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一. 用所给动词的适当形式填空:

1.The boy isn’t hungry. If he ______ (be) hungry, he ______ (eat) the cake.

2.He’s been away since last Sunday. If he _____ (be) here yesterday, he ____ (attend) the concert.

3.I couldn’t keep away after twelve. If I ______ (work) all night, I ______ (finish) it in time.

4.We didn’t know her address. If we ______(know) it, we _____ (send) a note to her.

5.You’re late. If you ________ (come) a few minutes earlier, you _______ (meet) the famous woman scientist.

6.He was careless. If he ___ (put) the gold watch in a safe place, he ___ (not lose) it.

7.He isn’t here. If he ______ (be) here, he ______ (help) his sister learn to use it.

8.She _______ (be) busy now. If she _______ (be) free, she _______ (go) with you.

9.The manager ______ (be) not in his office now. If he ______ (be) here, everything _______ (be) settled in a minute.

10.If I ________ (be) you, I _______ (not be) discouraged at all.


1.If I ________ your book, I’ll give it to you.

A. will find B. have found C. find D. finds

2. If I found your book, I ______ give it to you.

A. will B. had C. / D. would

3. If he _______ the exam, he would fail it.

A. would take B. took C. will take D. takes

4. What would you do if you ______ your passport in a foreign country.

A. will lose B. lost C. losses D. would lose

5. If I invited Bill to the party, I _____ invite Linda too.

A. would have to B. would C. will have to D. will must

6. If we _______ go to the party next week, they would be very angry.

A. don’t B can’t C. have to D. dinn’t

7. ---Shall I open all the windows?

---Yes, please, if you _______.

A. shall B. would C. can D. have to

8. I don’t know _______, if he _______, I’ll tell you.

A. if he comes, will come B. if he will come, comes

C. whether she comes, comes D. whether she will come, comes

9. I wish I ______ younger.

A. were B. are C. am D. /

10. Do you ever wish you ________?

A. can fly B. have flown C. could fly D. would fly

11.I wish I _____ you yesterday.

A. seen B. did see C. had seen D. were to see

12.Without electricity human life _____ quite different today.

A. is B. will be C. would have been D. would be

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