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【2013山东莱芜】1. A smile costs ________, but gives so much.

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything


【解析】考查不定代词词义辨析。something 某些东西anything任何东西;nothing没有东西;everything一切东西。句意:一个微笑不花费任何东西,但给予了那许多。根据句意,所以选择答案C。

【2013黑龙江哈尔滨】 2. No matter how difficult things seem to be, you should say to _____ “Never mind!” A positive attitude is the key to success.

A. themselves B. ourselves



【2013黑龙江哈尔滨】3. ______ was born being good at all things. You can do well in things through hard work. As an English learner, you can’t be excellent without enough practice.

A. Everybody B. Somebody C. Nobody



【2013江苏盐城】4.—Does your English teacher chat with you on QQ?

—Yes, sometimes, It’s we enjoy doing at weekends.

A. anything


【解析】不定代词的用法。anything一般用于否定句和疑问句;everything意为:一切; nothing意为没有什么。根据句意,用QQ聊天是我们周末喜欢做的事情。所以答案为something.

【2013江苏苏州】5. —Your tea smells great!

—It’s from India. Would you like ______?

A. it B. this C. some D. little



【2013浙江绍兴】6.—Which magazine do you like better, Crazy Reading or Teen’s B. something C. everything D. nothing C. yourselves space?

—I like ___of them. They are useful for English lessons.

A. none B. neither C. all D. both

D【解析】考查不定代词用法。none没有一个;neither两者都不;all所有的;both二者 1

都。根据后文“They are useful for English learners”“他们对英语学习者有用处”可推知:这两者都喜欢,故选D。

【2013江苏连云港】7. I've got several novels written by MoYan. You can borrow ________ if you like.

A. it



【2013江苏泰州】8. — Have you got anything to do this afternoon, Lucy and Lily? — Yes. ________ of us are going to the home for the elderly.

A. Each

【答案】 C


【2013四川宜宾】9. My friend Jenny often helps ______ with ______ English.

A. I; me



【2013 上海】10. My parents showed ________ some old pictures that brought back sweet memories.

A. I B. me C. my D. mine

【答案】B 考查代词用法 句意:我的父母给我展示一些带来美好回忆的照片。给我展示了,应用人称代词,在动词show之后,作宾语,因此用宾格。故选B。

【2013山西】11. Many people think Peng Liyuan is the most beautiful First Lady. And ________ songs are also well-known.

A. his B. her C. their


【解析】考查物主代词用法。题意;许多人认为彭丽媛是最漂亮的第一夫人,她的歌也很出名。形容词性物主代词用在名词前,her 意为“她的”,故选B。

【2013山东聊城】12. —- Jim, please help ______ to some bread .

—- Thank you.

A. himself . B. yourself . C. herself D. myself.


【解析】考查反身代词的用法。himself 是“他自己”, yourself 是“ 你自己”, herself 是 “ 她自己”,myself 是“我自己”。help yourself ( 或 yourselves ) 是固定短语, B. me; my C. my; me D. I; my B. Either C. Both D. All B. one C. every D. Either 2

“(请你、你们) 随便吃”,根据句意“ 请随便吃一些面包 ”,所以选 B 。 【2013 湖南衡阳】13. —Mum, I’m hungry. Is there to eat?

—Yes, you can have some bread on the table.

A. something B. nothing C. anything



【2013山东潍坊】14. I have two sisters, but_________of them is a teacher.

A. all B. neither C. both D. none


【解析】考查不定代词辨析。根据句意“我有两个姐姐,但是没有一个是老师。”neither “两者都不”故选B。

【2013内蒙古呼和浩特】15. He invited some classmates to come to his party,but _______ came.

A. a little B. little C. a few D. few


【解析】考查不定代词辨析。a little和little修饰不可数名词,a few和few修饰可数名词;a little和a few表示肯定,little和few表示否定;根据but判断句意前后有转折之意,前半句为肯定句,所以后半句应该为否定句,而修饰classmates需要用few,所以选择答案D。

【2013辽宁鞍山】 16. —The teachers in that school speak either English or French, or even _________.

—That's so cool!

A. all B. both C. neither D. none


【解析】考查不定代词运用。both表示两者都,用于肯定句中;neither表示两者都不,用于否定句中;all 指三者或三者以上都,用于肯定句中;none指三者或三者以上都不,用于否定句中;由答语“That's so cool!”可知有些老师甚至两种语言都会说,故选B。

【2013辽宁鞍山】 17. —What kind of house would you like? ,

—I'd like __________with a garden in front of__________.

A. It, one B. one, one C. one, it D. it, it



【2013贵州安顺】18. The man has _____ friends in this city, so he often stays at home.

A. a few B. few C. little D. a little



【解析】考查a few,few,little,a little的用法区别。a few/few,其后只能跟可数名词复数。a few(一些,一点)表肯定,few(几乎没有)表否定。Little/a little其后只能跟不可数名词,a little(一些,一点)表肯定,Little(几乎没有)表否定。题干说:他经常呆在家里,可推断出:他几乎没有朋友。所以选择答案B。

【2013辽宁鞍山】 19. We need to go shopping. There is_________ juice left in the fridge.

A. little B. few C. many D. much


【解析】考查形容词词义辨析。few, many修饰可数名词的复数;little, much修饰不可数名词;我们需要去购物,可知冰箱里几乎没有果汁了,故选A项。

【2013山东滨州】20. —Which of the two T-shirts will you take?

—I’ll take . One is for my brother and the other is for myself.

A. either B. both C. neither D. all



【2013山东菏泽】21·—Don't be angry with your kid when he makes a mistake again, will you?

—No. I won't. I know that ______of us are perfect after all.

A. none B. neither C. each D. all


【解析】考查代词。句意:——当你的孩子再犯错的时候不要跟他 生气了,好吗?——不会了,我知道我们没有一个人是完美的。none可以跟of 短语连用,表示“一个也没有”。neither 表示“两者都不”,选项C和D 不符合句意。

【2013浙江宁波】22. —Would you like some juice or coffee?

—_______ is OK. I really don’t care.

A. Both



【2013浙江宁波】23. —Excuse me, is this _______ iPad mini?

—No, it isn’t. _______ is at home.

A. your; Mine B. your; My C. yours; My D. yours; Mine


【解析】考查代词的用法。your为形容词性物主代词,修饰名词;yours为名词性物主代词,不修饰名词。故选A。 B. Either C. All D. Neither


【2013浙江丽水】24. —What do you think of the movie by Zhao Wei?

—Terrific. I like ______ very much.

A. it B. him C. her D. you


【解析】考查代词的用法。根据上下文,此处是替代上文提及的the movie by Zhao Wei,应该用it,所以选A。

【2013安徽】25. —I am a little hungry, Mom.

—There are some cakes on the plate. You can take__________.

A. it B. one C. that D. this


【解析】考查代词的用法。指代上面提到的东西用it; one代替前面刚提到过的同一类人或物,也可表示一个this/that指后文提到的事物。根据句意“妈妈,我有点饿了。盘子里有一些蛋糕,你可以吃一块”。故选B。

【2013山东德州】26.—Who helped Betty tidy up the bedroom just now?

—_________. She cleaned it all by herself.

A. Somebody B. Nobody C. Everybody D. Anybody

【答案】 B

【解析】考查不定代词用法区别。Somebody“某人;有人”, Nobody“没有人”, Everybody“每个人”, Anybody“任何一人”。根据句意:“谁帮助贝蒂收拾卧室了?”“没有人,她全靠自己打扫的。”,所以选B。

【2013山东泰安】27. —Who helped you clean the bedroom yesterday, Kitty? —_______. I cleaned it all by myself.

A. Nobody B. Everybody C. Somebody D. Anybody


【解析】考查不定冠词的用法。由I cleaned it all by myself.“我自己打扫的”可推知“无人”帮忙,故答案选A项,意为“没有人;无人”。

【2013江苏徐州】28. This is not my Walkman. It's ________. Mine is over there.

A. our B. hers C. your D. my



【2013江苏淮安】29. After Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize, more people began to read ________ books.

A. he

【答案】C B. him C. his D. himself


【解析】考查代词的用法。he人称代词主格“他”, him人称代词宾格“他”, his形容词性物主代词“他的”, himself反身代词“他自己”。句意“在莫言获得诺贝尔奖之后, 更多的人开始阅读他的书”, books名词, 前接形容词性物主代词, 所以选择C。

【2013湖北宜昌】30. —Everyone should learn to say “I love you” to their parents often.

—I think so. _______ in life is more important than family.

A. Something B. Everything C. Anything D. Nothing




【2013湖北十堰】31. —Which do you prefer, a CD player or a walkman?

—___________. I prefer a portable computer.

A. Both B. Either C. None D. Neither


【解析】考查代词用法 both 两个都 either两者中的一个 none 三者或者三者以上都不,neither 两者都不。根据回答语I prefer a portable computer.可以知道a CD player or a walkman两个都没选 故选 D。

【2013湖北孝感】32. My host family tried to cook _____ for me when I studied in New Zealand.

A. different something B. different anything

C. something different D. anything different



【2013湖北孝感】33. My family has two dogs. One is white, ____ is black.

A. other B. another C. the other D others

【答案】 C

【解析】考查代词的用法。one ? the other?“一个??,另一个??”。other“其余的”,后跟名词;another“另一个”,用于三者或以上的另一个;the other用于二者之间的“另一个”;others“其余的,别的”,后面不跟名词。结合句意可知此处指两者之间的另一个。

【2013湖北襄阳】34. —It snowed heavily last night. Is everyone in our class here today?

—Yes, and of us was late for school this morning.

A. none B. neither Call


【解析】考查代词辨析。 句意:---昨天晚上雪下得很大,我们班每个人都来了吗?---都D. either 6


【2013湖北咸宁】35. —All the volunteers were very tired, but of them took a rest.

—They were busy looking for the missing people.

A. neither B. all C. both D. none



【2013湖北随州】36. —Is your friend Michael still in Australia?

—I don't know. I have ______ information about him because we haven't seen each other for ____ years.

A. a little ; a few B. little; a few

C. a few; a little D. few; a little


【解析】考查不定代词的用法。根据句意:我不知道,对于他我了解的信息很少,因为我们几年没见面了。Information是不可数名词,表示否定概念用little修饰;years是可数名词,表示肯定的概念用a few修饰。所以选择答案B。

【2013黑龙江绥化】37. 一Who teaches ________ music?

一Nobody. I teach ________.

A.; mine B. your; myself C. you; myself


【解析】考查代词用法。句意:——谁教你音乐?——没人。我自学。mine我的(东西/人),名词性物主代词;your你的,你们的,形容词性物主代词,后必须接宾语;you你,你们,作主语、宾语或者表语;myself我自己,反身代词,teach oneself自学。根据句意,所以选择答案C。

【2013黑龙江齐齐哈尔】38.-Have you read today’s newspaper?

-No, I haven’t. Is there in it?

A. something important B. anything special C. new anything



【2013山东烟台】39.China is larger than in Africa.

A. the other countries B. any country

C. any of the other countries D. any other country


【解析】考查不定代词的辨析。句意为:中国比都大____非洲的国家。the other countries 7

其他所有的国家;any country任何国家;any of the other countries 其他任何国家;

any other country其他任何一个国家。因为中国属于亚洲,不在非洲,所有要把带有other


【2013四川雅安】40. Is that bike ?

A. she B. hers C. her D. she's




是she和 is的缩写,意为“她是”,空白处在句中作宾语,应用名词性物主代词,所以选


【2013山东临沂】41. Lost in Thailand is a very successful comedy. It’s favorite movie.

A. me





【2013浙江杭州】42.They are able to talk openly to one another whenever _________ of them feels hurt.

A. either




【2013重庆】43. — Mike,is that new bike_______?

—Yes.My mother bought it for me yesterday.


22. 【答案】C

解析:本题考查代词的用法。由答语“是的。我母亲昨天给我买的” 可推知问句意为“迈克,那辆新自行车是你的吗?”空格后无名词,因此用名词性物主代词。四个选项中只有C项是


【2013四川凉山】44. —Is New Zealand a big country?

—No, New Zealand only has two islands. One is North Island, is South Island.

A. other B. the other C. another


【解析】考查代词的用法。“one..., the other...”句型表示“一者??,另一者??”, B.your C. yours D. yourself B. both C. some D. all B. mine C. I D. my 8

承接上文的两座岛屿,用the other 作主语。

【2013四川广安】45. —Would you like _____ to eat?

—No, thanks.

A. something



【2013 上海】46. _______ is waiting for at the gate. He wants to say thanks to you.

A. Somebody B. Anybody C. Everybody D. Nobody

【答案】A 考查不定代词 句意:有人在门口等你,他想对你说谢谢。故选A,somebody,某个人。其他的anybody,任何人;everybody,每一个人;nobody,没有人,都不符合句意。

【2013山东潍坊】47. The song I Believe I Can Fly tells us that believing in_________ is very important.

A. themselves B. itself C. ourselves D. yourselves



【2013辽宁鞍山】48. My parents gave ___________ a nice toy bear for my birthday.

A. I B. mine C. my D. me


【解析】考查代词辨析。give sb. sth.意为“给某人某物”,give后面常接双宾语,句中缺少一个宾语,用宾格代词,故选D。

【2013江苏扬州】49. — Wow! You've got so many clothes.

— But ________ of them are in fashion now.

A. all


【解析】考查代词的用法。选项中all指三者或三者以上全部;both指两者全部;neither指两者全部不;none指三者或三者以上全部不。根据句意:“你有如此多的衣服。”“但现在它们都不流行了。” 指三者或三者以上全部不,所以选择答案D。

【2013江苏常州】50.—Have got any books on English grammar? I want to borrow .

—Yes, here you are. But you must return it by Friday.

A. one

【答案】A B. it C. some D. that B. both C. neither D. none B. anything C. nothing



【2013湖南益阳】51.You have just read the newspaper. Did you find______in it?

A. interesting anything B. anything interesting C. interesting something.



【2013湖南娄底】52.—Do your grandparents live with you?

—Yes, we take care of_________ well.

A. they B. their C. them


【解析】人称代词的用法。take care of表示照顾,照看,它是一个动词短语,其后要接人称代词的宾格形式,故用them。

【2013广西贺州】 53. —Which do you prefer, rice or noodles?

—______, thanks. I am not hungry, I only need some water.

A. Neither B. Either C. Both D. All


【解析】考查不定代词在语境中的辨析。句意为:你更想吃什么,米饭还是面条?____, 谢

谢。我不饿,只需要一些水。neither,两者都不;either,两者任何一个都行;both,两种都来点吧;all, 三者或以上都....,本题只给出两种选择,故排除了D;根据后面的答语,“我只需要一些水”,它不属于被选择的范围,故表明两种都不要。因此A是正确的。

【2013河南】54. He thinks himself somebody, but we think him______.

A. nobody B. anybody C. somebody D. everybody



【2013河北】55. You don’t have a drink. Can I get you ?

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything



【2013河北】56. It is a good habit of to read a few lines before going to bed.

A. I B. me C. my D. mine




【2013湖南邵阳】57.-Would you like some juice or coffee?

—_ . I like green tea instead.

A. Either B. Neither C. Both


【解析】考查情景交际及代词的用法。Either意为“两者中的任何一个”;Neither 意为“两者中任何一方都不”;Both意为“两者都”。由上文句意“-你想要一些果汁还是咖啡?”和下文句意“我喜欢绿茶”可知,对于果汁和咖啡都不喜欢,故选B。

【2013 浙江衢州】58. ——Our skirts look the same.

——Yes, but looks newer.

A. your B. yours C. you D. yourself



【2013四川内江】59. We have noticed the problems,and ___ will be discussed at the meeting.

A. you B. it C. they D. us


【解析】考查代词的用法。代替上文的the problems,是复数,所以是they,因此选择答案C。

【2013山东青岛】60. I don't have a present for my friend. What if ______ else brings a present?

A. anybody


【解析】考查不定代词的用法。后半句意:要是别的人都带来了礼物,该怎么办呢? What if?意为“如果/要是/倘若??将会怎样?”后跟表示陈述语序的从句。,所以选择答案C。

【2013福建福州】61. — Jane, is this your dictionary?

— Yes, it's_________. Thank you.

A. me B. my C. Mine



【2013浙江温州】62. —I’ll have a tennis game tomorrow. I’m a little bit nervous. —Believe in . You’re the best in our club. B. nobody C. everyone D. none


A. herself

【答案】C B. myself C. yourself D. himself

【解析】考查代词的用法。根据答语中的下半句“You’re the best in our club.”可推知,相信你自己。Yourself意为“你自己”。故正确答案选C。

【2013浙江台州】63. —Let’s do something for Ya’an children.

—Why not write letters to cheer ______ up.

A. him



【2013四川泸州】64. There is a cup of tea. Please pass ____________ to me.

A. one B. it C. this D. that


【解析】考查代词的用法。One代替上文的可数名词,this和that一般是近指和远指的指代,或者that代替不可数名词时后面要有修饰语,只有it代替前文的不可数名词a cup of tea,所以选择答案B。

【2013山东济宁】65. Don’t worry about me. I can take good care of _______.

A. me B. myself C. him D. himself



【2013江西】66. There are lots of restaurants in our town. And most of _____are clean and cheap.

A. it B. they C. us D. them


【解析】考查人称代词的用法。句意:我们城里有很多家饭馆,而且其中很多又便宜又干净。介词of后面应该使用宾格形式的人称代词,故答案选 D

【2013 湖北黄冈】67.——Is this _____ football, boys?

——No, it is not _________.

A. yours; ours B. your; our C. yours; our D. your; ours

【答案】D 考查物主代词 形容词性物主代词之后跟名词,名词性物主代词之后不用名词,因此football之前用形容词性物主代词,第二个空之后没有名词,用名词性物主代词。故选D。

【2013山东济南】68. Jerry and Scott are from the United States, but ___________ of them are interested in Beijing Opera.

A. all B. both C. neither D. either


【解析】考查不定代词。all“(三者或三者以上)全都”;both“(两者)都”;neither“(两 B. her C. us D. them 12


【2013山东济南】69. —Does Miss White like sports?

—Yes, __________ favorite sport is tennis.

A. he B. she C. his D. her


【解析】考查人称代词的用法。根据问句中Miss White判断排除A、C两项;sport是名词,前面用形容词性物主代词作定语,所以用her。所以答案选D。

【2013陕西】70. It’s very important for us to learn how to learn by __________.

A. ourselves B. itself C. myself D. themselves


【解析】考查代词。句意:对我们来说学会自学是很重要的。短语learn by oneself 表示“自学”。we的反身代词是ourselves 。

【2013山东威海】71. —could you lend me a pen?

—Of course. Here are two and you can take of them

A, both B. all C. any D. either



【2013山东济南】72. —Who helped you clean the classroom yesterday?

—____________. I did it all by myself.

A. Someone B. Anyone C. Nobody D. Everybody



【2013湖南株洲】73. We should protect the beautiful flowers on sides of the street.

A. every B. both C. either

22. 【答案】B


【2013湖南长沙】74. He has written many books, but _____ of them are good.

A. few B. many C. any


【解析】考查不定代词的用法。横线上的词代替many books。由转折连词but可排除B; 13


【2013福建泉州】75. — I’ve left my mobile phone at home. Can I use ______ for a call ?

—Sure , Here you are.

A. you B. your C. yours


【解析】考查代词。句意:——我把我的手机忘在家里了。我可以用你的打个电话吗? ——当然,给你。本题的设空处后面没有名词,所以本句缺少一名词性物主代词。

【2013湖北武汉】76. —Morning, class. Is ________ here?

—No, sir. Tom is absent.

A. anybody B. everybody C. nobody D. somebody



【2013甘肃兰州】77. Mom, I’m old enough to wash ______ own clothes and ______. You can have a rest after work.

A. my; your B. my; yours C. your; my D. yours; mine



【2013广东广州】78. The man called his professor for help because he couldn’t solve the problem by ______.

A. herself


【解析】考查反身代词的用法。by oneself为“靠某人自己”,本句的主语the man为男士,故用反身代词himself(他自己)。

【2013广东】79. Boys, don’t lost ______ in playing Angry Birds. It is bad for your eyes to play computer games for a long time.

A. himself B. yourself C. themselves D. yourselves

【答案】 D

【解析】考查反身代词的用法。由boys知道是指你们自己 ,其反身代词为yourselves。所以选择答案D 。

【2013天津】80. This morning Diana invited ______to ______birthday party.

A. I; her

me; hers

【答案】C B. I; hers C. me; her D. B. himself C. yourself D. themselves


【解析】考查人称代词和物主代词辨析。句意:今天早上Diana邀请我参加她的生日晚会。本句中 invited 是及物动词,其后要接宾语,第一个空要用宾格人称代词,排除A、B;第二空后有名词birthday party,需用形容词性的物主代词修饰,排除D。选C。

(2013陕西)81.—Which of the two subjects do you like, art or music?

—______.They are really interesting

A. Neither B. Both C. None D. All


【解析】本题考查不定代词的用法。由答语中的“They are really interesting.”可知,两门学科都喜欢。Both表示“两者都”,符合句意。

【2013广西玉林】82. — Jane, is this ______ umbrella?

—No,it’s not mine. It is ______.

A. you; hers B. your, hers C. yours; her D. your; her



【2013广东梅州】83. The iPad isn’t ______. It belongs to ______.

A. he; me


【解析】考查代词的用法辨析。第一空需用名词性物主代词作表语,故排除A、D两项;再由belong to中的to是介词后跟人称代词的宾格,排除B项。答案为C。

【2013江苏南京】84.—Hi, guys. How was your party yesterday?

—Wonderful! We had a big meal and enjoyed .

A. themselves



【2013 甘肃白银】85. —Who has a dictionary, children? — I have _________.

A. them B. it C. they D one

【答案】D 考查代词用法。 句意:孩子们,谁有一本词典?我有一本。该词代指一本词典,因此排除复数形式A、C;而it指前面提到的特定事物,one指前面提到的事物中的任何一个,故选D。

【2013 甘肃白银)86 ______ is really hard ______ them to climb such a high mountain.

A. This; to B. It; to C. This; for D. It; for

【答案】D 考查特定句型。 It is +形容词+ for sb. to do sth., it是形式主语,真正主语是to do sth,意为:做某事对某人来说怎么样。 B. myself C. yourselves D. ourselves B. hers; mine C. his; me D. her; mine


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