1933. B. In 1934. C. In 1966. D. In 1930.

3. Who was Clarence Nash? ______

A. A cartoonist. B. Donald Duck‘s voice. C. A film-maker. D. A film star.

4. Where do today‘s children see Donald Duck? ______

A. In new film. B. At the cinema. C. On television. D. At concerts.

5. The underlined word ‖audience‖ in the second paragraph means______ .

A. reads B. formal interview C. law freedom D. the people who watch a film at a cinema


There once lived in China a very foolish king and queen. One day the queen had a baby daughter. When they saw their baby, they both cried out, ―My goodness! How small it is! It‘s hairless and toothless! It‘s a monster!‖ They sent for all the doctors in the country and ordered them to prepare some medicine for her.

―When she drinks your medicine, she must grow to the right size and have hair and teeth,‖ the king said, ―If you don‘t do this, you‘ll have a beating.‖

The doctors thought it impossible, but they dared not say anything against the king‘s order. Just then and old

doctor stepped forward. ―Oh, we shall certainly obey your order,‖ he said, ―but it takes time. We have to dig a mineral from the Kunlun Mountains when the snow melts for the second time. The snow melts on those mountains only once in six years. So we need twelve years.‖

At last the king agreed and the doctors took away the little princess. On her twelfth birthday, they brought her back to her parents with long black hair and beautiful teeth. The king and queen were very happy and gave the doctors expensive presents.

1.Which of the following words makes the sentence untrue? The baby was ______.

A. Toothless B. hairless C. unusual D. small

2.The doctors would be beaten if ______.

A. the baby daughter didn‘t drink their medicine B. they refused to obey the king‘s order

C. the baby daughter grew to the right size D. the baby daughter became a monster

3.The old doctor wanted to keep the king‘s daughter for twelve years because ______.

A. they needed a lot of different plants B. they need a lot of different minerals

C. this would give the baby time to grow up D. they had to dig a mineral the snow melted for the second time

4.The doctors thought it impossible ______.

A. for them to change the king‘s order B. for them the prepare the medicine in twelve years

C. for the small baby to drink the medicine D. for them to make the baby have teeth and hair or grow teeth at once

5.______ the king wouldn‘t have given them expensive presents.

A. Had the doctors not brought back a beautiful girl B. If the doctors hadn‘t found the minerals

C. Had the doctors not been able to prepare the magic medicine

D. If the daughter were still a monster twelve years later


Strange things happen when you travel, because the earth is divided into twenty-four zones (分区). The time difference between two zones is one hour. You can have days with more than twenty-four hours and days with fewer than twenty-four hours. You can have weeks with seven days and weeks with fewer than seven.

If you make a five-day trip across the Atlantic Ocean (大西洋), your ship comes into a different time zone every day. As you come into each zone, the time changes one hour. If you travel west, you set your watch back. If you travel east, you set it ahead. Each day of your trip has either twenty-five or twenty-three hours.

If you make a trip by ship across the Pacific Ocean (太平洋), you across the International Date Line (国际日期变更线). This is the point where a new day begins. When you cross the line, you change one full day. If you travel east, today becomes yesterday; if you travel west, it is tomorrow.

1. The time difference between two time zones is ___________.

A. twenty-four hours B. one hour C. two hours D. twenty-three hours

2. If we cross the Atlantic Ocean, we _____________.

A. change one full day B. set our watch back C. set our watch ahead D. set our watch back or ahead

3. If we travel east across the International Date Line on July 5th, the date becomes July ________.

A. 3rd B. 4th C. 5th D. 6th

4. The Atlantic Ocean ____________.

A. is in one time zone B. is divided into twenty-four zones

C. is divided into five time zones D. can not be crossed in five days

5. Which of the following sentences is true?

A. If we travel around the world, we will get into trouble in telling the time.

B. If we travel west across the Atlantic Ocean, we will have twenty-three hours.

C. If we travel by ship across the Atlantic Ocean, we will cross the International Date Line.

D. If we travel across the Pacific Ocean, today becomes tomorrow.


1. Nobody is allowed to drive after drinking ___________.

2. The ________Ocean is the biggest ocean on the earth.

3. Paris is the _________of France. 4. Shanghai lies in _________China.

5. My home is next to a supermarket, so it‘s very _________for me to go shopping.

6. Who can ________this English sentence into Chinese?

7. Flying to Beijing from here _________about 1500yuan. 8. Paris is ________for the Eiffel Tower. 句子改写

1. It doesn‘t have any beaches or mountains. It has ________beaches ________mountains.

2. The room is big enough for three people. The room is ________big _______it can hold three people.

3. Be careful, or you‘ll make more mistakes. ______you ______careful, you‘ll make more mistakes.

4. You‘d better come early tomorrow. ______ ______for you to come early tomorrow.

5. Why not consider listening to tapes? _______ ________considering listening to tapes?

6. There‘re many kinds of animals in the zoo.

There‘re quite _______ _______kinds of animals in the zoo.


Jack: Hi, Kate, What are you going to do this weekend?

Kate: I‘m going to Wuhan.

Jack: Wuhan? _________________________________________ ?

Kate: Because there is going to be a match between China and Russia.

Jack: How wonderful!

Kate: Would you like to go with me?

Jack: I‘d like to very much.________________________________?

Kate: It‘s a volleyball match.

Jack: _______________________________?

Kate: It will be held in Wuhan Gym.

Jack: By the way. ________________________________?

Kate: Let‘s take the bus there tomorrow, shall we?

Jack: ________________________.Good-bye!

Kate: Good-bye!


根据内客提示和要求,以―My Middle School Life"‖为题写一篇80词左右的短文。






5.请用l— 2句话谈谈你对校园生活的看法。

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