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Unit 3 Is this your pencil?




pencil box


ruler dictionary



This is my

请同学们把这两 个句子变成一般 book. 疑问句!谁会呀?

These are my books.


句中若有am, is, are,直接拿来当老大。


--Is this your book? (肯定回答) --Yes, it is. --Are these your books? (否定回答) --No, they aren’t.
They’re her books. =hers.
此处语言啰嗦, 不简洁!



Tell me the difference:
my schoolbag = your pen = his eraser = her dictionary = our books = your pencils = their pencil boxes = mine yours his hers ours yours


形容词形物主代词与名词性物主代词 的区别:(例句)

1.This book is mine. ? 2 .This is my book. ? 3.This is his pen. ? 4.This pen is his. ? 5.That is her ruler. ? 6.That ruler is hers.

句型转换 1.Is that his dictionary?(做肯定/否定回答)。 it it is Yes, ______ ____. / No, _______ _____. isn’t 2.That’s a pencil in English.(对划线提问) What’s that _______ ________ in English? 3. Is this your baseball? (用his baseball回答 No, it’s _________, _________his baseball. 4.This orange is orange.(改为同义句) This is ________ _________orange. an orange ________ 5. This is an eraser.(一般疑问句) Is ______this ______an eraser? isn’t book. 6. That is my book.(否定句)That ___ my

形容词性物主代词 形容词性物主代,句法功能作定语。 我的my你的your,我们的是our。 男他的是his,女她的是her。 Its它的牢记着,他们的their指复数。 物主代词 数 人称
第一 人称
第二 人称 第三 人称

复数 单数 复数 单数 复数

形容词性 my
our your your his her its their

名词性 mine
ours yours yours his hers its theirs

Its 与 it’s的区别
? Its:形容词性物主代词,“它的”,后接名 词。如:I have a dog .Its name is Coco. ? It’s=it is :主语+谓语,“它是”。如: ? It’s a pencil.

Pair work:

pencil box


ruler dictionary


Is that your pencil? No,it isn’t. It’s his/her pencil. (his/her pencil=his/hers Is this your pen. Yes,it is. It’s my pen. (=mine)

A: Excuse me, is this your pencil? B: No, it isn’t . It’s her/his pen. (=hers/his)

一.填空 1.Rabbit hears with________ears.(it) its 2.I’ve got a cat,________is very cute.(it) it my 3.This is _______( 我的 ) book. 4._______( 他的 ) chair is blue. His 5._______( 我们的 ) classroom is big. Our 6._______( 他 ) often plays basketball after school. He 7._______( 他的 ) teacher is good. His We him 8._______( 我们 ) buy a pair of shoes for _______( 他 ). 9.Please pass_____( 我们 ) the ball. us 11.This is _____(he) bag.It’s______. his his 12.This is _____(h

er) bag.It’s______. her hers Mine 13.His bag is green,________is pink.(my) 14.Her eyes are big, but _______are small.(you) yours

二.用括号中的适当形式填空 (1)Are these ________(you)pencils? your Yes, they are ________(our). ours (2)—Whose is this pencil? —It’s mine ________(I). them (3)I love ________(they)very much. (4)She is________(I)classmate. my (5)Miss Li often looks after________(she) her brother. their (6)—Are these ________(they)bags ? —No, they aren’t ________(their). theirs ours They are ________(we).

your A: Is this

Fill in the blanks

(you) dictionary? B: No, it’s not my ) dictionary. (I
A: Whose dictionary is it? B: Perhaps it’s Helen’s. It’s hers (she) . A: Helen, is this dictionary yours (you)? yours C: Yes, it’s (I). my Thank you. A: Not at all.

Fill in the blanks

your A: Are they (you) skateboards ? mine B: No, they’re not (I). A: Whose skateboards are they? theirs B:They’re (they) , I think. yours (you)? A:Are these skateboards ours C: Yes, they’re (we). Thank you . A: You’re welcome.

A: Could you help us please?
B: What’s wrong?

A: Ourjeep is broken. B: Which one is yours
A: The green one is ours B: OK, I think I can help you

A: Thank you.

Noun + ’s (apostrophe ’s ) 1. We add ’s to singular noun to show that something belongs to somebody. Whose room is this? a) It’s Lucy’s room.

(= This room belongs to Lucy)
b) It’s Lucy and Lily’s room.

(= Lucy and Lily share the same room. It belongs to them.)

2. We add ’ to a plural noun ending in “s”. Whose rooms are these?
They are Lucy’s and Lily’s rooms.

(= These rooms belong to Lucy and
Lily. The twins have a room each)

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