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1. Lisa was quiet two years ago, but now she is ___________and she has many friends.

A. too much outgoing B. much too outgoing C. a little more outgoing D. much outgoing

2. __________girl did you think sang more beautifully, Nelly or Kate?

A. Who B. Which C. What D. How

3. Which do you like _________, apples, oranges or bananas?

A. the best B. much C. well D. better

4. Town Cinema has the most comfortable seats, __________it has the best service.

A. and B. but C. though D. or

5. Jack is talented _________languages and he usually has very good grades ________English.

A. in, in B. in, at C. at, at D. at, in

6. Mary is _________than most girls.

A. serious B. seriouser C. much serious D. less serious

7. Mary and Kate _________tennis and they ________good at it.

A. both like, both are B. like both, both are C. like both, are both D. both like, are both

8. May I get _________about the TV show?

A. an information B. many informations C. some information D. any information

9. Listen! The bus is coming __________.

A. closer and closer B. close and close C. closer and close D. close and closer

10. Jenny is a _________girl and she does homework __________.

A. careful, careful B. careful, carefully C. carefully, careful D. carefully, carefully

11. Scott is _________ hard-working than me at school.

A. much B. more much C. much less D. less more

12. My pen is more expensive than _________.

A. you B. your C. yours D. yourself

13. Screen Cinema has __________seats in town.

A. uncomfortable B. more uncomfortable C. most uncomfortable D. the most uncomfortable

14. Jack is _________than the other boys in his class, but he is the fourth _________in our class.

A. taller, taller B. taller, tallest C. tallest, taller D. tallest, tallest

15. We can buy tickets _________at Dream Theater in town.

A. cheaply B. more cheaply C. most cheaply D. cheapest

16. It’s always very interesting to watch other people _________their talents.

A. show B. to show C. showing D. showed

17. Rainy days often make us _________unhappy.

A. feel B. to feel C. felt D. feeling

18. He thinks __________is easy to make friends.

A. he B. that C. this D. it

19. My friend Lisa is __________to me. We have something __________.

A. same, same B. different, same C. same, different D. similar, in common

20. ---__________is your home? ---Ten minutes by bus.

A. How B. How far C. How long D. How soon


A man was sitting in the doctor'office.He was telling the doctor about like football,doctor,"he 自从足球

场)__6__after a flying ball.When I wake up,I'm more__7__than I was I went to bed.What am I going to do?"the asleep,try something else.Try to think that you are at a party and someone is going to give you 1.A.problem B.family C.sport D.journey

2.A.always B.already C.never D.often

3.A.interested B.careful C.deep D.strong

4.A.work B.play C.do D.sleep

5.A.doors B.windows C.books D.eyes

6.A.booking B.playing C.running D.waiting

7.A.worried B.tired C.surprised D.pleased

8.A.want B.hope C.have D.decide

9.A.hear B.write C.talk D.think

10.A.miss B.play C.catch D.pass



Once an old man went to see a doctor. The doctor looked him over carefully and said,“ Medicine won’t help you. You must have a good rest. Go to bed early, drink milk, walk a lot and smoke one cigar(雪茄) a day. Go to the country place for a month.”

After a month the man came to the doctor again,“ How are you?” said the doctor. “ I’m glad to see you again. You look much younger” “Oh, doctor! I feel quite well now,” said the man “ I had a good rest. I went to bed early, drank a lot of milk and walk a lot. Your advice certainly helped me, but that you told me to smoke one cigar a day almost killed me first.”

1. The doctor told the man _____

A. to go to bed early B. to drink milk C. to walk a lot D. all above

2. Which of the following sentences is true?

A. The doctor told the man to visit a beautiful city of the country for a month.

B. The doctor didn’t tell him what to do. C. After a month, the old man felt better.

D. The old man was younger than before after a month.

3. The doctor’s words were _____ for the old man’s health.

A. useless B. good C. well D. strong

4. The doctor wanted the old man ______.

A. to get worse B. to smoke less than before C. to help him D. to start smoking

5. From what the old man said at last, we think ______

A. one cigar a day was really helpful to him B. one cigar a day was better than before

C. he didn’t understand the doctor’s advice D. smoking made him feel better than before


We drink tea(茶) every day. But more than three hundred years ago most of the people in Europe (欧洲) did not know anything about tea. Some people heard about it,but very few of them know what to do with it.

There is a story about an English sailor (水手) who went to countries in the east,the west and the south. He went to India and China. One day he came home and brought some tea as a present(礼物) for his mother. She told her friends about the present and asked them to a "tea party". When her friends came to the "tea party",the old woman offered (给) them brown tea-leaves (茶叶). The old woman's friends began to eat them. Of course, nobody liked the tea-leaves.

At that time the sailor came in. He looked at the table and said,"Mother,what have you done with the tea?" "I boiled (煮) it,as you said." "And what did you do with the water?" "I threw (扔)it away,of course."

answered the old woman. "Now you may throw away the leaves,too," said her son.

1.Most of the people in Europe ___.

A.drank tea every day 300 years ago B.drink tea every day

C.know nothing about tea D.like to eat the tea-leaves

2.One day the English sailor brought his mother some tea from ___.

A.countries in the west B.countries in the south C.India or China D.a tea shop in England

3.The sailor's mother asked her friends to her house,because ___.

A.the sailor told her to B.she wanted to ask her friends what to do with the tea

C.she liked to show off (炫耀) D.she wanted to sample (品尝) the tea together with her friends

4.At the "tea party",___.

A.all the woman's friends spoke highly of the tea B.nobody knew what to do with the tea

C.the woman offered her friends some dried tea D.the woman gave her friends each a glass of tea water

5.What mistake(错误) did the old woman make? She ___.

A.boiled the tea B.did as the sailor said

C.poured away the water D.didn't throw away the tea-leaves

1. Who lost a white cat with two big blue eyes?

A. Sam. A. $59.60 B. David. B. $49.60 C. Mary. C. $39.60 D. Charles. D. $29.60

D. Thursday and Sunday.

D. 592-5147

D. guidebook 2. You need to pay _________ if you buy the book A Christmas Carol now . 3. On what day can we see Titanic 3D in the Showtime Cinema? A. Every day. B. Friday and Saturday. C. Saturday and Sunday. 4. If you want to rent a house, you can call ___________. A. 385-0926 B. 591-3127 C. 332-5147 5. Those ads above are most probably from a ___________. A. map B. dictionary C. newspaper


1. Can you speak more ___________? I can’t hear you.

2. Nelly won yesterday’s singing _________. She sang the best.

3. Please don’t _________your answers with others.

4. I’d like to watch the movie, but I don’t have a ___________.

5. We should take our studies very _________.

6. ---When will we leave for Beijing? ---It’s _________to you.

7. This supermarket is the best and it has the __________fruits in town.

8. The sun is _________from the earth than the moon.


1. Town Cinema has the most comfortable seats. You can sit the _________ __________at Town Cinema.

2. He is more hard-working than me. He________ ________than me.

3. I’m not as good at English as her. I’m _________ _________at English than her.

4. Tom is the most outgoing in our class.

Tom is more outgoing than ________ _________students in our class.

5. My bike isn’t the same as his. My bike is _________ _______his.

6. I am from China. He is, too. ________he and I _________from China.


A: Hi, I’m a reporter. May I ask you some questions?

B: _______________.

A: _____________________________________________?

B: The Jason’s is the best clothes shop in town.

A: ________________________________________?

B: Because it sells the best clothes and it has the best service.

A: _______________________? Which cinema is the most popular?

B: Dream Cinema. It has the most comfortable seats and the biggest screen.

A: __________________________________?

B: No, it doesn’t. In fact, you have to wait for a little more time.



1.槐荫公园(the Huaiyin Park)是孝感最受欢迎的公园,也是过周末的最佳场所

2.该园紧挨滚子河(the Gunzi River),位于孝感东部



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