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Unit1. My name’s Gina.

短语句型:1问姓名的方式:What’s your name? May I have your name?

回答姓名的方式My name’s Jenny. / I’m Jenny. / Jenny.

姓: last name/family name

名字:first name /given name .

2 问电话的方式 What’s your telephone/phone number? It’s 555-3539.

3 回答这个问题 answer the question

4 这个问题的答案 the answer to the question 这把锁的钥匙 the key to the lock 5 family集合名词

作为“家庭”讲,谓语动词用单数 My family is large

作为“家庭成员”讲,谓语动词为复数 My family are watching TV 语法:英语人称代词一表

Unit2. Is this your pencil?

短语句型:1, Is this your pencil? Yes, it is. 2, Is this my pen? No, it isn’t.

3, Is that Jim? No, it isn’t. It is Tom. Is he your father? Yes, he is

4, 你怎样拼写它 ---How do you spell it? = Spell it, please. ---W-A-T-C-H

你能拼写它么?---Can you spell it, please? ---Yes, I can

5, 给我/他/她/他们打电话Call me/him/her/them 找Alan请拨打495-3539. Call Alan at 495-3539.

Call sb. at + 电话号码 拨打……找某人 6, 在失物招领处in the lost and found case?

7, 一串钥匙a set of keys a set of + 名词复数 8 What is this in English?=Can you say it in English?

9 查字典 look up a dictionary 10 找的动作 look for 找的结果 find

语法;1,句中含be(am, is, are)一般疑问句的变法: 把be提前,如果句中有my变your,I 变you,其他的照抄不变。肯定回答 yes, 主语+am/is/are 否定回答 No,主语+am not/aren’t/isn’t. 注意:回答时主语如果是物品单数或者this/that的话,用it替代主语,如果是复数人和物品用they替代。

Unit3. This is my sister.

句型:1, 谢谢你的全家福Thanks for the photo of your family.

你的全家福 photo of your family = your family photo

2 谢谢你帮了我 Thanks for helping me =Thanks for your help

2 here be 句型和there be 句型一样 ,临近原则 Here is a cup of tea and two apples .

语法:1)单数名词加s: students, apples, bags, trees, books, brothers.

2)以s、x、sh、ch结尾的名词加es: glasses, boxes, brushes, matches.

3)y结尾的名词,变y为i加es: cities, babies, enemies.4)以f或fe结

尾的名词,多数变f为v加es: wives, knives.但有些词只加s: roofs, proof s, chiefs.

5)以o结尾的名词,有生命的加es: Negroes, heroes, tomatoes, potatoes.无生命的加s:

radio s, zoos, pianos, photos.

6)不规则名词:foot→feet, goose→geese, tooth→teeth, child→children, man→me n,

woman→women, sheep→sheep, deer→deer, mouse→mice

7)集体名词,以单数形式出现,但实为复数。例如: people police cattle 等

本身就是复数,不能说 a people,a police,a cattle,但可以说a person,a

policeman .


( ) 1. Is_____ your aunt?

A. he B. she C. his D. her

( ) 2. Please call Mary _______ 354—6403.

A. in B. at C. to D. of

( ) 3、She goes to school early she doesn' like_______

A.is late B.be late C.to late D.to be late

( ) 4. --_________

--Yes, W-A-T-C-H, watch.

A. Is it a watch? B. Can you spell“watch”?

C. How do you spell“watch”? D. He can spell “watch”.

( ) 5.—Who’s that?


A. It’s a pen B. That’s an eraser C. It’s green D. Sorry. I don’t know

( ) 6.—Are these your brother?


A. Yes, they’re B. No, they are C. Yes, they are D. Yes, they aren’t

( ) 7. The books are very good, I like_______ very much.

A, they B. their C. him D. them

( ) 8 .My coat is yellow , what about_________?

A.you B. your C. yours D.you's

( ) 9 . Are _______ students in your class?

A. that B. This C. these D. you

( ) 10.________ you mother _________ carrots?

A. Do; eat B. Is; eat C. Does; eat D. Are; eat

( ) 11.--- Let’s have oranges


A.That’s sound good B.That sounds well

C. That’s sounds good D. That sounds good

( ) 12. Some books and a pencil-box_________ in the bag.

A. are B. is C. have D. has

( ) 13. I like _______ TV, but I don’t have much time for it.

A. watch B. watching C. watches D. to be watching

( ) 14. ________.Is this your pencil case?

A. Sorry B. I’m sorry C. Excuse me D. Hello

( ) 15. This chair is _______ black and that is _______ white chair.

A. a; / B. /; a C. a; a D. / ; an


Hello, my name is Jack. I__41____ a student in No.1 Middle school. In my spare time(空余时

间), I like doing sports .I like ___42___ tennis and basketball.

Look __43__ my bedroom. I have a tennis racket. __44___ is on the table. I have two _45____.

They are __46__the bed. Playing sports is very __47____, so I like it very much. I also like eating. Among(在??中间)fruits, I like __48____ best. But I ___49___ like vegetables. I like French fries very much. So I am very fat. The doctor asks me to eat more ___50__ food.

( ) 16. A. is B. are C. am D. do

( ) 17. A .the B. a C. / D. an

( ) 18. A .at B. in C. for D. to

( ) 19. A .It B. Its C. They D. Them

( ) 20. A. basketballs B. Basketball C. volleyball D. soccer

( ) 21. A .in B .at C. to D. under

( ) 22. A .boring B. fun C. well D. bad

( ) 23. A .carrots B. ice cream C. broccoli D. bananas

( ) 24. A do B. don’t C. does D. doesn’t

( ) 25. A .relaxing B. healthy C. bad D. health



Hello! My name is Mile. I am from the USA. Now I am with my parents. I like China with my parents. I like China; I like Chinese food, too. I have breakfast at home. I have an egg, some bread and porridge(粥) for breakfast. I do not like milk. I have no time to go home for lunch. So I have it at school. The lunch in our school is good. I can have different food for lunch. I eat rice, meat and vegetables. Sometimes I have noodles and dumplings. I have dinner at home with my parents. Sometimes we go out to eat with friends. We have chicken, vegetables and fruit.

26. Mike is _________.

A. American B .English C. Chinese D. in the USA

27. For breakfast, Mike has__________.

A. an egg, an apple and porridge B. an egg, bread and porridge

C. an apple, bread and milk D. an egg, an apple and bread

28. He has lunch____________.

A. at school B. at home C. in a restaurant D. with his parents

29. He has _______ for lunch.

A. rice, meat and vegetables B. noodles and dumplings

C. chicken, meat and fruit D.A and B

30. Sometimes they have dinner______________.

A. at school B. in a restaurant with some friends

C. at his friend’s home D. in the open air


Mr. Smith is an English man. He teaches English well. His English classes are very interesting. He likes us and we like him, too.

Mr. Smith has two children—Tom and Mary. Tom is seven and his sister, Mary, is four. Tom goes to school but Mary doesn’t Mr. Smith likes wearing a T-shirt and jeans (牛仔裤).Football is his favorite sport. After school we often have a baseball match. Sometimes Mr. Smith watches and joins us. He plays baseball just for fun.


( )31. Mr. Smith is an English teacher.

( )32. Mr. Smith has one daughter.

( )33. Mary doesn’t go to school because she likes sports.

( )34. Mr. Smith likes to have sports.

( )35. We often play baseball with Mr. Smith.


36. The store sells many English-Chinese _____________( 字典)

37. It’s an ________(有趣的) computer game.

38. _________(谢谢) for your help.

39. I can see some _________ (手表) in the bag.


40. That sounds boring.(改为一般疑问句)

________ that ________ boring?

41. Kate has an English class every day(改为否定句)

Kate _______ ______ an English class every day

42. Do you have a soccer ball? (将you 改为Bruce )

_______ Bruce ________ a soccer ball?

43. Can you bring the ruler to me? (作否定回答)

__________, I ________.

44. two, is, and, these, my, sisters, my, that, brother, are.(连词成句)



亲爱的同学,相信你有一个和谐幸福的家! 请你在体会家的温馨的同时,将你家庭中的每一个成员所喜欢的食物用英语介绍给我们吧。30---40词,开头已给出,不计入总词数。(10分)

Hi, friends! Now let me tell you my family’s favourite


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