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语法1 一般现在时

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用法: 1. 表示现在的状态。如:

He is twelve.
2. 表示经常的或习惯性的动作。如:

I get up at 6:30 every day.
3. 表示主语具备的性格和能力。如:

She likes noodles. / They speak French.
注意:当主语是第三人称单数时,谓语动词要加 “s” 或 “es”。如:

does He seldom goes out for a walk after supper, _____ he?

Practice 1
Make questions and answers after the models.
Model 1: Jim likes apples.

→Does Jim like apples? Yes, he does.
Model 2: Li Mei doesn’t like milk.

→Does Li Mei like milk? No, she doesn’t.

1. Miss Wang likes fruit juice. Does Miss Wang like fruit juice? Yes, she does.

2. Mr Jones likes rice. Does Mr Jones like rice? Yes, he does.

3. Han Bing likes bread. Does Han Bing like bread? Yes, he does.

4. Ann doesn’t like coke. Does Ann like coke? No, she doesn’t.

5. Tom’s mother doesn’t like potatoes. Does Tom’s mother like potatoes? No, she doesn’t.

6. Lucy doesn’t like bananas. Does Lucy like bananas? No, she doesn’t.

Practice 2
Change the following sentences after the models.
Model 1: I like dumplings.

→I don’t like noodles.
He likes speaking English.

→He doesn’t like writing English.

1. I like potatoes. (potato chips) I don’t like potato chips.

2. They like drinking milk. (coffee) They don’t like drinking coffee.

3. We like playing football. (tennis) We don’t like playing tennis.

4. He likes fishing. (boating) He doesn’t like boating.

5. She likes pears. (bananas) She doesn’t like bananas.

6. You like meat. (fish) You don’t like fish.

Practice 2
Change the following sentences after the models.
Model 2: I like dumplings.

→Do you like dumplings?
He likes speaking English.

→Does he like speaking English?

1. They like working on the farm. Do they like working on the farm?

2. Mr Green speaks English. Does Mr Green speak English?

3. She likes listening to music. Does she like listening to music?

4. He gets up at 6:00 every day. Does he get up at 6:00 every day?

5. Your brother likes reading English. Does your brother like reading English?

6. He has four classes in the morning. Does he have four classes in the morning?

Practice 3
Ask questions about the underlined parts.
Model: I get up at 6:00 every day.

→What time do you get up every day?
1. They plant trees in the spring every year. When do they plant trees every year? 2. She goes for a walk in the park near her house after supper. Where does she go for a walk after supper?

3. He seldom goes home at weekends because he is busy with a project. Why does he seldom go home at weekends? 4. Blind people often listen to the news by radio. How do blind people often listen to the news? 5. He often plays football after school? What does he do after school? 6. They hold an evening party once a month. How often do they hold an evening party?

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