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(1) 一般现在时:表示现阶段经常发生或存在的状态

基本形式(以do为例): 第三人称单数:does(主语为非第三人称单数); 肯定句:主语+动词原形+其他; He works for us. 否定句:主语+don‘t/doesn't+动词原形+其他; He doesn't work for us. 一般疑问句:Do/Does+主语+动词原形+其他。 Does he work for us? 肯定回答:Yes,(+主语+do/does) Yes, he does.

否定回答:No,(+主语+don't/doesn't) No, he doesn't

特殊疑问句:疑问词+一般疑问句语 What does he do for us? He works for us.

(2) 一般过去时:表示过去的动作或状态

肯定句式:主语+动词过去式+其它 否定句式:在行为动词前加didn‘t,同时还原行为动词,或was/were+not; 疑问句:was或were放于句首;用did提问,同时还原行为动词 例如: Did he work for us? He didn't work for us. / He worked for us.

(3) 一般将来时:表示将要发生的动作或存在的状态

肯定句式: will/shall(疑问句主语为第一人称I/We时,常用shall)+do

be going to +do (表示打算计划要做的事,主语是人;


例如:He will work for us .

He is going to work for us. It is going to rain.


须是go,come,arrive,reach,leave , start, begin等瞬间动词才可以,瞬间动词所表示动作


eg:We are leaving tomorrow. We are coming next week.

The train leaves at six tomorrow morning. When does the bus star? It stars in ten






eg: I am buying a book.


eg: You are always helping others.(be always doing sth.)




一般疑问句:Was/Were+主语+doing+其它 ;

答语:Yes,主语+was/were. / No,主语+wasn't/weren't.



肯定句:主语+have/has+过去分词(done)+其它 He has worked for ten years.


一般疑问句:Have/Has+主语+过去分词+其他 Has he worked for ten years.?




1.Tom and Mary ___________ (come) to China last month.

2.Mike _________________(not go) to bed until 12 o’clock last night. So I _______ (get ) up late.

3.Mary __________ (read) English yesterday morning.

4.There _________ (be) no one here a moment ago.

5.I ___________ (call) Mike this morning.

6.I listened but ___________ (hear) nothing.

7.Tom ___________ (begin) to learn Chinese last year.

8.Last week we _________ (pick) many apples on the farm.

9.My mother ________________ (not do) housework yesterday.

10.She watches TV every evening. But she _______________ (not watch) TV last night.

11.________ your father ________ ( go ) to work every day last year?

12. —What time _______ you _______ (get) to Beijing yesterday? —We __________ (get) to Beijing at 9:00 in the evening.

13.What __________ (make) him cry (哭) just now?

14.Last year the teacher ___________ (tell) us that the earth moves around the sun.

15.There ____________ a telephone call for you just now. (be)

16.There __________ not enough people to pick apples that day. ( be)

17.There _____________ any hospitals (医院) in my hometown (家乡) in 1940. ( be not)

18.There ____________ enough milk at home last week, wasn’t there?

19.Eli ____________ to Japan last week. ( move)

20. –When _______ you _________ (come) to China? - Last year.


( ) 1. Lee ________ his mobile phone at home.

A. was left B. has left C. had left D. left

( ) 2. ______ you _______ me? I thought I ________ you calling me.

A. Did, call, heard B. Have, called, heard

C. Have, called, have heard D. Were, call, heard

( ) 3. _____ he ________ a good rest? No, he didn’t.

A. Have, had B. Did, have C. Did, had D. Had, had

( ) 4. As soon as he ________, he ______ to his family.

A. arrived, writes B. arrived, written

C. arrived, wrote D. had arrived, write

( ) 5. Mr. Black was late because he _______ his way.

A. losted B. had lost C. has lost D. lost

( ) 6. How long _________ you _______ here?

A. did, study in B. have, study

C. have studied D. has, studied

( ) 7. When _________ Lee ________ school this morning?

A. had, got to B. did, get to C. did, get D. did, got to

( ) 8. Will you please say it again? I ________ quite _______ you.

A. didn’t, hear B. haven’t, heard

C. didn’t, heard D. hadn’t, heard

( ) 9. ______ you ________ at six o’clock yesterday?

A. Do ,get up B. Did, get up C. Do, got up D. Did, got up

( ) 10.What did you see _________?

A. now B. every day C. since 1990 D. just now

( )11. While mother _______ some washing, I _____ a kite for Kate.

A. did, made B. was doing, made

C. was doing, was making D. did, was making

( )12. “_______ you angry then?” “they ______ too much noise.”

A. are, were making B. were, were making C. are, made D. were, made

( )13. He ____ some cooking at that time, so _____ me。

A. did, heard B. did, didn’t hear

C. was doing, heard D. was doing, didn’t hear

( )14. This time yesterday jack _____ his bike. He _____ TV

A. repaired, didn’t watch B. was repairing, watched

C. repaired, watched D. was repairing, wasn’t watching

( )15. His parents wanted to know how he _____ on with his new classmates.

A. was getting B. gets C. is getting D. will get



Last year Mr. Smith _____ (go ) to China and Japan. He _____ (have) a wonderful time. He _____ (do) a lot of different things and _____ (talk) to a great number of different people. He _____ (eat) Chinese and Japanese food and _____ (visit) a lot of interesting places. When he _____ (go) back to England, he _____ (be) very tired.


A week ago, Kitty and Ben _________ (be) in the countryside. At first, the wind _________ (blow) lightly. The leaves ___________ (blow) slightly in the wind. They ________ (fly) their kite happily in the gentle breeze. Suddenly, the wind ________ (become) stronger. The clouds in the sky _______ (move) quickly. Leaves ________ (fall) from trees. The string on Ben’s kite _________ (break). The sky became dark. Kitty and Ben ________ (go ) home immediately. Kitty and Ben ________ (stay) at home. They __________ (watch) TV. The wind became much stronger. It _________ (blow) fiercely. It became a typhoon. Trees_____ (fall) down. Ships and boats __________ (sink) in the big waves. The typhoon _______ (pass) quickly. The wind became gentler. The big clean-up ________ (begin) immediately. Kitty and Ben went outside again.


1. 他们那时不在打排球。They _______ _______ volleyball at that time.

2. 当你回来时,他在看电视吗?_______ he _______ Tv when you came back?

3. 昨天中午他在哪里等你?

_______ _______ he _______ for you at noon yesterday ?

4. 当我离开时,他正在做家庭作业。He ________ ________ his homework when I left.

5. 正当他们扫地的时候,老师进来了。While they_______ _______ the floor , the teacher came in.

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