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Do you want to watch a game show公开课课件

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Unit 5
Do you want to watch a game show?
---Neijiang No.2 Middle School Zhang Hongling


What do you usually do on weekends?

Do you like watching TV?
Do you want to watch a game show?

game show 游戏节目;竞赛节目
talk show 脱口秀;访谈节目

sports show
news [nju:z] talent show

新闻 才艺节目

soap opera


talk show


game show sports show

soap opera
sitcom talent show

1a Match the TV shows with the pictures [a-g].
1.talk show____ e

2.soap opera____ d
3.sports show____ b c 4. sitcom _______ 5.game show_____ a g 6.talent show_____ 7.news ________ f

talk show


soap opera
sports show


game show talent show news

竞赛节目;游戏节目 才艺展示节目 新闻

What do you think of ...? 对…的评价/某人认为…怎么样。 I love … 我喜爱…。 I like … 我喜欢… 。

I don’t mind ...我不介意/不反对…。
I don’t like ... 我不喜欢…。 I can’t stand ... 我无法忍受…。

What _____

think of do you ______ ___ sitcoms ?

love them I_____ _____.

your parents

do What ___your parents _____ ___ talk shows ? think of
don’t mind They_____ _____them.

your classmates

do think of What ___your classmates _______ ______ soap operas ? can’t stand They _____ _____them.

your best friend

think of Whatdoes ___your best friend ______ ___

talent shows ?

She _____ _____. likes them

your sister

think ___ Whatdoes ___your sister _____ of sports shows ?
doesn’t like She_____ _____them.

What do/does sb. think of ...? 某人认为…如何? sb. love(s)... 某人喜爱… sb. like(s) … 某人喜欢…

sb. don’t/doesn’t mind ...

sb. don’t/doesn’t like...某人不喜欢… sb. can’t stand...某人无法忍受…

A: What do you think of…? B: I love/ like / don’t mind / don’t like / can’t stand it/them.



junk food

your parents



1b Listen and number the shows [1-4] in the

order you hear them.
3 ____talent show 4 ____soccer game ____talk show 1 2 ____ news

If today is Friday, A:What do you want to watch on this weekend? B:I want to watch… A:What do you think of …?
B:I love/like/don’t mind/don’t like/can’t stand it/them.

A:Do you want to watch … with me? B:That sounds good. Let’s watch…!

Practice the conversation. Then make your own conversations. A: Hi, Jack! Today is Friday, what do you want to watch on weekends? B: Hi, Mike! I usually watch game shows. What do you think of game shows? A: They’re Ok. I don’t mind them. B: Ok. Do you want to watch a game show with me? A: That sounds good.! Let’s watch a talk show!

Hi, my name is________.I am _____ years old. For TV shows, I love ____________and I like ___________. But I don’t like ___________. I don’t mind___________. However, I can’t stand___________.So this weekend, I decid

e to watch ___________.

Game show time

A-girls B-boys
All of you can raise your hand to answer the questions, we will see who can get more scores, boys or girls?


talk show

体育节目 情景喜剧 竞赛节目 才艺展示节目

soap opera
sports show sitcom game show talent show




1.你觉得垃圾食品怎么样? 。 What think of ______do you______ ____junk food?

2.我很喜爱它。 我喜欢它。 like I _____ it. love I ______ it. 3.我无所谓。
I don’t mind it. 4.我不喜欢它。 I don’t like it. 5.我无法忍受。 I can’t stand it.

? 6.你想看游戏节目吗? ? Do you want ___ _____a game show? ____ to watch 7.是的,我想。 Yes, I do. 8.不,我不想。 No, I don’t. 9.你周末想看什么? ? What do you want to watch on weekends?

?Ask your parents about what your parents think of TV shows?

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