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八上英语Unit 1-3单项选择专练

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Unit 1--3 单项选择 1. — do you go to the movies? —Once a month. A. WhenB. How often C. How long D. How soon 2. hours does the koala sleep every day? A. How many B. How old C. How much D. How long




3. Some students watch TV three four a week. A. and, times B. and, time C. or, times D. to, time *4. He didn’t go to school, he felt sick. A. kind of B. kinds of C. a kind of D. a kind




5. His brother doesn’t like hamburger. He eats them. A. often B. hardly C. always D. usually 6. Lucy’s shoes are Mary’s. A. the same to B. the same C. the same as D. same as





D homework, you must do it every
day .

A. To B. As C. For D. As for 8. they are brothers, they don’t look like each other. A. Because B. Although C. When D. As



9. Mike is a boy. He exercises every day. A. health B. healthy C. unhealth D. unhealthy *10. Doing morning exercises your health. A. is good at B. are good for C. is good for D. are good at




11. We

go out to eat but not very often. A. usually B. always

C. never D. sometimes 12. Unit One is different Unit Two. A. to B. for C. from D. in


13. My father tries vegetables four or five times a week. A. eat B. eating C. to eat D. ate 14. Can you help me _____my room? A. clean B. cleaning C. to cleaning D. cleaned




15. I eat junk food once a month. So you see, I my health. A. take after B. look at C. look after D. look for 16. Everyone needs a balance of yin and yang to be . A. health B. healthy C. healthily D. unhealthy

17. —It’s 10 o’clock now, I must go. — It’s raining outside. Don’t leave it stops. A. when B. where C. that D. until 18. He can’t see clearly(清楚) .Something is wrong with his . A. legs B. eyes C. ears D. stomach


19. If you have a sore throat, you should drink some hot tea honey. A. with B. in C. on D. has 20. —How are you? —I’m not . A. feel well B. feel good C. feeling well D. feeling well


21. —What’s the matter with you? —I have bad cold and have to stay in bed. A. a; a B. a; the C. a; / D. the; the 22. is difficult for me to learn math well. A. That B. This C. It D. Its

23. The English novel (小说) is quite easy. There are new words in it. A. a little B. little C. a few D. few 24. There is snow here. It’s cold. A. too much; much too B. much too; too much C. too; too D. much; much

25. Bill should because he is very thirsty. A. go to bed B. eat food C. drink water D. take a walk 26. —Do you brush your twice a day? —Yes, I do. A. eyes B. mouth C. tooth D. teeth

27. —I have a sore throat. —You hot food. A. don’t eat B. should eat C. shouldn’t eat D. eat 28. — are you going for vacation? — I’m going to Hangzhou. A. What B. How C. Where D. When


29. I can’t go with you . I have to do . A. anything important B. something important C. important something D. important anything


30. I’m

with my dog in the mountains next week. A. going hiking B. going to the be

ach C. swimming D. fishing 31. When did you finish your last movie? A. make B. to make C. making D. made


do you sleep every night?—Eight hours . A. How much B. How many C. How long D. How often 33. Where’s he going vacation? A. to B. in C. for D. at


34. —How long are you staying in Dalian ? —_____ . A. For a week B. In a week C. Once a week D. A week ag
35. Your idea A. hears C. looks interesting . B. sounds D. listens

36. The singer is staying in Shenyang from 5th to 10th .Then she’s Beijing . A. leaving B. going C. to go D. leaving for 37. These days I’m thinking about a new car . A. buy B. to buy C. buying D. bought

38. Show me your photos you get back . A. after, school B. when, to school C. where, to school D. before, school 39. He an hour his homework last night . A. took, doing B. spend, do C. spent, to do D. spent, doing

40. —Don’t forget the windows when you leave. —I won’t. A. close B. closing C. to close D. closed 41. —What’s your plan for the summer holidays? —I’ve no idea, but I’ve decided at home and have a good rest first. A. stay B. to stay C. stayed D. staying

42. The man in the blue shirt is than the man in the white shirt. A. funny B. much funny C. funnier D. more funnier 43. Lin Ping is athletic than me. A. a little B. a little much C. much D. a little more


44. David finds very hard to learn math well. A. it B. this C. that D. one 45. This math problem is that one. A. not so easy as B. more easy than C. as easier D. easy than

46. —What do you think of your new friend Annie? —She’s a top student(好学生). But she is at sports than me. A. good B. better C. bad D. worse 47. His bicycle is the same as . A. she B. her C. me D. hers

48. Linda is more outgoing than me, you see. A. like B. as C. so D. but 49. Those two girls are twins, , they look very different. A. although B. but C. however D. because

50. he isn’t rich enough , he often gives away money to some poor children. A. Though B. Because C. When D. If 51. His parents often make him homework till 12 o’clock in the evening. A. do B. does C. to do D. doing

52. He looks tired. He should stop A. rest B. rests C. resting D. to rest 53. If you want to know more information. Please call me 339-4208 A. for B. on C. in D. at


54. Uncle Li is a funny man, he always us some interesting stories. A. speaks B. tells C. says D. talks *55. The apples on this tree are bigger than on that one. A. ones B. those C. them D. apples


56. ─How do you go to work? ─I usually take bus. A. the, a B. /, a C. a, a D. the, / 57. It will us several years to learn a foreign language well. A. cost B. take C. spend D. use


58.─Could you please come to the museum with me this afternoon? ─Sorry, I . I have to take a piano lesson at 2 pm. A. couldn’t B. mustn’t C. can’t D. needn’t


59 ─Tim, do you think time is money? ─Yes, but I think it is money. A. more important t

han B. very important than C. the same as D. not important as


60. Both of the bags are nice, but one is $99 and the other is $199. Julie has only $100 and has to buy the one. A. cheap B. expensive C. cheaper D. more expensive 61. Sam looks like his dad. They are tall. A. either B. any C. all D. both

62. The woman made his son finally after she told him some jokes. A. laughed B. to laugh C. laugh D. laughing 63. ─ is the train station from the post office, do you know? ─About twenty-minute bike ride. A. How much B. How long C. How soon D. How far

64. ─When does your mother go shopping? ─Usually Sunday mornings. A. on B. in C. at D. for 65. ─Denny, I can’t stop playing computer games. ─For your health, I’m afraid you . A. can B. may C. could D. have to

66. ─What does your cousin look like now? ─Oh, he is much than before. A. strong B. stronger C. strongest D. too strong 67. This math problem is that one. A. so easy as B. as difficult as C. much difficult than D. less easier than

68. The visitors China at four this afternoon. A. get B. get to C. arrive D. arrive at 69. My elder brother is . Reading books at home is his favorite. A. athletic B. friendly C. funny D. quiet

70. It’s early now. Why there on foot? A. not go B. not going C. don’t go D. not you go


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