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八上Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show第三课时导学案

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Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show?

第三课时Section A 2d


知识目标:1.会读背单词:news, educational, plan, hope, discussion, stand,

talent show, learn …from…., plan/hope to do sth. 2.谈论各类电影和电视节目的名称。 3.句型: expect to V hope to be

能力目标:1. 学会询问他人对某事物的观点并会正确表达自己的看法。

2. 动词不定式用法 expect to V hope to be





(1)实话实说 A. Outlook English (2)健康之路 B. Man and Nature (3)人与自然 C. Sports World (4)周末聊天室 D. Tell it like it is! (5)体育世界 E. Road to Health (6)中国烹饪 F. Law of Today (7)世界各地 G. Chinese Cooking (8)幸运52 H. Weekend Chat (9)希望英语 I. Lucky 52 (10)今日说法 J. Around the World





had a discussion about TV shows._____________________________ I can’t stand them. ________________________________________ like to follow the story _______________________________________ see what happens next. _______________________________________ I don’t mind soap operas. ____________________________________ may not be very exciting,______________________________________ expect to _____________ learn a lot from them._____________ hope to be ____________ one day _________________________



1、like to V/ be like doing和like to do 可以互换

当表示喜欢某事物,而且以前就喜欢,还可能持续,用like doing,如:He likes singing in his house. She likes swimming.这些都可以表示一个人长期的爱好。 like一词具有多种词性和词义,以及多种用法。现简述如下:


1.like+名词/代词,意为"喜欢某人或某物"。例如: Tom likes _____ _____ _______. 汤姆非常喜欢鱼。

Mr Wang is a good teacher. We____ ____ _____. 王老师是个好老师,我们都喜欢他。 2. like to do sth. 意为"(偶尔或具体地)喜欢做某事"。例如: I like___ ______ with you today. 今天我喜欢和你一起去游泳。 3. like doing sth. 意为"(经常或习惯地)喜欢做某事"。例如: He likes singing.他喜欢唱歌。 4. like ___. to ___sth.意为"喜欢某人做某事"。例如: She likes _____to _____questions like this. 她喜欢他们像这样问问题。 5. would like to do sth. (=____ ____ ______ sth.)意为" 想要做某事"。例如: I’d like ___ _____ shopping with you.我想要和你一起去买东西。 6. would ____ _____ _____do sth.意为"想要某人做某事"。 I’d like ____ ___ _______my parents. 我想要你见见我的父母亲。


1. be like, look like后接名词或代词作宾语,意为"像……;跟……一样"。例如: What is he like? 他是怎么样的一个人? The little girl _____ _______ her father.那个小姑娘看起来像她的父亲。 2. feel like后接_______形式、代词或名词,意为"想要做某事"。例如: Do you feel like ________a rest? 你想休息吗? We’ll go for a walk if you feel like it.如果你想散步,我们就去吧。 2、expect + to do sth. 料想做某事 expect sb. to do sth. 期望某人做某事 1. 他叔叔预计3月15日可以种完这些树。 His uncle expected __________________ planting these trees by March 15. 2. 我希望你能更加努力地学习英语。I expect __________________ even harder at your English. 3、hope to V\ be hope 一词意为“希望”。 4. 从句型上看,hope 可用hope to do sth句型,而不能用hope sb to do sth句型。hope 一般不用于进行时。


( ) 1. -- ______ do you like it? --- Very much. A. How B. What C. Why D. When ( ) 2. -- What __ she think of the book? - She loves it. A. do B. is C. was D. does ( ) 3. I like soap operas, she likes ____, too. A. it B. they C. them D. the ones ( ) 4. Do you mind ____ the windows? A. to open B. opens C. openingD. opened ( ) 5. I don’t like Mr Bean. __, I don’t like comedies. A. In fact B. I’m sorry C. Really D. Because ( ) 6. ---______ going shopping this weekend? ---- That sounds great. A. Why don’t you B. Please C. Let’s D. What about



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