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What do you think of game shows

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龙七中 杨玉珍

soap operas


Look and match

A 3.______ C 1.______

E 6.______ A: Talk shows

B: Sports shows D 4.______
C: Game shows D: Sitcoms E: Soap opera 2._____ B F: News F 5.______

A:What kind of TV shows would you like?

B:I’d like soap operas.

What do you think of game shows? I love them.

What do you think of sitcoms? I like them.

What do you think of sports shows?

I don’t mind.

What do you think of talk shows?
I can’t stand them.

What do you think of soap operas? I don’t like them.

A:What do you think of…?


love like don’t mind don’t like can’t stand

Listen and number the expressions [1-5] as you hear them a. b. c. d. e. __1___ love 2 _____ like _____ don’t mind 4 5 _____ don’t like 3 _____ can’t stand

Listen again . Fill in the blanks. A: what do you think of Dumpling King? love B: I ______ it . like A: Do you ______ Er Bao? can’t stand B: No,I ___________him. But I don’t mind __________ his brother, Xiao Bao. How about you? don’t like A: I don’t like him. In fact, I _______like sitcoms.

? Period 2

A:What do you think of…?


love like don’t mind don’t like can’t stand

sports shows A: What do you think of game shows? talk shows…

B: I love them. A: Why do you think so? B: Because they are exciting.

like/don’t mind

funny/boring/ relaxing…

Game shows

Sports shows


Soap Sitcoms Talk operas shows

I Mary

Give a report like this: I love game shows, because I think they are so relaxing ,but my friend Mary likes talk shows, because she thinks they are fun. …

Look Match and Talk
Tell it like it is Legal Report CCTV News News in 30 Minutes Man and Nature Chinese Cooking Around China Sports news Lucky52 Animal World Culture China 人与自然 中国饮食 新闻联播 今日说法 中国各地 新闻30分 实话实说 幸运52 动物世界 中国文化 体育新闻

English Sports Healthy Culture Chinese Animal Today News Living China Cooking World
Yang Lin likes loves doesn’t mind doesn’t like likes can’t stand loves doesn’t like doesn’t mind





A:What does YangLin think of English Today? B:She likes it.

English Today Sports News

Healthy Living
Animal World

Chinese Cooking

host :What do you think of English Today? You :I …it. Host:I do ,too.How about Chinese Cooking? You :I …it.

Now you are a host,please interview your partner You may use these sentences: What do you think of…? How about…? I do,too. Do you like…?

Tell it like it is

Sports News

Healthy Culture Living China

Chinese Cooking

Animal World Lucky52




选出最受本组欢迎的CCTV programs,最后在全班排出 前三位的电视节目

Homework: 1.Write your report. 2.搜索自己喜欢的电视节目的 相关资料(包括电视栏目,主持人 等).

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