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初二 英语 go for it unit 6 知识点总结

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key phrases

1. grow up: 长大,成熟,成长。 eg:What do you want to be when you grow up? 你长大以后想干什么? 2.keep on:继续 eg: I am going to keep on writing stories. 3. be sure about:对…有把握;确信 eg:I am sure about being a good student. 4. make sure: 确保,查明 eg: You must make sure that you can study hard.

5.at the beginning of 在...之初: eg:We are going to America at the beginning of July. 6.in the beginning:开始,起初, 与后来相对 eg:In the beginning nobody took any notice of his words.

7. ※have to do with:与.....相关;与......有关联 或有联系。 eg:What does this problem have to do with what we're learning to do. 这道题跟我们今天所学的内容有什么关系? eg: The meeting has to do with the problems about health.

8.※take up:开始从事;占据(时间,地方) eg:1. James is going to take up hobby—— studying hard. 2. The table takes up too much room. 9. too...to:太......而不能够 eg:1. The kid is too young to play this game. 2. Yoyo is too cute to study.

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