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一、 单项选择。

1、Both his parents look sad . Maybe they ______what's happened to him .

A. knew B. have known C. must know D.will know

2、He has _______ been to Shanghai , has he ?

A. already B.never C.ever D.still

3、Have you met Mr Li ______?

A. just B. ago C.before D. a moment ago

4、The famous writer _____ one new book in the past two year .

A. is writing B.was writing C.wrote D.has written

5、—Our country ______ a lot so far .

—Yes . I hope it will be even ______ .

A.has changed ; well B.changed ; good C.has changed ; better D.changed ; better

6、Zhao Lan ______already ______in this school for two years .

A. was ; studying B. will ; study C. has ; studied D. are ; studying

7、We ______ Xiao Li since she was a little girl .

A. know B. had known C. have known D. knew

8、Harry Potter is a very nice film .I______ it twice .

A.will see B.have seen C.saw D.see

9、—These farmers have been to the United States .

—Really ? When _____ there ?

A. will they go B. did they go C. do they go D. have they gone

10、—______ you ___ your homework yet ?

—Yes . I _____ it a moment ago .

A.Did ; do ; finished B.Have ; done ; finished

C.Have ; done ; have finished D.will ; do ; finish

11、 His father ______ the Party since 1978 .

A. joined B. has joined C. was in D. has been in

12、—Do you know him well ?

— Sure .We _________ friends since ten years ago .

A. were B. have been C. have become D. have made

13、—How long have you ____ here ?

—About two months . A. been B. gone C. come D. arrived

14、Hurry up! The play __________ for ten minutes .

A. has begun B. had begun C. has been on D. began

15、 It _____ ten years since he left the army .

A. is B. has C. will D. was

16、 Miss Green isn't in the office . she_______ to the library .

A.has gone B. went C.will go D. has been

17、My parents ______ Shandong for ten years .

A. have been in B. have been to C. have gone to D. have been

18、The students have cleaned the classroom, ______?

A. so they B. don’t they C. have they D. haven’t they

19、______ has Mr White been a member of Greener China since he ______ to China?

A. How soon, comes B. How often, got C. How long, came D. How far, arrived

20、 His uncle ______ for more than 9 years.

A. has come here B. has started to work C. has lived there D. has left the university

二、 句型转换。

1、He has never surfed. (改成反意疑问句) _________________________________?

2、 (对划线部分提问)

______________ have they been here?

3、The old man ____________ last year. He ___________ for a year. (die) (动词填空)

4、This factory opened twenty years ago.(同义句转换)

This factory ______________ for twenty years.

5、Miss Gao left an hour ago. (同义句转换) Miss Gao ______ an hour ago.

6、Her mother has been a Party member for three years .(同义句)

Her mother _______ the Party three years ________ .

7、The bus has arrived here. It arrived ten minutes ago. (把两个句子合并成一个句子)


三、 汉译英。

1、 吉姆已做完作业,他现在有空了。

2、 他昨天收到一封信。

3、 我父亲以前到过长城。

4、 她还没有看过那部新电影。

5、 她去过上海。

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