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新目标九年级unit 3 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes

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Unit 3 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes Section B

1. the other day 几天前,前几天 句中的时态用过去时态
? 前几天,我弄丢了我的钥匙 The other day lost ? _____________, I _______my keys.

? 前几天,妈妈允许我玩电脑游戏了 The other day was allowed ? ___________ , I ____________ to play computer games ______________________

My friends and I talked about the rules that we have at school. 我和我的朋友们谈论了我们学校的校规。
talk about sth. 谈论谋事

talk with sb.


talk with sb about sth 关于某事和某人谈论

1. 他们正在谈论假期做什么。 They ___________________ what to do were talking about during the vacation. 2. 当他们的老师进来时他们已经相互交谈了 半个小时。 When their teacher came in, they _____________________________ for were talking with each other half an hour.

? We think young people should look smart
? look smart/clean 看起来漂亮潇洒(聪明)/干净 那听起来不错 That sounds good 它摸起来很软 It feels soft 它尝起来很可口 It tastes delicious These flowers smells sweet 这些花闻起来很香

We would like to wear our own clothes.
我们想要穿我们自己的衣服。 would like to do … 想干…… sth. … 想要…… = want ( to do) sth.

? 我们想要设计我们自己的校服

would like to design ? We ___________________ our own clothes.

We would concentrate more on our clothes than our studies. 我们就会更多的关注衣服而不是学 习。 concentrate on/upon sth. doing sth. 专注于,全神贯注于……

concentrate on 1.You should ________________ the road when you're driving. 你开车时注意力应集中在路上。

concentrate on passing 2. I need to ________________________ the exam. 我需要集中精力争取考试及格。

We would feel more comfortable and that is good for studying
我们会觉得更舒服,而且对学习有好处。 ? be good for sth. 对……有好处 doing sth. ? be good at sth. 擅长做某事 doing 对某人好 ? be good to sb

1. 他的妈妈擅长唱歌与跳舞。 His mother is good at singing and dancing. ___________________________ 2. 吃蔬菜对我们的健康有利。 Eating vegetables is good for our health. ___________________________ 3. 他是个如此和蔼的人以至于他对每个 人都很好。 He is such a kind person that he is good _____________________________
to everybody.

It’s also probably a good idea for parents to study in groups in the morning. 父母允许孩子晚上进行小组合作学习也不失 为一个好主意。 It’s a good idea for sb. to do sth. 对某人来说做某事是个好主意。

当你遇到麻烦时,向你的老师求 助也是个好办法
get into trouble When you __________________, it is a good idea for you to ask your _____________________________________________

teacher for

help ______________________________________________

At present, they’re too short 就目前来说,它们太短了。 at present
目前,现在 他目前仍然很担心他儿子的健康 ___________ , he ______________________ At present is still worried about his son’s health.

Last summer I had an opportunity to volunteer at the local hospital.

去年暑假我有一个在当地医院做志愿者的机会。 有机会做…… have an opportunity to do

没有做……的机会 have no opportunity to do

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