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八上Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show第四课时导学案

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第四课时Section A 3a—3c




3. 学会制定计划的表达。


---- What do you think of game shows?

---- I like them. / I love them. / I don’t like them. / I can’t stand them.

/I don’t mind them.



【学法指导】主动读记单词、自觉背诵grammar focus的对话、读用重点句型


1、朗读Grammar Focus句子,并明确句子含义。

Do you want to watch the news? Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.

What do you think of talk shows? I don’t mind them./ I can’t stand them!/ I love watching them! What do you plan to watch tonight? I plan to watch Days of Our Past. hat can you expect to learn from sitcoms? You can learn some great jokes. Why do you like watching the news? Because I hope to find out what’s going on around the world.


(1)我们开展了有关电视节目的大讨论。We a the TV shows.

(2)我不能忍受体育节目。I the sports shows.

(3)他希望有一天能成为一名电视台记者。He be a TV reporter.

(4)你觉得肥皂剧怎么样?What do you the soap opera?

(5)他计划今天晚上看什么电视节目?What TV show he to watch?


导入:1、与同桌朗读3a 句子,并明确对话大意。比比谁读得好。



A: What do you plan to watch on TV tonight?

B: I hope to ______________________________, but I also want to

__________________________________.How about you? Do you _______ ____________________________________________________________?

A: Oh, I want to _____________________________________________.



学会用plan to 、expect to写句子。

________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________


1. want +名词。 如:(1) 我想要一些草莓。 ____________________________

2. want ( sb ) + to do sth ( 1) 我想去看动作片。I want _____see ______ movies ( 2) 他想去玩电脑。__________________________________

单选1. Jim doesn’t like the soap operas at all. He can’t _____ them.

A. love B. stand C. understand D. know

2. ----Do you _____ my sitting here? ---Of course not. Have a seat, please.

A. mind B. like C. stand D. want

3. Nothing ____difficult if you put your heart into it. A. is B. are C. am D. be

4. ---We have no classes this afternoon. How about _____? ---Good idea.

A. go to the park B. to go to the park C. are going to the park D. going to the park

5. Welcome back _____ home. A. to B. at C. in D./



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