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仁爱科普版八年级上册英语UNIT 1 topic 3 Section C

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UNIT 1 Playing Sports

Topic 3 The school sports meet is coming.

Topic 3 Section C
The Modern Olympics


New words
mordern 现代的 ? Olympics 奥林匹克运动会 ? motto 格言 ? Olympic 奥林匹克运动会的 ? ring 环 ? symbol 象征 ? stand for 代表

least 最少 ? at least 至少 ? nowadays 现在 ? compete 竞争 ? chance 机会 ? host 主办国,主人;举办 ? beginning 开始;开端

whether 是否 ? gold 金;金子;金色的 ? medal 奖章

Ⅱ.Lead in ( Look at the pictures and answer )

(1).What is this ? the Olympic rings (2).What colors are the rings? blue、 black 、 red 、yellow and green

Which Olympics is this?
the 2000 Sydney Olympics

Which Olympics is this?
the 2004 Olympics

the 29th Olympic Games

1 How many gold medals will China get? 2 How many gold medals do you hope China will get? I hope China will be the numder one.

2000 ? 2004 ? 2008 ? 2012 ? 2016

Sydney Athens Beijing London Rio de Janeiro 里约热内卢

The Olympic rings are a symbol of the Olympic Games. ? (1) the symbol of ……的象征 ? eg : The white dove(白鸽) is a symbol of peace.白鸽是和平的象征。

The Olympic Games will be more exciting. 奥运会将会更激动人心。 ? (2) more exciting 是exciting的比较级形式 翻译成更激动人心

fast faster ? high higher ? strong stronger ? tall taller ? exciting more exciting ? interesting more interesting

more trees

more visitors

taller buildings

1.To know something about China and the Olympics. 2.Sentence pattern:There will be …… There is going to be…… Eg: There B a sports meet next Friday. A.will have B. will be 3. Phrases

Thank you!

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