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Unit 2 Topic 2
What does she look like? Section C

仁爱英语七年级上Unit 2 Topic 2 What does she look like?
Section C

学习目标 1、记住单词和词组: T-shirt、shoes、cap、coat、skirt、pants、 trousers、dress、look at、photo、 strong、cool

What color is …? What color are …?

Are you ready ? Let’s begain……..

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

学习过程 一、学习准备 a、回顾上节所学内容,做以下各题。 ellow 1、What is red and y_________? It`s orange . lond 2、Jack has short b________hair, He is from America. to 3、Please give this letter________Maria. 4、He looks_____his father .They’er ____very tall. like both 5、The two________(woman)are our teachers. women b、我能写出下列表示服装的单词,我最棒。 1、T恤衫 T -shirt 2、鞋 shoe 3、帽子 cap 4、大衣 coat 6、长裤 7、连衣裙 dress trousers pants

Learn the new words

What are these? What’s this?
It’s a /k?? cap. /dres/ dress. It’s aa /k? pcoat. t/ It’s / It’s aa They’re/p? nts/ It’s pants. They’re/?u:z skirt. T-shirt. /’ti:??:t/ /sk?:t/ shoes. /

1、自读1a,完成1c 2、根据1a、1c所学句型,我知道。 A:What color ++this/that+? B:________+___________. A:What color+these/those+? 介词in的用法 B:________+__________.

in yellow 介词短语作定语放在 3、听对话,找出图画中的孩子们,然后再听,完成句子。 被修饰词之后。这里in表示“穿着, 戴着”,后面接颜色或“(冠词) +颜色+名词”结构。 影片.swf 三、合作学习 e.g. the boy in black.穿黑色 四人一组 衣服的男孩 (一)阅读短文,找出有关服饰 学习2, 和颜色的词并作上标记。 相信我们 (二)讨论探究in的用法 的力量 ( 三)尝试翻译以下各短语 1、看着 2、穿黄色衣服的女孩 3、蓝色的鞋 4、穿一件白色T恤衫的男孩 5、他的裤子 6、看起来不同

? 四、拓展学习 ? 今天我们学了shoes、pants这两个常以 复数形式出现的单词,我们想一想还学过 of 那些类似的单词,这类词常和_____连用, pair 其谓语要由_____的单复数来决定。 is ? e、g 1、This pair of shoes______new. are ? 2、These shoes______new. ? 3、The two pairs of glasses______ are Li Ping’s.


Class activity


Let’s chant.
If you’re wearing RED, Put your hands on your head. If you’re wearing BLACK, Touch your back. If you’re wearing BROWN, Touch the ground. If you’re wearing BLUE, Put your hands on your shoe. If you’re wearing YELLOW, Wave to your fellow.

? 学习反馈
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? shirt 1、Maria is in a pink T-_____and purple p_____ ants ress 2、What color is your d_____? hoes 3、Her s_____are new. in 4、The girl____brown is my friend. are 5、What color ____your trouser

s? They are b_______. rown 6、This pair of shorts _____his. is 7、戴帽子的那个男人是我的叔叔(汉译英) 8、你的鞋子是什么颜色?是白色的。 The boy in the cap is my uncly. What color are your shoes? They’er white.

学习表示服装的名词: cap coat T-shirt skirt dress shoes pants

学习描述人的着装: The girl is in white. She is in a white coat. Tom is in black pants.

That’s all for today! Goodgye
Try to write a short passage to describe your families.

Learn these new words and sentences by heart.

Do the exercises .

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