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人教版新教材七年级英语上unit5 do you have a soccer ball SectionB

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Unit 5

Do you have a soccer ball?
Section B

? Let’s play soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer. ? Well, sorry, I don’t have a soccer ball. ? Let’s play volleyball, volleyball, volleyball, volleyball. ? Well, sorry, I don’t have a volleyball. ? Let’s play tennis, tennis, tennis, tennis. ? OK, OK, that sounds good.

New Words fun 有趣的, 令人愉快的
Haha, it’s fun..

interesting 有趣的,令人感兴趣的
Woo, it’s interesting.

Ah, it’s relaxing.

relaxing 轻松的

difficult 困难的
9687462329783 +782357682 ×778698563433 = ?

Haha! It’s difficult.

boring 无聊的,令人生厌的

Hmm. It’s boring.

1. interesting 有趣的, 令人感兴趣的 2. fun 有趣的, 令人愉快的

3. relaxing 4. difficult
5. boring

轻松的 困难的
无聊的, 令人生厌的

What do the pictures mean?






Look at the pictures and guess what he / she says.

It’s interesting.

It’s difficult.

It’s boring.

It’s fun.

It’s relaxing.

1a Match the words with the pictures. c 1. interesting ____
2. boring

e 3. fun _____ 5. relaxing ____ a

b _____ 4. difficult _____ d

1b Listen and check (√) the description words you hear in 1a.

√ ) 1. interesting (
2. boring 3. fun

( √ )

4. difficult
5. relaxing

(√ )

√ ) (

1c Listen again. What does Paul say about these activities? Choose a word from 1a to fill in each blank.
playing computer games play volleyball watch TV play basketball ___________ interesting ___________ difficult

boring ___________ fun ___________

1d You are Paul. Your partner is Paul’s friend Jenny. Talk about the activities in 1c.

Jenny: Let’s play computer games. Paul: That sounds interesting. But I don’t have computer. Jenny: Well. Do you have volleyball? Paul: Yes. Jenny: Then let’s play volleyball. Paul: Oh, volleyball is so difficult. Jenny: OK, let’s watch TV. Paul: That sounds boring. Hmm… let’s play soccer. Do you have a soccer ball? Jenny: No, I don’t. Paul: Oh.Well…do you have a basketball? Jenny: Yes, I do. Let’s play basketball. Paul: That sounds fun.

play tennis

play volleyball

play soccer ball

play basketball

play volleyball

play soccer

play basketball

Let play volleyball . ’s Let play soccer . ’s Let play basketball. ’s

Let play ping-pong . ’s Let play tennis . ’s

Let play baseball.

A: Let’s play basketball. B: I don’t have a basketball. A: Well, let’s play ping-pong.
B: That sounds good.

A: Let’s(让咱们) play volleyball.

B: I don’t have a volleyball.
A: Well, let’s play soccer. B: That sounds good/interesting/fun…

A: Let’s … B: That sounds good/interesting/difficult/

play computer games

play soccer ball
play basketball

play volleyball

play tennis watch TV

play baseball

A: Let’s

play computer games. play volleyball. watch TV. play basketball. sing .... interesting. diffic

ult. boring. fun. relaxing. ....

B: That sounds

Look and say
A: __________ping-pong. Let’s play B: That sounds__________. interesting

A:___________ basketball. Let’s play B: That______ ________. sounds boring


A: Let’s play __________baseball.

B: __________________. That sounds difficult
困难的 A: Let’s play computer games _______________________. B: __________________. That sounds fun


2a Find the sports words in the unit. Write them in the correct column.

Things I have
basketball soccer ball volleyball tennis ball baseball ping-pong bat…

Things I don’t have
baseball bat tennis racket ping-pong ball badmimton racket…

Different Collections

I have a great/big/small…collection. [k?'lek??n] I have … n. 收藏品; 收集物;

2b Read the survey results in school magazine and answer the question: Who has a soccer ball?

2c Who dou you think says these sentences? Check (√) F for Frank, G for Gina or W for Wang Wei.
? I play ping-pong with my classmates after class. 2. I have soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs and baseballs. 3. My brother has a soccet ball but I don’t. 4. I only watch sports on TV. 5. Soccer is not easy for me. 6. My brother and I are in the same school. F G W √ √ √ √

3a Write more questions about sports equipment.
Sports Survey ? Do you have a soccer ball? ( ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t. 2.Do you have a basketball?
( ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t.

3.Do you have a ping-pong bat? ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t. ( 4.Do you have a volleyball? 5. Do you have a baseball?
( ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t.
( ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t.

( 6. Do you have a tennis racket? ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t.

3b Exchange books with a partner. Answer his or her questions in 3a.
Do you have a soccer ball? Yes, I do. Do you have a tennis racket? No, I don’t. But I have two tennis balls.

3c Look at the information in 3a. Write about yourself and your partner with but.
I don’t have a baseball, but I have a soccer ball. Tom has a baseball, but he doesn’t have a baseball bat.

(运动收藏品) [k?'lek??n]

I like sports. I have a small sports collection. I have a baseball, I have a tennis racket, I have a

ping-pong ball. But I don’t have
a volleyball. I play sports every


He/She likes sports .He/She has a great /small sports collection. He/She has… He/She has … But he/she doesn’t have … He/She doesn’t have … He/She plays sports every day./ He/She doesn’t play sports, he/she only watches them on TV.


1. Let’s play computer games. 1) let’s引导的句子是祈使句, 表示请求或建议, 意思是“让我们??吧!”, 后接动词原形。如 Let’s go home. 让我们回家吧! 2) 其否定句常在Let’s后加not, 如: Let’s not go there. 我们不去那里了吧。 3) 但是let 引导其它祈使句时, 则在句首加Don’t。 e.g. Don’t let him in. 别让他进来。

其他形式的祈使句: 1) be 引导的祈使句 Be quiet, please. 2) 行为动词引导的祈使句 Look at me, please.

2. That sounds interesting. 听起来很有趣。 句中的sound是系动词, 意思是“听起 来”,其后接形容词作系表结构. 类似的系 动词还有:look(看起来), taste (尝起来), smell (闻起来) 这些词后都可以接形容词 或名词, 表示情况或状况. 如: You look young. 你看起来很年轻。 It tastes good. 这尝起来很香。

3. Gina Smith has two soccer balls.
当主语为第三人称单数时, 动词have要

He has two sisters. 他有两个妹妹。

Mary has a computer game.

句子的构成: 主语(人称代词或名词) + 谓语(动词) +宾语(名词) He has a sister. 人称 第一人称 第二人称 单数 I You 你 复数 We 我们 You 你们



They 他们

4. But she doesn’t play sports. 1)主语为第三人称单数的一般现在时的 否定句式为: 主语+doesn’t+动词原形 +其它。如: My mother doesn’t like dogs. 我妈妈不喜欢狗。 She doesn’t have a book. 她没有书。

变陈述句为一般疑问句或否定句时, 要借助
助动词Do或Does构成, 例如:

--Do you have a pen?
--Yes, I do./No, I don’t.

--Does Tom have a ball?
--Yes, he does./No, he doesn’t.

I don’t have a TV.
She doesn’t have a brother.

2) but是表示转折意义的连词, 常用于

She likes sports very much, but she

doesn’t like soccer.
她非常喜欢体育运动, 但是不喜欢足球。

5. She only watches them on TV! 1) them为代词they的宾格形式, 在句中 做宾语。例如: I like them. 我喜欢他们。 Do you know them? 你认识他们吗? 2) 句中的介词on在此处表示借助于某种 工具或手段。如: They are talking on the phone. 他们在通电话。

watch TV 和watch …on TV的区别:
watch TV 为固定搭配, 意思为“看电视”。

watch …on TV是“在电视上看??”介词


Ⅰ. 单选
C 1. I ________ TV at night(在晚上). A. look at B. see C. watch D. Look 2. Let’s ______ the map on the wall. A A. look at B. see C. watch D. look

B 3. I can ____ many things on the table.

A. look at

B. see

C. watch

D. look

4. The question is not easy. It’s very ____. A A. difficult C. relating B. difficulty D. not difficult

5. Let’s play _____ basketball. I don’t like C playing _____violin(小提琴)at home. A. the, the B. the, × C. ×, the D. ×, × 解析: play 后加球类名词时不需要冠词the,但 后加的是乐器类名词必须加the。

6. ________ our club, please! A A. Join B. Join in C. Come D. Go 7. Let’s ____ and ____ football on the B playground. A. to go, to play B. go, play C. to go, play D. go, to play B 8. --________ they have any sports collections? --Yes, they ________. A. Are, are B. Do,

do C. Can, do D. Do, can

Ⅱ. 根据句意和提示填空 play soccer ball 1. -- Let’s _________________(踢足球). -- That sounds ____________(很有趣). interesting 2. -- Let’s play basketball. -- I ____________ (没有)a basketball. don’t have -- Let’s play ping-pong. That sounds good -- ________________ (那太好了). Do have 3. -- _____ you _______ (你有) a baseball bat? -- No, I don’t. watch TV -- Let’s ___________ (看电视). -- That sounds _________ (没意思). boring

Ⅲ. Fill in the blanks with have, has, don’t, doesn’t.
has 1. I _____ a book and he _____ a pen. have 2. They _____ a color TV. They _____ have a have don’t computer. 3. She ____ a sister. He _____ a brother. has has 4. I _____ have computer. Tom _____ one. don’t has

5. Does he ________ a computer? have doesn’t No, he _________. 6. --Do you _________ a backpack? have

--Yes, I _______. do
7. --Does she _________ a ruler. have

--Yes, she ________. does

Write about sports things or other things you have.
I have a ________ collection. I have _ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ ______________.

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