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unit5 revision

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Do you have a soccer ball?

2b Read the survey results in a school magazine and answer the questions: Who has a soccer ball?

2c Who do you think says these sentences? Check F for Frank, G for Gina or W for Wang Wei.
1.I play ping-pong with my classmates after class. W 2.I have soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs and baseballs. G

3.My brother has a soccer ball, but I don’t. F 4.I only watch sports on TV. G 5.Soccer is not easy for me. W 6.My brother and I are in the same school. F

3a Write more questions about sports equipment.
Sports Survey

1. Do you have a soccer ball?( ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t.
2.________________________ ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t. (

3. _______________________ ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t. (
4.________________________ ) Yes, I do. ( ( ) No, I don’t.

3c Look at the information in 3a. Write about yourself and your partner with but.
____________________________________ 1.I don’t have a baseball, but I have a soccer ball. ____________________________________
2.Tom has a baseball, but he doesn’t have a ____________________________________ baseball bat. ____________________________________ 3...


soccer ball
tennis ball

踢足球 play soccer
打网球 play tennis 打乒乓球 play ping-pong

网球拍 tennis racket 乒乓球 ping-pong ball 乒乓球拍 ping-pong bat 篮球 basketball 排球 volleyball

打篮球 play basketball 打排球 play volleyball

棒球 baseball

打棒球 play baseball

我们的棒球拍 our baseball bat Let 让我去拿它们吧。 me get them. He is late. 他迟到了。 让我们去问她。 Let’s ask her. 那听起来很难。That sounds difficult. 做运动 play sports do sports 我爸爸不进行体育活动. My father doesn’t play sports. 他只在电视上看他们。 He only watches them on TV. have sports 她每天做运动 She plays sports every day.

1.无聊的 2. 有趣的 3. 困难的 4. 轻松的 interesting difficult relaxing boring
我们(主格) we 我们(宾格) us

他们(主格) they 他们(宾格) them
在电视上 on TV 每天 every day 打电脑游戏 play computer games 一些网球拍 some tennis rackets

许多乒乓球拍 many ping-pong bats
一本有趣的书 an interesting book

我有两个足球. I have two soccer balls. 她有三个网球拍. She has three tennis rackets. 你有一个篮球吗? Do you have a basketball? 他有一个网球吗? Does he have a tennis ball ? 让我们看电视吧. Let’s watch TV. 听起来很好. That sounds good.
我喜欢打篮球。 I like (playing) basketball. 我喜爱体育运动。 love (to play) sports. I

我们去同一所学校上学。We go to the same school. 我和汤姆是在同一个班级的。 Tom and I are in the same class. 英语对我们来说是不难的。

English is not difficult for us.
放学后,我弟弟常和他的同学打篮球。 After school, my brother plays basketball with his classmate 我们常在学校和我们的朋友

们踢足球。 We play soccer at school with our friends.

我有一个篮球。 I have a basketball.
否定句: I don’t have a basketball. 一般疑问句: Do you have a basketball?
肯定回答: 否定回答: 画线提问:

Yes, I do .
No, I don’t . What do you have?


They have a tennis ball.
否定句: They don’t have a tennis ball. 一般疑问句: Do they have a tennis ball? 肯定回答: Yes, they do. 否定回答: No, they don’t . 画线提问:






He /She has a tennis ball.
否定句: He / She doesn’t have a tennis ball. 一般疑问句: Does he / she have a tennis ball? 肯定回答: Yes, he /she does. 否定回答: No, he / she doesn’t. 画线提问:



he /she


(把陈述句变一般疑问句 和否定句) 1、I have an English book. Do you have an English book? I don’t have an English book. 2. She is his sister . Is she his sister? She is not his sister. 3. They have a computer .

Do they have a computer. They don’t have a computer.

4. The baseballs are under the bed. Are the baseballs under the bed? The baseballs aren’t under the bed. 6. He has 8 volleyballs .

Does he have 8 volleyballs.
He doesn’t have 8 volleyballs.

1.I have a tennis racket.(否定句) I don’t have a tennis racket. 2.My parents have a car. (否定句) My parents don’t have a car. 3.Kate has a tennis ball.(否定句) Kate doesn’t have a tennis ball. 4.They have a soccer ball.(一般疑问句) Do they have a soccer ball? 5.My uncle has a volleyball.(一般疑问句) Does your uncle have a volleyball? 6.He has a basketball under the bed. What does he have under the bed?

用 do, does, have, has, don’t have, doesn’t have 填空 Does have 1.______ Tim ______ a ping-pong ball ? No, he doesn’t ______. have 2.I _____ _____ a soccer ball, but I _____ a don’t have basketball. 3.___ your parents have a new computer ? _____ Do don’t have No, they _____. But they _____ a new TV. 4.Mr.and Mrs. Green _____ a daughter, have but they ______ _____ a son. don’t have has 5.Kate _____ a Chinese name. have Do 6.___ you ____ a brother ?No, I don’t _____ ____ have has a brother, but Tom ____ a brother.

书面表达 1. 根据提示,写一段对话。人名 自拟 你和你的朋友正在谈论今天的下午的活动安排,有 人去建议看电视,有人建议去打排球,有人建议去 打乒乓球,最后大家去打篮球。 J : Good afternoon,Mike and Paul. M /P: Good afternoon, Jack. J: Do you have a ping-pong ball,Mike?Let’s play ping-pong this afternoon. M: Sorry, I don’t. It’s boring. Let’s watch TV. P: It’s boring, too. Let’s play volleyball. J: Oh, that sounds difficult. Basketball is fun. Let’s play basketball. M/P: OK, that sounds interesting. Let’s go.

2. 请你写一篇小短文介绍一下你的家人及他们 喜欢的运动。50词左右。

Hello , my name is Anna. I have a happy family

. There are five people in my family. They are my grandparents,my father, my mother and me. We all like sports. We play sports every day. My grandparents are not very old, and they like ping-pong very much. My father likes basketball and soccer very much. And my mother likes tennis. She often plays it with her friends. What sports do I like? Well , I like basketball,volleyball and soccer. Do you want to be healthy? Let’s play sports every day.

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