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1. Police in America have stepped up their search for a boy who went missing. 2. People have shown great interest in his disappearance due to sightings of alien visits… 3. I haven’t seen Justin since that day. 4. Some people in Dover also say that they have seen aliens . 5.People have not ruled out the possibility that Justin was taken by aliens . 6. …Peterson , who has taken charge of the case .

Present perfect tense

The Present Perfect Tense

have/has + done

Find out some sentences which are in the present perfect tense in the text.

has just bought Mr Zhang has just bought a new car, but he has had touble with motorists. When he returns home at night he always find that someone has parked a car outside his gate. Because of this, he has not been able to get has not been his own car into this garage even once. He has to walk home after he parks his car. “ what’s the matter? Have you bought a Have you bought car?” “ Yes, but…” Mr Zhang has put has put up up a “ No parking” sign outside his gate, but it has not any effect.

Extension 1
1. The teacher in the black jacket has left . 2. We have studied English . 3. Kung Weizheng has already finished the homework . 4. He has had his lunch . 5.I have seen the film of Titanic twice . 6.Most students have made great progress in reading . 7.Mr Feng has just returned from Britain .

Summary 1:
表示过去发生的某一动作对现在造成的影 响或产生的结果.现在完成时这一时态强调 是过去动作与现在的联系,也就是强调现在 的影响和结果.通常与表示包括现在在内的 时间副词 just(刚刚), already(已经), before, yet(一般疑问句及否定句:已经; 还) never, ever等状语连用

Drill 1
have had 1. I ________(have) lunch already. arrived 2. Has the train_______ (arrive), yet? been to has 3.Tome ____ never_______ (be to ) China. has seen 4. The twin ______just _____(see) my father. saw 5. The twins ____(see) my father just now.

Extension 2
have studied 1.We ______ (study) English for about four years. have lived 2.We______ (live) in Houji Middle School since three months ago. 3.The old man _____________(已经死了) has been dead for two years . 5.Justin has been missing for two weeks. 6. I haven’t seen Guo Yi these days.

表示过去某个时间开始的动作 或存在的状态,一直持续到现 在并可能还将持续下去。动词 Summay 2: 使用延续性动词。常与for或 since引导的时间连用
for+段时间 since+点时间 since+句子(过去时) E.g. Kate has lived here for 3 years. Kate has lived here since 3 years ago. Kate has lived here since she came to China.

Drill 2
1.The price _____recently, but I doubt whether it will remain so. A went down, B will go down C has gone down D was going down 2. In the past few years there ____ great changes in Da Miao town. A is B were C have been D will be.

Adverbs of

1. 迄今为止:so far, up till now, up to now, until now…. 2.最近的过去:in the last/past years, recently, lately, these few days…. 3.表示一段时间的短语:all day, all this year, all one’s life 4. ever,never,since,for

重点句型: It is/ has been+段时间+since从句 段时间+has passed+ since从句
eg. 他死了两年了: He died two years ago. He has been dead for two years /since two years ago
It is/ has been two years since he died. Two years has passed since he died.

? 1. 这本书我借了一个月了。
I borrowed this book a month ago. I have kept the book for a month. /since a month ago. It is/ has been a month since I borrowed the book. A month has passed since I borrowed the book.

Have/has gone to have/has been to have/has been in
? have/has gone to:已经去了或在途中,还没 有返回; ? have/has been to:曾今去过某地,现在已经 回来了,后面可接表示“次数”的状语; ? have/has been in:表示某人“已在某地停留 一段时间,现仍在那里”,其后常带表示 一段时间的状语。

Tips :
瞬间性动词如 arrive, join , die, get , come, buy, sell, leave, borrow, marry 等,以及终 止性动词如start, begin, finish等,在现在完 成时的肯定形式中不能与 “for + 一段时间” 的时间状语连用,但可以用在否定句或这些 动词对应的状态动词中。为了表述这种意思, 我们常用相应的延续性动词have,keep,be..等 来代替非延续性动词。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
be dead arrive/come/go to be in die be a keep become a borrow Leave/ move be away / be out be open buy open have join be in/a member of be over start/begin finish/ end be on catch a cold have a cold get up be up get to know know get out be out close wake up be closed be awake go to sleep be asleep/ sleep be interested in become interested in

Choose the right answers
1. I have joined/been in the army for ten year. √ 2. He has been to /gone to Dalian many times. √ 3. She has got married/been married to Roberts for √ a year. 4. All the preparations for the task are completed/ have been completed ,and we’re ready to start. √ 5. He has gone/ been away for two days. √ 6. He has had/ has bought this book for a year.

? Tom 在哪儿? 他去书店买书了。 -Where is Tom?

-He has gone to the bookshop to buy some books. ? 我在北京待了5年了。 I have been in Beijing for 5 years. ? Jack 去过上海两次了 Jack has been to Shanghai twice.

? 1. I have borrowed the book for 3 months. have kept ? 2. My bother has joined the army since he was 18. has been in/ been a member of the army ? 3. Jack and Tom have lived here since 5years. since 5 years ago/ for 5 years ? 4. The film has been on since I have come to the cinema. came
? 5. When has Mr. Li caught a bad cold? did catch

? 6. Ten y

ears have passed since they got has married. ? 7. Jim has gone to Beijing for 2 years. has been in ? 8.What time have the factory opened? did open ? 9.I have gone to Chunhua Middle School twice been to

? I am an American boy I came to China two years ago. I have studied _____(study) here for two to play years. My father often takes(take) me_____ (play) football on the playground. Last week I Was taken (take) to the park by him. ___ We saw a lot of monkeys jump(jump) in the tree. I heard a voice from behind When Iwaked (walk ) be along the river. I thought myself. “It must_____ (be) Mr. Brown. Heis taking __(take) photos.” enjoyed (enjoy) that day. We ____ will go (go) We___ back to America next week.

现在完成时属于现在时态范围,因此,不能和 yesterday, last night, two weeks ago等表示过去的时间状语连用。 The plane has arrived . (说明现在的情况:飞机在这儿) The plane arrived a quarter ago. (动作发生在过去与现在无 关) I have taught here for fifteen years. (表示十五年前的动作 一直延续到现在,还可能会继续。) I taught here for a year. (曾在这儿教过,但现在不在这儿任 教了)

Put the following sentences into English.
1. A: 火车已经开走了. B: 什么时候开走的?

A: The train has left. B: When did it leave.

A: It left half an hour ago. A: 2. A: 这本书我已经买了两年了. I`ve had the book for 2years.
B: 你在哪儿买的? A: 在我老家买的. 3. A: 你看过这部电影吗?

A: 半个小时之前开走的.

B: Where did you buy it? A: I bought it in my hometown. A: have you seen the film? B: Yes, I have.

B: 看过.
A: 什么时候看的. B: 上周星期天看的.

A: When did you see it?
B: I saw it last Sunday.

Correct the mistakes
? His father has died. (for 2 years) His father has been dead for 2 years.

? The football match has begun.(since9:00a.m) The football match has been on since 9:00 a.m. ? The twins have joined the army. (since they are 18years old) The twins have been soldiers/ been in the army since they are 18years old. ? My teacher has just left Nanjing. (for 3 days) My teacher has been away from Nanjing for 3 days

Make some sentences using the present perfect tense.


不累啊?你已跳了三个小时啦! Aren’t you tired? You have been jumping for three hours.


She must be tired, for she has been dancing all day.

Oral practicing

Part B:
The Present Perfect Continuous Tense


have/has + been + doing

I_______________________ (sleep) since sveral haven’t been sleeping days ago
Connection with the past: I couldn’t sleep several days ago.

Connection with the present:

I am not sleeping well now.


动作,可能还要继续 进行表示动作从过去某一时刻开始,一直延续到现在,现 在这个动作可能刚刚终止,也可能仍然在进行着。

Now that she is out of a job, Lucy ______going back to school, but she hasn’t decided yet. A. had considered B. has been considering C. considered D. is going to consider

1. Where have you been? We _____ for you everywhere . A. look B. were looking C. have been looking D. had been looked 2. I wonder why Jenny ______ us recently. We should have heard from her by now. A. hasn’t written B. doesn’t write C. won’t write D. hadn’t written


Discuss the differences between the present perfect tense and the present perfect continuous tense



还在进行 强调动作的结果或影响 强调动作持续进行

1.The telephone ________________ (ring) for quite a has been ringing while. Whyhas not _______anyone________(answer) it? answered
have been practising 2.They __________________ (practise) the song of welcome to Beijing for some time now, but they still ___________ (not get) it right have not got

1.自从2001年以来, 中国 人的饮食已经发生了很 大的变化.

Great changes have taken place in Chinese diet since 2001

Tom has been

married for ten

3. 学生把所有 的零花钱都捐 给灾区了 (disaster area) The students have donated all their pocket money to the disaster area

Oral practicing
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