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冀教版英语九年级上册Lesson 34

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1. One of my friends _______ moved to America . I miss her so much .

A. has B. have C. is D. are

2. Guiyang _______ its fine weather . It’s neither too cold nor too hot all the year around .

A. be famous for B. be famous C. is famous for D. is famous

3. Hangzhou is famous _____ producing silk in China .

A. from B. at C. in D. for

4. We didn’t start our discussion _______ everyone arrived .

A. since B. if C. while D. until

5. –I feel tired and sleepy .

-Why not stop _______ for a while ?

A. rest B. to rest C. resting D. rested

6. Anyone who _______ the law will be punished .

A. break B. breaks C. breaking D. to break

7. –Tom , if you ______ so many mistakes again , you’ll lose your job .

-Sorry , sir .

A. will make B.made C. make D. makes

8.Premier Zhou ________ for many years , but he still lives in the hearts of Chinese people .

A. died B. had died C. has been died D. has been dead

9. The ______ of her mother was sudden .

A. die B. dying C. dead D. death

10. He has made up his m_______ to go to France for a holiday .

11.- Is there a_______ in the room ?

-Yes , Some people are drawing in the room .

12. His d______ (死)made us very sad .

13. The building has a history of some ________(世纪).

14. China is _______ (因…而闻名)the Great Wall .

15. We’ll have dinner at Qianxilong Restaurant ,which is famous ______ its food .

A. of B. to C. for D. as

16. Class is beginning . please stop _______ .

A. talking B. to talk C. talk

17. Beijing , the capital of China , is one of _______cities in the world .

A. the biggest B. bigger C. much bigger D. big

18. I didn’t go to bed _______ I finished my homework last night .

A. though B. until C. because D. if

19. Anyone ________ likes drawing can have the meeting this afternoon .

A. that B. who C. whose D. which

20. –How long has his grandpa_______ ?

-Almost three years .

A. died B. been dead C. been dying D. been died

21. If you are more careful , you will _______ fewer mistakes in your homework .

A. do B. catch C. take D. make

22.Would you mind ______ _________(关掉)the radio ?

23. –Would you mind if I sit here ?

-______ . It’s for the old woman there .

A. Never mind B. Of course not C. Not at all D. You’d better not

24. –Mary , turn off the water _______ you are brushing your teeth .

-Sorry , I’ll do it at once .

A.until B. while C. during

25. I feel it hard to keep up with my classmates . But whenever I want to ______ , my teacher Always encourages me to work harder .

A. go on B. give up C. run away D. give back

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