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外研初三上册Module7 Australia-U2

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Module 7 Australia
Unit 2 The camel that I rode had a bad temper.

Words and expressions
grape 葡萄 火腿 小洋肉 家人,亲戚 绵羊

ham lamb relative sheep

Words and expressions
spirit 灵魂;神灵

wine helicopter purple similar similar to

(葡萄)酒 直升机 紫色(的) 相似的 同......相似

Words and expressions
ours rugby sunshine expression 我们的(人/物) (英式)橄榄球 阳光 短语,表达方式

Warming up

1. What’s the name of this country ? 2. What do you know about it? List three things that interest you. (List something famous)

Animals Scenery Travel Customs






surfing diving cycling


Australian Aborigines


General introduction of Australia

The national emblem (徽章) of Australia

Ayers Rock in the Northern Territories is a sacred site to the Aboriginal people.

乌奴奴/艾雅斯岩位于空矿的沙漠之中,高 三百四十八米,周长九点四公里,约需三 至四小时才可以围绕它走完一周。这块体 积庞大的石块在阳光的照射下会幻化出斑 烂的色彩。是澳大利亚最大的天然标志, 亦是全世界最著名和最长的独块巨石。如 果你参加乌奴奴骆驼观光团,便可以在导 游的带领下,一边感受沙漠的荒凉,一边 欣赏乌奴奴的醉人美景。

Australian cowboys herding cattle on a ranch in the outback


cycling People love outdoor activities. golfing


Look at the photos below and describe them. Use some of the words in the box.

bright coast field funny grape ham hill lamb outback relative sheep spirits surfing wine

2. Look at the words in the box in Activity 1.Guess what Tony is going to say in his is letter.

4. Read the passage again and write notes about these.

Also known as Ayers Rock; 3.6km long, 348m high; changes colours; centre of Aborigine culture
The Aborigines

First Australians; old stories about creation

Australian lifestyle

Family life like British; enjoy food, wine and sports

December– very bright and sunny

English, though different
Events during trip

Flew over Uluru in helicopter; rode a bad- tempered camel

5. Check the true statements.

1 The Aboriginal name for Uluru is Ayers Rock. 2 The rock is always purple. 3 Stories about the creation of the world are an important part of Aboriginal culture.



4 Water sports are the most popular in Australia. 5 When it’s winter in Australia, it’s summer in China. 6 The special expressions which Australians use are still in English. 7 Tony didn’t find riding a camel very easy.


Read the passage again and find ... 1 two colours: purple, red 2 two kinds of transport: helicopter; plane 3 two animals: camel; sheep 4 four kinds of food and drink: lamb; ham; grapes; wine 5 five sports: rugby; football; cricket; swimming; surfing 6 seven words for geography: coast; countrys

ide; field; hill; rock; outback; desert


Imagine that you are visiting a city /town of China. Write three places that you have visited or things you have done there.

Now write a letter to a friend and tell them what you have visited. Begin and end the letter like Tony’s. Write about: the people lifestyle countryside food language events during the trip

Remember these expressions. First ..., On the first day...,Then ...,The next clay ..., After that ..., Finally ... On the first day of our trip to the Three Gorges Dam, we ...

Words and expressions

ham n. 1. 火腿 I had ham and eggs for breakfast. 早饭我吃了火腿与蛋。

lamb n. 1. 小羊[C] 2. 羔羊肉;羔羊皮[U] Which do you prefer, lamb chops or pork chops? 你比较喜欢小羊排,还是猪排?

relative n. 1. 亲戚,亲属 My aunt is my only immediate relative. 我姑母是我唯一的至亲。 2. 【语】关系词 Who, what, that, etc. are relatives. Who, what, that等是关系代词。

ours pron. 1. (we的物主代词)我们的东西; 我们的家属 Ours is an industrial city. 我们的城市是个工业城市。 This room is ours. 这个房间是我们的。

spirit n. 1. 精神,心灵 Fulfillment must be sought through the spirit, not the body or the mind. 人要寻求满足必须通过心灵,而不是通过 身体或是脑子。 2. 灵魂,精灵;幽灵;妖精 They believe that his spirit lives on after death. 他们相信他死后灵魂还活着。

helicopter n. 1. 直升飞机 The helicopter hovered over the crowd for a while before inching away. 直升机在人群上空盘旋了一会儿后慢 慢飞走了。

similar a. 1. 相像的,相仿的,类似的[(+to)] His problem is similar to yours. 他的问题和你的相似。 My view is similar to yours. 我的看法与你相似。 They had similar views. 他们意见相似。

sunshine n. 阳光 She sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine. 她坐在花园里晒太阳。

temper n. 1. 情绪;性情,脾气[C] She has a sweet temper. 她脾气温和。 2. 暴躁;怒气[C][U] His father is in a temper today. 他父亲今天在发脾气。

Language points

1. hand 帮忙,帮手 Could you give me a hand? 能帮个忙吗? Could you give me a hand with the baggage? 你能帮我拿一拿行李吗?

2. There are lots of sheep in the fields and on the hills, but the outback is more like a desert, full of rocks and sand. the outback 指的是澳大利亚远离城市的内陆,那 里人口稀少,有很多沙漠。

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