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英语(Unit1 Topic3)

I. 单项选择。(15分)

( )1.-----______.-----I’m fourteen.

A. How do you do? B. How are you?

C. How old are you? D. What class are you in?

( )2.----What are those?-----_____are buses.

A. Those B. They C. It D. These

( )3.---________that, Maria?--- That’s Michael.

A. Who’s B. Where’re C. What’s D. How old

( )-4.What class is she in?----She’s ______.

A. in Class Four, Grade seven B. in Grade Seven, Class Four

C. in class4,Grade 7 D. in Class Four ,Grade Seven

( )5.---Are these desks?----No,_____.

A. they are B. they aren’t C. these are D. these aren’t

( )6.---What are these ____English?---They are______apples.

A.in,/ B.to,an C.in,a D.to,/

( )7.----Jim,what____are you in?

----I’m in Class Two,Grade Eight.

A.class B.grade C.Grade D.Class

( )8.—What are ___over there(那里)?---They are buses.

A.these B.those C.that D.this

( )9.----___________.Yes.E-R-A-S-E-R,eraser.

A.How do you spell“eraser”? B.Is this an eraser?

C.Is that your eraser? D.Can you spell “eraser”?

( )10.____three apples are in your box.

A.This B.That C.Those D.It

( )11.----Are Jane and Tom in_____grade?

----No,they aren’t..

A.same B.an same C.a same D.the same

( )12.It ___a pencil.It’s a pen.

A.aren’t B.no C.not D.isn’t

( )13.---Are those books?

----______They are buses.

A.Yes,they aren’t. B. Yes.they are.

C.No,they aren’t. D.No,they are.

( )14.Alice is a girl.She is fourteen______.

A.years B.year-olds C.years old D.year old

( ) 15.选出以下四个选项中划线部分发音不同的选项。 II. 词汇


1. ----Are these your __________ _________(英语书)?

----Yes,they are.

2. -----What are________(那些)? ----They are_______ _____(十二个盒子). ----_____(是)these pens? ----No,they aren’t.They are books. ----Thanks.

----_______ _________(不用谢).

3. ---Can you______(拼写) “pen”? ----Yes. P-E-N, pen. 4. We are in the_______(同一个) grade. (B) 用所给词的正确形式填空。(5分)

1. ---Are they ______(you) boxes? ---Yes, they are. 2. ----What are these? ---They are ______(map).

3. ---What grade are my_____-___ (friend) in? ---They are in Grade 7. 4. --How old is he? ---He’s _________(eighteen前一个数字). . ---What are_________(that) in English? ---They are pencils. III.情景交际。

(A) 从II栏中找出与I栏相应的答语。(10分)

(B)根据对话情景,在空白处填上一个适当的词(一空一词)。(10分) A:________me,who is that? B:_____Jane.

A:How _____is she? B:______fourteen.

A:Is she in _____4,______7.(七年4班) B:Yes,she is.

A:Then,what’s this____English? B:It’s _____orange.

A:Can you ______ it,please? B:Yes.O-R-A-N-G-E,orange. A:_______.

B:You’re welcome. IV. 句型转换。(10分)

对画线部分提问) ________ _______is Nancy? 2. Is this a bus? (改为复数形式) _______ ________ ________?

3. I’对画线部分提问) ________ ________are you in? 4. Those are eggs.(改为单数形式) . That ______ _______ _________. 5.Are these boxes?(作否定回答) No,________ ________. V. 完型填。(10分)

Hello!___1__name is Maria. I am __2___English girl. My Chinese name __3__ Wang Mei.I’m in ___4___.I have a good friend. ___5__name is Lucy. She__6___from Canada. ___7_English is very good.We are not __8___the same class. I have a brother( 弟弟).___9__has a brother,____10__. They are good friends.

( )1.A. Her B. My C.His ( )2.A. an B. a C. the ( )3.A. are B. is C.am

( )4.A. Class Three,Grade Six B.Grade Six,Class Three

C. Class six,Grade three

( )5.A. She B. He C. Her ( )6.A. is B. are C.am ( )7A. She B. Her C. H ( )8A. on B.in C.to ( )9A.I B.He C.She ( )10.A. to B. also C. too VI. 阅读理解。(10分)

(A) 根据内容判断正(T)误(F)。(5分)

My name is Wang Tao. I am thirteen years old. Tina, Peter and Kate are my good friends. Tina is from Cuba, Peter is from the U.S.A. and Kate is from England. Tina and Peter are in Class 6,Grade 4,but Kate and I are in Class 5,Grade 4.And this is Miss Gao. She is from China. She is my Chinese teacher. Her telephone number is 0596-6321688.She is a good teacher. ( )1.I’m Wang Tao.

( )2. Peter is from China.

( )3. Kate is in Class5,Grade 4.

( )4. Tina and I are in the same class. ( )5. Miss Gao is my English teacher.

( )1.Jane is from_____.

A. the U.S.A. B. China C. England ( )2.Who is Maria’s English teacher?

A. Miss Wang B.Mr. Lee C. Mr. Green ( )3._____are 13 years old.

A. Maria B. Jane C. Maria and Jane ( )4._____are in the same grade.

A, Maria and Gao Yu B. Gao Yu and Jane C.Maria and Jane

( )5. What’s Mr. Lee’s telephone number?

A. 5465-5676 B. 2522-8709 C. 9478-2345

VII. 连词成句。(10分)

1. class, in, he, is, what (?)


2. spell, please, you, can, it(,?)


3. English, me, in, that, excuse, what’s(,?)


4 you, Class 12, Grade 7, in, are(?)


5. old, how, she, is(?)








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