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2013新版人教版新目标八年级上U6Self Check

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Unit 6

I’m going to study computer science

tomorrow , next week/Sunday , this evening… 主语 + be going to + 动词的原形

She is going to play football. He is going to go fishing. It is going to do its homework.

Talk about your future jobs

--What are you going to be when you grow up? --I want to be…





1 Match the jobs with the school subjects.
1.computer programmer 2.engineer 3.doctor 4. basketball player 5.scientist medicine computer science math science P.E.

2 Fill in the blanks in the conversation.
A: What do you ________to be when you grow up? want B: I want ________ a scientist. to be How A:Wow! That sounds cool. But it’s difficult. ________ going are you ________ to do that? going B: After I finish high school, I’m ________ to go to university. going A: ________ are you ________ to study? Where B: In Hefei. I’m ________ to study there for four years. going to be going A: I think I want ________ a teacher. I’m ________ to teach in Wuhan.

3 Write about your plans.

Tomorrow, I’m going to_____________________ have an English lesson. Next week, ______________________________ I am going to travel to Dalian.
I am going to visit my friend. Next month, ______________________________

Next year, ________________________________ I am going to move to another city.

1. ____ you ____ a teacher when you grow up? B A Will; going to be B Are; going to be C Are; / D Will; be B 2. I don’t know if Tom _____. Maybe he ___ if it doesn’t rain. A will come; comes B will come; will come C comes; comes D comes; will come

3. He will be back ____a few minutes. D A with B for C on D in B 4. What time ____we go to the station tomorrow? A will B shall C do D are A 5. He will leave Beijing as soon as he ______ the work next week. A finishes B doesn’t finish C will finish D won’t finish

A 6. There____a party this afternoon. A will be B will have C is going to have D are going to have C 7. It____National Day tomorrow. We ___ a party. A is going to be; will have B will be; is having C will be; are going to have D will have; is going to be C 8. Tom is 10 years old now, next year he ___11. A is B is going to be C will be D will to be

1.My brother is studying _________ ________ computer science (计算机科学), and he wants to be a ___________(电脑程序员). programmer 2.Li Lei’s uncle is a ____________(专业的) ` professional engineer in the factory.

pilot 3.I think he can become a good _______(飞行员). 4. Bai Yansong is a famous _________ (新闻记者) reporter from CCTV.

1. Cheng Han’s mother is going to hold

art exhibitions. (改为一般疑问句)
___ Cheng Han’s mother ______ going Is

to hold art exhibitions?

2. I’m going to be an actor when I grow up. (就划线部分提问) _____ are you going to __ when you be What grow

up? 3. My aunt is going to move to Paris. (就划线部分提问) Where is your aunt going to _____ ? move ______

4. We are going to play basketball tomorrow. (就划线部分提问) What are you going to ___ tomorrow? do _____ 5. Her cousin is going to travel around the world. (改为同义句) Her cousin is going to travel all over the world _________________ .

6. are, to, going, next, week, they, do, what?(连词成句) What are they going to do next week? ______________________________ 7. I’m, going, walk, fast, not, too, to.

(连词成句) I’m not going to walk too fast. _______________________________

What are you going to do A: ________________________? B: I’m going to buy a present(礼物). Who are you going to give it to A: ____________________________? B: I’m going to give it to my English


A: What are you going to buy _______________________? B: I’m going to buy a card. A: Where are you going to buy it __________________________? B: I'm going to buy it in the shop over there. A: Are you going there alone (独自一人)? B: No. I am going there with my friend _____________________________.

Write a letter to your friend to tell him or her what you are going to do for the next vacation.


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