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( )1.A. cold B. post C. hope D. lot

( )2.A.eight B. high C. laugh D. bright

( )3.A.adult B. but C. use D. public

( )4.A.hause B. happy C. happen D. honest

( )5.A.who B. where C. when D. what


( )1.— do you study for tests?

—I study listening to tapes.

A. How; with B: What; with C: How; by D. What; by ()2.I often play______basketball in the afternoon and

play________guitar in the evening.

A./,the B.a, the C.the,the D.the,/

( )3.-Whose T-shirt is this?

--It__be Tom's.It’s____small for him.

A.must, too much B.can’t , much too

C.might, much too D.can’t, too much

( )4.When we practice speaking English, we often end up in


A. to speak B. speaking C. spoken D. speak

( )5. It is not polite to those persons in trouble.

A. laugh to B. laugh with C. laugh of D. laugh at ( )6. If I you, I’d take a small present for her.

A. am B. is C. was D. were

( )7. My grandfather us stories when I was young.

A. was used to tell B. is used to telling

C. used to tell D. used to telling

( )8. I am really shy. I don’t know anyone there?

A. What if B. How C. What D. Why

( )9. They are _______ the dark.

A. interesting in B. afraid C. terrified of D. sure of ( )10. If I a million dollars, I give it to charity.

A. had, could B. have, would C. has, will D. had, would ( )11. I always go to sleep ___________ the light on.

A. in B. with C. to D. and

( )12. The backpack Jenny’s. There is her name on it.

A. might be B. could be C. can’t be D. must be

( )13. He used to spend a lot of time computer games.

A. play B. to play C. playing D. plays

( )14. He is allowed to stay until 11:00 pm on weekends.

A. down B. up C. with D. on

( )15. I have come up a good idea.

A. on B. at C. with D. at

( )16. I’m trying to study. Please turn the TV.

A. off B. on C. up D. down

( )17. Tony is very outgoing. He is easy to .

A. go along with B. get along with

C. go along to D. get along to

( )18.----Whose bike is this?

-----It_____ belong to Adam. Look! His bag is on it.

A. must B. may C. will D. can

( )19. — _____ you _____ take a bus to school?

—Yes. But now I usually go to school by bike.

A. Did; use to

C. Do; use to B. Were; used to D. Are; used to

( )20._____ Switzerland is very small, ______ it is the land of

watch and it is very rich.

A. Though; but

C. Because; / B. Because; so D. Though; /

( )21.Does she have trouble _____ the work in a week?

A. finish B. to finish C. finishing D. finishes

( )22.I think I’d like some eggs rather than bread.

A. because of

C. instead of B. plenty of D. instead

( )23.I don’t think students should _____ to wear hats in class.

A. allow B. allowed

C. be allowed D. be allowing

( )24.—Mike has finished his homework already.

— _______ .

A. So Tom has

C. So Tom does B. So has Tom D. So does Tom

( )25.The ______ story made us very ______ .

A. excited; excited B. exciting; exciting

D. exciting; excited C. excited; exciting

三. 完形填空(10分)

In learning English, one should first pay attention to listening and speaking.It is the groundwork(基础) of reading and writing.You' d better __your best to speak while you do much listening.Don' t be of making mistakes.But be careful not to let them stop you from improving your

While you are doing this, a good notes or letters.Then if you can, ask some others to go through you have written and tell you where it is wrong.Many mistakes in your speaking will be learning English.

If you are slow in speaking, don′t about it.One of the helpful ways is reading, either aloud or to yourself.The important thing is to choose interesting to read.It mustn't be too difficult for you.When you are reading this way, don' t stop to when they have nothing to do with the sentences.You can do that some other time.

( )1.A.have B.send C.make D.try

( )2.A.sure B.proud C.afraid D.tired

( )3.A.English B.Chinese C.Japanese D.French

( )4.A.start B.idea C.time D.way

( )5.A.how B.when C.what D.why

( )6.A.happily B.easily C.really D.slowly

( )7.A.talk B.fear C.worry D.hurry

( )8.A.something B.everything C.anything D.nothing

( )9.A.by B.on C.at D.in

( )10.A.look B.look for C.look up D.look over



My friend Joan is a nurse at St. Luke?s hospital. She has been a nurse

since last September. She is a short pretty girl with large eyes. Joan finds

the work interesting, but the hours are very long. Every day she works in a

ward (病房) from eight to twelve. She brings the patients (病人) medicine,

answers their rings, and tries to be kind to everyone. She likes people even

when they are not happy. In the afternoon Joan has a rest. Then four days

a week she goes to classes. She is learning first-aid (急救) and chemistry.

She is not good at chemistry, but she is good at first-aid work. She is a

good nurse.

( )1. Joan has been a since last September.

A. teacher B. worker C. nurse D. driver

( )2. What does she do in the morning? She .

A. has a walk B. goes to classes

C. brings the patients medicine D. reads books on medicine

( )3. She even when they are not happy.

A.likes children B.likes people

C.visits children D.visits people

( )4. Joan in the afternoon.

A. brings the patients medicine B. answers the patients? rings

C. goes to classes D. has a rest

( )5. Joan is good at .

A. chemistry B. first-aid C. swimming D. Chinese


The students were having their chemistry (化学) class. Miss Li was telling

the children what water was like. After that, she asked her students,“What?s

water?”No one spoke for a few minutes. Miss Li asked again,“Why don?t

you answer my question? Didn?t I tell you water is like?”Just then a boy put

up his hand and said,“Miss Li, you told us that water has no colour and no

smell. But where to find such kind of water? The water in the river behind

my house is always black and it has a bad smell.”Most of the children

agreed with him.“I?m sorry, children.” Said the teacher, “Our water is getting

dirtier and dirtier. That?s a problem.”

( )6.The students were having their class.

A. English B. Chinese C. chemistry D. moths

( )7.Miss Li was telling the children what was like.

A. water B. air C. earth D. weather

( )8.A boy said, “The water in the river behind my house is always.”

A. white B. black C. clean D. clear

( )9.Most of the children the boy.

A. agreed with B. wrote to C. heard from D. sent for

( )10.The water in the river has colour and smell because it is

getting A. more and more B. less and less

C. cleaner and cleaner D. dirtier and dirtier



Dear Gabby,

My little brother comes into my room all the time. I like him, but sometimes I just don?t want to see him. My parents say he should be allowed to visit me in my room. What can I do?


Dear Gabby,

I am a pretty happy person, but I have one problem. When I go out with my friends, we always eat. Sometimes we go to someone?s house and have sandwiches and drinks. I used to be thin, but I ?m starting to get heavy. How can I say no to food and not look unfriendly?


( )11. Jenny feels unhappy all the time.

( )12. Jenny used to be heavy.

( )13.Jenny doesn?t want to look unfriendly.

( )14.Waldo agrees with his parents.

( )15.Waldo likes his little brother.


It was December 25.Marie, a 13-year-old Australian girl, was happy.It was Christmas, and Marie's mother was making a special cake.She put four small coins into the cake, and then she baked (烤) it.The four coins were for good luck.Alter dinner Marie and her family ate the cake.They found three coins in the cake and put them on the table.Where was the fourth coin? It was missing, but Marie's mother didn't notice.

After Christmas Marie got sick.She coughed, and she couldn't speak.After six weeks she felt better, but she still couldn't speak.Marie's parents took her to hospital.Doctors at the hospital looked her over, and then said, "We are sorry, but we can't help her." For 12 years Marie didn't speak.She grew up, she got a job, and she got married.But she never spoke.One day, when Marie was 25 years old, she got a sore throat at work.She began to cough.She coughed up something small and black. What was it? Marie didn't know.She took it to the hospital.A doctor at the hospital said, "This is a coin!" The doctor told Marie, "l think you can speak again.". Marie went to a special doctor, and soon she could talk. 请阅读理解D篇,回答下面问题。

16.What did Marie’s mother make on Christmas?


17.What did Marie’s mother put sonic coins in the cake for?


18.How many coins did Marie’s family find after eating the Cake?


19.Why did Marie’s parents take her to hospital after Christmas?


20.Could Marie speak at last?




knife(复数)__________ die (形容词)_____________

difference(形容词)_____________ pronounce(名词)________________ help(形容词)_____________ shelf(复数)____________

succeed(形容词)_____________ her(反身代词)____________

twelve(序数词)_______________ hurt(过去分词)_______________

2.My lovely dog died yesterday ; the dog's _______________ made me very sad.

3.I can't make a ____________ about the dress for my birthday party.

4.My English teacher is _________________ to us.We all like her.

5.The boy is ill.His patents are _________________ about him.


1.we must plant trees every year in our country.(改为被动语态)

Trees must _____________ _____________ every year by us in our country.

2.This computer is Alan’s.(改为同义句)

This computer_______ _______Alan.

3.We are so young that we can’t do the hard work.(改为同义句) We are ________ young _______do the hard work.

4.Helen used to play computer games a lot every day.(变为一般疑问句) ______Helen_______ to play computer games a lot every day?

5.Can you tell me how I can use the computer?(改为同义句)

Can you tell me________ _______ use the computer?

6.The boss made the workers work 12 hours a day.(改为被动语态)

The workers_______ made _________ work 12 hours a day.

7.He didn’t realize the dangers of the situation at all.(改为同义句)

He didn’t realize the dangers of the situation______ _______ ________



( )1.----Must I finish the work now?


A. No,you needn’t B. No,you mustn’t

C. No,you must D.No,you should

( )2. English ____ in Canada.

A. speaks B. are spoken C. is speaking D. is spoken

( )3.This kind of car ___ in Japan.

A, makes B. made C. is making D. is made

( )4. Our room must ___ clean.

A. keep B. be kept C. to be kept D. to keep

( )5 New computers ___ all over the world.

A. is used B. are using C. are used D. have used


1.Do you learn English by______(ask) friends for help ?

2.It is too hard_________(learn) a foreign language.

3.He is afraid of __________(go) out by himself.

4.We were very _________(excite) when we heard the good news.

5.He does his homework instead of __________(watch) TV.



Did you ______ _____ afraid of staying alone?

2. 假如你小心点,你就不会犯错。

If you _____ careful, you wouldn?t ______ mistakes.

3. 他们相处得怎么样?

How are they getting _____ ______ each other?


Bill________rather go fishing______go swimming.


You can learn English______ _______to English songs.




( you’re so








十.书面表达 (15)

以How I learn English 为题目给你的笔友写一份信介绍你学习英语的方法。


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