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新八年上Unit4 SectionB2选择

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Unit4 SectionB2

( )1.When winter comes,days get ______.

A. long and long B.short and shortC.longer and longer

B. D.shorter and shorter

( )2.This dress is not cheap.And the price of it is the_________of the three.

A. lowest B.biggest C.highest D.smallest

( )3.Diwang Tower is _________building in Shenzhen.It’s taller than any other building.

A. the tallest B.the taller C.most taller D.the most


( )4.――Peter is _______than you ,right?

---Yes,but he is ________runner in our class.

A.heavier; best B.heavy;the best

C.heavier; the best D.heavy;better

( )5.Don’t be kidding!I think you should take the question_________.

A. easy B.easily C.serious D.seriously ( )6.Could you please give some milk______ me?

A.for B.to C.about D.from

( )7.The post office is close _________ our school.

A.at B.between C.by D.to

( )8.They decide_______ lunch in the best restaurant.

A.have B.having C.to have D.has

( )9.—Would you mind staying in such a noisy room?

--No,but my son needs a ________place to study in.

A.cleaner B.quieter C.safer D.smaller

( )10.—What do you think of Liu Huan?

Oh,he is my favorite singer.Ithink no one can sing ________.

A.good B.well C.better D.best

( )11.—What do you think of the movie?

--It’s _______.I don’t like it at all.

A.bored B.boring C.interested


( )12.These questions are________than those.

A.more easier B.much easy C.as easy D.much easier

答案:1—5DCACD 6—10BDCBC11-12BD

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