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七年级英语上册 精选练习 仁爱版

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Unit 1 Topic 1

一、 连线

1、How do you do? a、Good morning.

2、Welcome to BeiJing! b、How do you do?

3、Nice to meet you. c、Thank you!

4、Are you Jane? d、Nice to meet you,too.

5、Good morning. e、Yes,I am.


( )1、--Are you Michael?--Yes,

A、I am B、I’m C、I’m not D、I am not

( )2、 are students.

A、You,I and she B、You,she and I

C、She,you and I D、I ,you and she

( )3、 are good friends.

A、I and Kangkang B、Kangkang and I

C、I and you D、I and she

( )4、Kangkang:Miss Wang, Michael.

Miss Wang:Nice to meet you.

Michael:Nice to meet you ,too.

A、you are B、this is C、this D、my 0name is

( )5、This my mom.

A、is B、are C、am D、be

( )6、-- --I am fine,thank you.

A、Are you Michael? B、How do you do?

C、How are you? D、What’s you name?

( )7、-- --See you.

A、How do you do? B、See you later.

C、How are you? D、What’s you name?

( )8、下列字母发音相同的一项是:


( )9、“E”字母书写的第二笔是:

A、∣ B、∟ C、 D、E

( )10、下列字母全是元音字母的是:

A、a e i b B、a e i o C、c d e f D、b c d e

( )11、—Welcome to Beijing! —____

A、Welcome to Beijing, too. B、Thank you. C、Fine, thank you.

( )12、Mom, this is my teacher, Miss Lin. Miss Lin, ____

A、thank you. B、 how are you? C、this is my mom.

( )13、—____ —Fine, thank you.

A、How do you do? B、How are you? C、Are you Mr. Wang?

( )14、 —____ you Mingming? —Yes, I ____.

A、Are; are B、Am; am C、Are; am

( )15、当别人帮助了你, 你应该说 ____

A、OK. B、Nice to meet you. C、Thank you.

三、用am 、is、 are填空


1、-- you Michael? --Yes,I

2、--How you? --I fine,thank you.

3、This Kate. 4、She from the U.S.A.

5、They apples. 6、Mr.Lee is a teacher.


1、英国广播公司: 2、中国篮球协会

3、身份证: 4、光盘:

5、奥林匹克委员会: 6、不明飞行物:

7、世界贸易组织: 8、中央电视台:

9、重要人物: 10、自己动手(做):

Unit 1 Topic 2


( )1、-- is she?--She is Jane.

A、What B、Who C、How D、Where

( )2、-- are they from?--They are from Japan.

A、What B、Who C、How D、Where

( )3、--Are they from the U.S.A.?--Yes, .

A、they’re B、they are C、you’re D、you aren’t

( )4、-- his telephone number?--It is 2933308.

A、What’s B、Who’s C、How ‘s D、Where’s

( )5、-- your name?--My name is Jane.

A、What’s B、Who’s C、How’s D、Where’s

( )6、--Is she Marria? --No, she .

A、is B、isn’t C、are D、aren’t

( )7、“one one zero”表示:

A、火警 B、查号台 C、急救中心 D、匪警

( )8、—Where ____ they from? —They’re from China.

A 、is B、 am C、are D、aren’t

( )9 、—____, are you Mr. Wang? —Yes, I am.

A、Fine B 、Please C、Excuse me D、Sorry

( )10、—Are they from Canada? —No, they ____.

A 、are B、aren’t C、isn’t D、is


1、What’s (you) name?

2 、Excuse (I),are you Jane?

3、She speak English,she comes from (English)

4、He (来自)Canada.

5、My (电话号码)is 2933308.

6、 (打扰了),are you Jane?

Unit 1 Topic 3


( )1、-- is she?--She is 5.

A、What B、Who C、How old D、Where

( )2、--Wha class are you in?--I am in

A、Class Four,Grade Five B、Class four,Grade five

C、Class four,Grade Five D、Class Four,grade Five ( )3、--Who is that? -- Marry.


A、He’s B、She’s C、That’s D、It

( )4、--What’s this English?--It is egg.

A、to a B、in an C、to an D、in a

( )5、-- school ? --S-C-H-O-O-L,school

A、Can you spell B、How do you spell C、What’s D、Where’s

( )6、--Thank you! -- .

A、Ok B、How do you do? C、You are welcome D、You are right.

( )7、Lili is in Class5,Lucy is in Class5,too.They are in

A、same class B、the same class

C、the different classes D、different class

( )8、My mom is teacher. She English teacher.

A、a an B、a a C、an a D、an an

( )9、—What are these? —____ are desks.

A、This B、Those C、They D、It

( )10、 —What’s ____ over there(在那边)? —It’s a bus.

A、these B、those C、this D、that


1、My grandpa(爷爷) is (eight) years old.

2 、She is 12 (year)old.

3、She speak English,she comes from (English)

4、---What’s this in (England)? ---It’s an egg.

5、What are these? (it)are apples.

Unit 2 Topic 1


( )1、-- she have big eyes?--Yes,she does.

A、Dose B、Does C、DO D、Is

( )2、I a small nose,but he a big one.

A、has has B、has have C、have have D、have has

( )3、The boy has small and big .

A、ears eyes B、ear eye C、ears eye D、eyes ear

( )4、We round faces. They long faces.

A、have has B、has has C、have have D、has have

( )5、She 12 years old.

A、is B、has C、have D、are

( )6、He has a mouth.

A、big B、wide C、long D、short

( )7、-- is your favourite movie star? --It’s Bruce Lee.

A、What B、who C、what D、Who

( )8、-- he long hair? --No,he doesn’t.

A、Do has B、Does has C、Do have D、Does have

( )9、-- his hair shot? --Yes it .

A、Is isn’t B、Does doesn’t C、Is is D、Does does

( )10、-- Look, the girl has long legs. --

A、That’s right B、Yes,she is. C、That’s all right. D、Thanks

( )11、Her hair black and long.

A、has B、is C、are D、have

( )12、Mr Lee.is English,he is from


A、Canada B、England C、Japan D、China

( )13、-- Does Liying have a small mouth? --No ,she has a wide .

A、one B、it C、them D、ones

( )14、I a big nose,but he a small one.

A、have have B、has has C、have has D、has have ( )15、They are in but in

A、same grade different classes B、same grade different classes Cgrade different classes

D、same grade the different classes


1、This is Liming.He (have)big hands.

2、I have two big (foot).

3、My hair (be)black and long.

4、Ann is 12 (year)old.

5、We are in the same grade,but in different (class).

6、They have five (knife).

7、They have big (mouth).

8、I am from China,I am a (China).

9、Look,her (eye)are big.

10、He (come)from the U.S.A.

11、My hair ____(be) black (黑色的) and long.

Unit 2 Topic 2


( )1、-- is that boy?--He is my friend,Yukio.

A、What B、Who C、How D、Whose

( )2、 orange is orange.

A、a a B、an an C、a an D、an a

( )3、-- are her eyes? –They are black.

A、What color B、Who C、How old D、Whose

( )4、Kangkang and Yukio black hair and black eyes.

A、have both B、has both C、both have D、both has

( )5、--What’s red and yellow? ---It’s

A、blue B、orange C、black D、green

( )6、--What’s blue and yellow? ---It’s

A、blue B、orange C、brown D、green

( )7、Please give this letter Marria.

A、to B、in C、of D、on

( )8、--What does she look like? --

A、He is a student. B、He is in China.

C、He is 12. D、He has a big head.

( )9、-- Do you know Marria? -- , I don’t know her.

A、sorry B、Yes C、Ok D、Thanks

( )10、--Do you your sister? --Yes, I do.

A、look like B、like C、look the same D、look

( )11、---What color these shoes? ---Black.

A、is B、be C、are D、have

、the same 4

( )12、Look the blackboard please!

A、at B、like C、for D、different

( )13、The girl yellow is Jane.

A、at B、in C、on D、to

( )14、I will it to her.

A、give B、gives C、to give D、give to

( )15、She has hair and small nose.

A、black short B、short black C、a black short D、a short black


1、Both LiMing and I (be)students.

2、I will (give)it to him.

3、The two (man)are my teachers.

4、I have some (photo)on the wall(墙上).

5、We are in the same grade,but in different (class).

6、The girl in black (shoe)is my sister.


1、Please (看着)me, I am your new teacher.

2、He (来自)England.

3、I am a (初中)student.

4、What’s this (用英语表达)?

5、She is twelve (岁).

6、Lucy and Lily are twins(双胞胎).They (看起来一样).

7、Alice is my (好朋友).

8、My (电话号码)is 2933303.

9、 (打扰了),are you Jane?

Unit 2 Topic 3


( )1、--- bike is this?--- It’s theirs.

A、Who’s B、Whose C、What D、Which

( )2、---What color are Tom’s pants?--- brown

A、It’s B、Its C、These are D、They’re

( )3、---Whose books are these?---They’re .

A、Lily B、Lily is C、Lily’s D、Her

( )4、My T-shirt is old, but yours is .

A、nice B、mew C、young D、fine

( )5、---Whose pants are these?---I they’re hers.

A、do B、think C、like D、look

( )6、This is Mr. Green. He’s father.

A、Jim and Kate B、Jim’s and Kate’s

C、Jim and Kate’s D、Jim’s and Kate

( )7、My T-shirt is old, but yours is .

A、nice B、mew C、young D、fine

( )8、We have a cat. Color is yellow and black. nice.

A、It’s; It’s B、Its; Its C、Its; It’s D、It’s; Its ( )9、My coat is white, but this is blue.

A、it B、a coat C、/ D、one

( )10、 shoes are yellow and are blue.


A、My; her B、My; hers C、Mine; hers D、Mine; her

( )11、Amy knows and are all classmates.

A、our; us B、ours; our C、we; us D、us; we

( )12、Jack’s bike isn’t here. Please help him it.

A、look B、find C、see D、give

( )13、--- that?---That’s Kate.

A、What’s B、Where’s C、Whose D、Who’s

( )14、Please the photo red.

A、color B、look C、give D、has

( )15、--- ?---He is tall and strong.

A、What dose Michael look like? B、Who’s that?

C、Who is he? D、What’s he?


1、 (who)bags are they?

2、Is this coat (you)?

3、—Whose dress is this? —It’s ____ (I).

4、This bike isn’t Mary’s. ____ (she) is over there (在那边).

5、Are those ____ (you) apples?

6、These are our oranges. Those are ____ (their).

7、Mr. Gao is ____ (he) teacher.

Unit 3 Topic 1


( )1.—Could I study English ____ you? —No problem.

A. in B. for C. with D. about

( )2.What does he ____ in the letter?

A. says B. say C. speak D. tell

( )3.—____ you please tell me your name? —Sure. I’m Linda.

A. Do B. Am C. Could D. Is

( )4.—Who’s the girl in red? —Sorry, I don’t know ____.

—____ is a new student.

A. she; She B. her; She C. her; Her D. she; Her

( )5.—Where does he live? —He ____ in Shanghai.

A. lives B. live C. is live D. to live

( )6.Li Lei often ____ Lin Tao ____ his English.

A. help; to B. helps; with C. helps; to D. help; with

( )7.He doesn’t like apples ____.

A. very B. much C. at all D. little

( )8.I like the little cat a lot but she likes it ____.

A. a lot B. a little C. lot D. much

( )9.Sally often helps me study English. And I help her study Chinese. We help _____.

A. each other B. others C. the other D. other

( )10.He ____ to visit China.

A. want B. to want C. don’t want D. wants

二. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1. I have many(很多) ____ ____ (pen pal).

2. Could you please tell ____ (I) your name?

3. Do you speak ____ (China)?


4. He wants ____ (visit) the Great Wall.

5. I help her s_____ Chinese.

Unit 3 Topic 2


( )1. My family ____ very big.

A. am B. is C. are D. does

( )2. His father and mother ____ teachers.

A. are both B. are all C. both are D. all are

( )3. Mrs. Zhang is ____ office worker.

A. a B. an C. / D. the

( )4. —____ does he work? —In a hospital.

A. What B. How C. Who D. Where

( )5. —What does Jack do? —____

A. He’s good. B. He’s fine. C. He’s well. D. He’s a student.

( )6. Mom isn’t in today. I look ____ my little sister.

A. at B. after C. like D. the same

( )7. The man in brown is ____ father.

A. Lucy’s and Lily’s B. Lucy’s and Lily

C. Lucy and Lily’s D. Lucy and Lily

( )8. —Come in (进来) and have a seat, please. —____

A. Thanks a lot. B. That’s OK.

C. You’re welcome. D. I’m glad.

( )9. Your mother’s brother is your ____.

A. aunt B. uncle C. brother D. grandfather

( )10. Tom and Kate are ____.

A. brothers and sisters B. brothers and sister

C. brother and sister D. sisters and brother


1.Please ____ ____ ____(请就座)

2.The girl ____ ____ (穿红衣服)is Mingming’s sister.

3. Her aunt works____ ____ ____.

4. Please ____ ____ (照看)your brother at home.

5. He likes to ____ ____ (和?..住)his parents.

Unit 3 Topic 3


( )1、--What about some bread?--

A、Yes,I like it. B、Good idea. C、I don’t like it. D、I don’t know. ( )2、--What would you like to drink?--Some ,please.

A、milk B、cakes C、cake D、milks

( )3、--What about some ? --Yes, please.

A、a B、an C、some D、any

( )4、--What would you like breakfast?--Some milk and bread.

A、at B、in C、to D、for

( )5、--What would you like?--I’d like apple juice.

A、two glass of B、two glasses of C、two glass D、two glasses

( )6、--Would you like to have dinner with us?--Yes, .


A、please B、welcome C、I’d like D、I’d like to.

( )7、--John,please come here. --Yes, .

A、Mr. B、Miss C、Mrs. D、sir

( )8、--What’s your favorite food? -- .

A、Hamburgers B、Orange juice C、Milk D、Apple juice


1、Boys and girls,help (you)to some fish.

2、Would you like something (eat).

3、My hair (be)black and long.

4、He (have)hamburgers and cakes for lunch.

5、Wei Hua likes (fish)nery much,but she doesn’t like (vegetable).

6、What about two (glass)of milk.

7、--Why not (drink)a glass of juice. –Good idea.


1、Our teachers (对??友好)us.

2、They are very glad (在这里).

3、---Two hamburgers for me ,please. ---Ok, (等一会儿).

Unit4 Topic 1


( )1、---Can I help you,madam?--- I’d like a bag for my daughter.

A、Not at all B、All right C、Yes ,please D、That’s ok

( )2、---How much is the skirt?---Thirty yuan. --- ,I’ll take it.

A、That’s right B、Sure C、That’s fine D、Thanks a lot

( )3、Our school has twenty teachers and students.

A、seven hundreds B、seven hundred and ninety-fives

C、seven hundred D、seven hundreds and ninety-five

( )4、--- is this dress? ---It’s 100yuan.

A、How much B、How many C、What many D、What much

( )5、These shoes are nice. Can I ?

A、try on it B、try on it C、try them on D、try on them

( )6、---How much the chicken? --- 99yuan.

A、are; They’re B、is; They’re are; C、are; It’s D、is; It’s

( )7、--- do you like the jacket? ---It’s too long.

A、What B、How C、What color D、Where

( )8、---How much is the coat? ---It’s 280yuan.

---It’s too expensive(昂贵).I’ll it.

A、think of B、take C、try on D、think about

( )9、---Sorry I don’t know that. ---

A、Thank you B、Thank you all the same

B、C、All right D、You’re welcome

( )10、--- do you think of the coat? ---Not bad.

A、What B、How C、Which D、Where

( )11、---Do you have bread? ---Yes,I have .

A、some;some B、some;any C、any;any D、any;some


( )12、This bag of salt is . You can not carry(搬) it.

A、too light B、too heavy C、too big D、too small

( )13、---Would you like fish? ---Yes,please.

A、any B、a C、some D、an

( )14、--- bottles of milk do we need? ---Six.

A、What B、How C、How many D、How much

( )15、---Where is my shopping list? ---

---Thank you.

A、Here it is B、Here you are C、Here is it D、Here are you

Unit4 Topic 2

一、 选折

( )1. —Don’t forget to bring your kite. —____

A. All right. B. That’s all right.C. Yes, I do.D. No, I don’t.

( )2. —Do you have any time this afternoon? —Yes. ____

A. What are you? B. What’s going?

B. C. What’s up? D. What’s matter?

( )3. Why not have a picnic ____ this Sunday?

A. in B. for C. at D. /

( )4. —Hello, Mike! ____ Wang Wei.

—Mike? There is no Mike here.

A. I’m B. That’s C. This is D. It’s

( )5. Lucy ____ cook food for the picnic.

A. have B. have to C. has D. has to

( )6. —What about having supper with me? —Sorry. ____

A. I’m free. B. I have time.

C. I’m afraid I have no time. D. I have some time.

( )7. Please ask Jane ____. I’ll wait for her.

A. call me B. give me a call

C. to call me back D. giving me a call

( )8. —Can I tell him about it? —____

A. Sure, thanks. B. Yes, you can.

C. Not at all. D. That’s OK.

( )9. Would you like to go ____ a picnic?

A. for B. to C. at D. out

( )10. —Let’s go shopping, OK? —That would ____ very nice.

A. are B. is C. be D. am


1. How about ____ ____ ____(放风筝) with me?

2. —Hello! May I ____ ____(和??说话) Kangkang? —Just a moment, please.

3. Please ask Ma Lin to ____ me ____(回电话).

4. I’d like to ____ ____(去购物) this Sunday.

5. —Would you like to cook with us?

—Yes, I’d love to. It’s ____(有趣的).

Unit4 Topic 3


( )1. —What are your favorite animals? —____


A. Cute. B. Tigers. C. Zoos. D. Baby.

( )2. —____ is it? —It’s six o’clock.

A. What B. What color C. What time D. How

( )3.“12: 45”reads(读作) ____.

A. a quarter past twelve B. a quarter to twelve

C. twelve forty-five D. three quarters past twelve

( )4. Mike often gets up ____ 6:40 ____ the morning.

A. in; in B. on; on C. at; at D. at; in

( )5. Maria often ____ breakfast at seven o’clock.

A. drink B. has C. have D. eat

( )6. What’s wrong ____ you?

A. about B. with C. of D. on

( )7. It’s very kind ____ him to cook food for his mother.

A. for B. to C. of D. with

( )8. It’s seven o’clock, it’s time to ____.

A. goes home B. go home C. to go home D. going home

( )9. —What time do you get up, Jim? —I get up ____.

A. about six o’clock B. at about six o’clock

C. about at six o’clock D. six o’clock

( )10. —____, what’s the time, please? —It’s half past six.

A. Hi B. Sorry C. Hello D. Excuse me

二.根据句意及汉语提示, 在空白处填入适当的单词或词组。

1. Li Ming, it’s time to __________ (起床).

2. —Do you have any free time tomorrow? —Yes. __________ (怎么了)?

3. —I often __________ (回家) at 6:00 in the evening. What about you, Li Sha? —Me, too.

4. My brother often __________ (去动物园) on Sundays.

5. —What time is it, please? —It’s __________ (7: 15). (用含有quarter的英语表示) 综合练习:


( )1. —____ is he? —He is my friend.

A. What B. Where C. Who D. How

( )2. Mary and Joy are ____ Class One. They are ____ the U.S.A.

A. from; in B. in; from C. to; from D. in; to

( )3. —____ —Yes, I’m Mike.

A. What’s your name? B. What are you?

B. C. How are you? D. Are you Mike?

( )4. —Is this ____ car? —Yes, it’s ____ English car.

A. a; an B. a; a C. an; an D. an; a

( )5. —What are those? —____ are cakes.

A. That B. These C. It D. They

( )6. —What’s that ____ English? —It’s a desk.

A. from B. to C. in D. /

( )7. —____ is she? —She’s ten.

A. How old B. How C. Where D. What

( )8. —Is her name Kate? —____

A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn’t. C. Yes, it’s. D. No, it isn’t.


( )9. I’m in Class 4. Are you in Class 4, ____?

A. please B. too C. and D. excuse

( )10. This is my teacher, Miss Chen. ____ is from Hebei.

A. She B. He C. Her D. His

( )11. Linda is fifteen ____ old.

A. a year B. the year C. years D. year

( )12. —Welcome to our school. —____

A. OK. B. Thanks. C. Excuse me. D. Hello.

( )13. —Thank you. —____

A. You’re welcome. B. That’s OK. C. Thanks. D. A and B.

( )14. 当你被介绍认识某人后, 你应该说: “____”。

A. Good morning! B. Thank you!

C. Nice to meet you! D. How are you?

( )15. 当别人称赞你时, 你应该说: “____”。

A. Thanks. B. Good. C. Yes. D. No.

( )16. —____ jacket is this? —I think it’s Mingming’s.

A. Who B. Who’s C. Whose D. What

( )17. What is ____ name?

A. his teachers B. her teachers

B. C. his teacher’s D. her teachers’

( )18. —Is it your dress? —No. It’s ____.

A. hers B. her C. my D. him

( )19. —What color is the T-shirt? —It’s ____.

A. an orange B. orange C. the orange D. new

( )20. The girl ____ black is my sister.

A. in B. at C. to D. from

( )21. —Do Lucy and Lily ____ bikes? —Yes. Lucy ____ a new bike, but Lily ____ an old one.

A. has; has; have B. have; has; has C. have; has; have D. has; have; has

( )22. —Is this Tom’s bike? —____, I don’t know.

A. OK B. Good C. Yes D. Sorry

( )23. Mary is in ____ red clothes and her hair ____ brown.

A. /; is B. a; are C. an; is D. /; are

( )24. What color ____ your ____, Mike?

A. is; pants B. is; pant C. are; pant D. are; pants

( )25. —Do you look like your sister? —No, we ____.

A. look the same B. look different C. look like D. look at

( )26. ____ bikes are red. ____ are blue.

A. We; They B. Our; Their C. Our; Theirs D. We; Their

( )27. The dress ____ yours.

A. look B. looks C. looks like D. are

( )28. Please give this book ____ Jack.

A. at B. to C. in D. from

( )29. —You are nice in this dress. —____

A. It’s right. B. No, it isn’t. C. Thank you. D. OK.

( )30. Please ____ us find his bike.


A. think B. help C. guess D. know

( )31. —____ is the letter from? —It’s from Mike, my pen pal.

A.Where B. How C. Who D. What

( )32. Tom speaks English. ____ Jane ____ English, too?

A. Do; speaks B. Does; speak C. Do; speak D. Does; speaks

( )33. My parents ____ high school teachers.

A. are both B. both are C. are all D. all are

( )34. —Would you like ____ juice, please? —No, thanks. I don’t like ____.

A. any; it B. some; it C. any; them D. some; them

( )35. ____ often helps ____ with ____ English.

A. His; her; hers B. She; him; his C. She; him; her D. He; me; mine

( )36. Susan can speak Chinese, ____ she doesn’t like it at all.

A. but B. so C. as D. and

( )37. He ____ the Great Wall.

A. want to visit B. want visitC. wants to visit D. wants visit

( )38. —What does your father do? —____

A. He is a teacher. B. He is from China.

C. He is fine. D. He’s 40.

( )39. Is this a photo ____ your family?

A. in B. with C. to D. of

( )40. He is kind ____ me.

A. very B. to C. from D. friendly

( )41. You’re thirsty(口渴). ____ have a glass of tea?

A. Would you like B. Would not you C. Why not D. Why

( )42. May I have something ____ supper?

A. to drink for B. drinks for C. to drink in D. drinks at

( )43. I’d like ____ orange juice, please.

A. a B. an C. two glass of D. a glass of

( )44. Help ____ to the chicken, children.

A. you B. your C. yourself D. yourselves

( )45. Let’s ____ dinner together.

A. to have B. have C. has D. /

( )46. It’s very kind ____ you ____ help me.

A. of; for B. to; do C. of; to D. for; for

( )47. —Could you ask her ____ me back, please? I have something to tell her. OK.

A. call B. to call C. calling D. call to

( )48. —I don’t like the green coat. —____ the red one?

A. What’s B. Where’s C. What about D. How

( )49. I like these shoes. Can I ____?

A. try it on B. try them on C. try on it D. try on them

( )50. —Would you like to go out for a picnic tomorrow? —Yes, I’d love to.

—Don’t forget ____ some drinks.

A. bringing B. to bring C. taking D. to take

( )51. That coat is nice and I’ll ____ it.

A. try B. take C. want D. put

( )52. —What time is it? —It’s ____.


A. four four-five B. a quarter to five

C. three quarters past four D. forty-five four

( )53. —Could you help me, please? —Sure. What would you like me ____?

A. do B. to do C. doing D. does

( )54. —Do you want ____ with me? —Yes, I do.

A. to do any shopping B. do any shopping

C. to do some shopping D. do some shopping

( )55. I don’t have ____ apple juice, but I have ____ orange juice.

A. any; some B. some; some C. any; any D. some; any

( )56. —May I speak to Jim, please? —Sorry, ____ now.

A. I’m not Jim B. this is me C. this isn’t me D. he isn’t here

( )57. —____ —I want a pair of shoes for my son.

A. Can I help you? B. What do you do?

C. What do you buy? D. What do you want?

( )58. —____ do you like China? —Very much.

A. What B. Where C. How D. Who

( )59. —How many ____ would you like? —Two, please.

A. glasses of milk B. glass of milks C. glasses of milks D. glass of milk

( )60. —Sorry, I have no time to help you carry the water. I have to look after my sister.


A. Is it? B. You’re welcome.

C. Thank you. D. Thank you all the same.

( )61. —____ are you? —I’m twelve.

A. How B. How old C. What D. Who

( )62. My name ____ Jack. Liu Ying and Sun Mei ____ my friends.

A. is; are B. is; is C. are; is D. is; am

( )63. James is an English boy. He _____ from England.

A. come B. isn’t C. comes D. aren’t

( )64. —Hi, Lucy. Your skirt is very nice. —____

A. Yes, it’s nice.B. That’s OK. C. You’re right.D. Thank you.

( )65. —____ your sister know Tom? —No, she ____.

A. Do; don’t B. Does; doesn’t C. Do; do D. Does; does

( )66. —What class are you in? —I’m in ____, ____.

A. grade seven; class three B. class Three; grade Seven

C. Class Three; Grade Seven D. Grade three; Class seven

( )67. —What color is your bag? —____

A. That’s a red bag. B. It’s red. C. That’s red. D. It’s a red bag.

( )68. —Is the boy in white clothes your friend, Kangkang? —No. ____ in black clothes is.

A. One B. This C. That D. The one

( )69. —Is that girl Kate Green? —Yes, ____.

A. you’re right B. that’s all right C. he is D. she isn’t

( )70. —____, Tom. Is this your book? —No, it isn’t. I think it’s ____.

A. Excuse me; Jack B. Sorry; Jack’s C. Excuse me; Jack’s D. Sorry; Jack

( )71. —Dongdong, ____ car is that? —It’s ____.


A. who’s; herB. whose; mine C. whose; her D. who’s; my

( )72. —What does she look like? —____

A. She’s a student. B. She’s twelve.

C. She has long arms. D. She likes apples.

( )73. ____ are good friends. We’re in the same class.

A. Kangkang and I B. I and Kangkang

C. Kangkang and Li Ming D. Kangkang

( )74. —Do you know the girl ____ red? —Oh, she is my sister.

A. / B. in C. at D. with

( )75. —____ —They’re English books.

A. Are these English books? B. Are those English books?

C. How do you spell it? D. What’re these in English?

( )76. My brother wants ____ orange, not ____ orange juice.

A. an; / B. an; an C. a; / D. a; a

( )77. —Is this your book, Alice? —Yes, it is ____ book.

A. his B. her C. hers D. my

( )78. —____ is your schoolbag? —It’s green.

A. What B. What color C. Where D. How

( )79. —____ your sister know Lucy? —No, she ____.

A. Do; don’t B. Does; doesn’tC. Does; don’tD.Do; doesn’t

( )80. —Do you have a small mouth? —No, I don’t. I have a wide ____.

A. it B. one C. them D. ones

( )81. —How old is Tom? —He is ____.

A. fourteen years B. fourteen year old

B. C. fourteen old D. fourteen

( )82. The girl ____ red is my sister.

A. on B. in C. of D. over

( )83. —____, Tom. Is this your pen? —No, it isn’t. I think it’s ____.

A. Excuse me; Jack B. Sorry; Jack’s

C. Excuse me; Jack’s D. Sorry; Jack

( )84. —____ does your father work? —He works in a hospital.

A. What B. How C. Who D. Where

( )85. What ____ you like ____ breakfast?

A. do; to B. would; to C. would; for D. do; doing

( )86. Please ____ the tree. Can you ____ any apples on it?

A. look; see B. look at; see C. see; look D. see; look at

( )87. I want two ____.

A. bottle of milk B. bottles of milk

B. C. bottles of milks D. bottle of milks

( )88. —____ —Sorry. She isn’t at home now.

A. Are you Jim? B. Do you know Linda?

C. May I speak to Linda? D. Can I help you, Jim?

( )89. —____ are the pants? —They are 180 yuan.

A. How many B. Whose C. Where D. How much

( )90. —____ —It’s ten o’clock.

A. What’s that in Beijing? B. What’s the time in Beijing?

C. What’s it in Beijing? D. Where is Beijing?


( )91. —Hi, Tony. ____ is my friend, Jack. —Hello, Jack! Nice to meet you.

A. He B. That C. This D. It

( )92. —What class ____ your brother in? —He ____ in Class Two.

A. does; is B. is; is C. are; / D. are; is

( )93. —What does your brother look like? —____

A. Yes, he is tall. B. He is 20 years old.

C. No, he isn’t. D. He is tall.

( )94. Miss Wang teaches ____ English. We all like ____.

A. us; her B. we; her C. our; her D. we; she

( )95. —What about something to drink? —____

A. Not at all.B. That’s right.C. All right.D. You are welcome.

( )96. This is ____ desk.

A. Mike’s and John’s B. Mike and John’s

C. Mike’s and John D. Mike and John

( )97. —Boys and girls, please have a seat and ____. —Thank you.

A. help yourselvesB. help yourselfC. helps yourselfD. help you

( )98. —How do you spell your name, please? —____

A. P—E—T—E—R, Peter. B. This is Peter.

C. I’m Peter. D. You can call me Peter.

( )99. Bill likes playing ____ guitar, but he doesn’t like singing ____.

A. a; a lot B. /; at all C. the; very much D. the; at all

( )100. His father and mother ____ teachers.

A. are all B. are both C. both are D. all are

( )101. —____ —She is a nurse.

A. Who is your mother? B. Is your mother a nurse?

C. Where is your mother? D. What does your mother do?

( )102. —____ —Some rice, please.

A. What about something to drink? B. Would you like to have lunch with me?

C. May I take your order? D. Can I help your order?

( )103. —What would you like ____? —A glass of water, please.

A. drink B. have C. to drink D. to eat

( )104. —____ do you go to school in the morning? —At 7: 30.

A. What B. What time C. How D. Where

( )105. —Let’s go swimming this afternoon. —____

A. Great. B. Good idea. C. That’s OK. D. A, B and


1. ____(that) are apples.

2. Michael and I ____(be) good friends.

3. They are four ____(box).

4. I’m in No.1 High ____(school).

5. Excuse ____(I), where are you from?

6. Mom, help _______ (I)find my friend Jim, please.

7. This bike isn’t mine. It’s _______(he).

8. Mike and I are in the same grade, but we are in differient_______ (class).

9. He _______ (have)a round face and short hair.

10. What color are those _______(shoe)?

11. Why not ____ (come)in and have a glass of milk, Xiao Ming?


12. Xiao Ming’s father ____ (work)in an office.

13. ____ (Can)you please give me some bread?

14. I often have two ____ (glass)of milk and some bread for breakfast.

15. Help ____ (you)to the fish, kids.


以“My friend”为题, 介绍一下John。情况如下: 12岁, 来自美国, 棕色头发、大鼻子、大眼睛, 个高且壮, 长得像他父亲。可适当增加内容。50字左右。

My friend

I have a good friend. He is an boy. His name is . He is years old. He has brown hair, a nose and eyes. He is tall and strong. He looks like his father. I like him very much.


写一篇短文把你自己和你的新朋友David向大家做一下介绍, 其中David的情况如下所示:

1. 13岁, 来自加拿大;

2. 高个, 短发;

3. 圆脸, 大鼻子, 小嘴巴, 大眼睛;

4. 最喜欢蓝色;穿蓝色上衣和黑色裤子;

5. 在同一年级,但不同班,是好朋友。


I have a new friend in my school. His name is David. He is thirteen years old. He is from Canada. He is tall and has short hair. He has a round face, a big nose, a small mouth and big eyes. He is in a blue jacket and black pants. His favorite color is blue. We are in the same grade, but in different classes. We are good friends.


以My Family为题, 写一篇介绍你家人的短文。要求50词左右。

My Family

There are three people in my family. They are my father, my mother and I. My father is tall with big eyes. He is an office worker. My mother is short with long hair. She is a teacher. She teaches English in my school. I’m a boy with black hair and big eyes. I’m a student. My family is happy.


请你以David的身份给May写一封信, 介绍你自己和你家人的情况。你可以谈谈他们的工作和他们所喜欢的食品。信的开头和末尾已经给出。你需要用下面的提示词: family, happy, teacher, doctor, fish, chicken, vegetables。要求60-70词。

Dear May,

I’m David. I’m from England. I want to tell you about my family. Four people (人) are in my family. They’re my mother, my father, my sister and I. My father is an English teacher. He likes fish very much. My mother is a doctor. She likes cooking. Chicken is her favorite food. My sister Julia and I are in the same school. We don’t like eating vegetables. But my parents tell us to eat more vegetables. They are good to us. Look! We have a happy family.




请根据下面的提示词, 以My favorite animal为题写一篇50词左右的小短文。

提示词: a white cat, eyes, mouth, clever, play games with ... (和??一起做游戏)


My favorite animal

I like animals very much. I have a white cat. She has two round eyes and a small mouth. She is very clever and cute. I often play games with her after school. I love her very much. She is my favorite animal.


请以Li Ping’s Day为题写一篇50词左右的小短文。

Li Ping’s Day

Li Ping is a high school student. He gets up at 6:00 o’clock in the morning. He has breakfast at 7:00. Then he goes to school at seven ten. He has lunch at 12:00. He goes home at four thirty in the afternoon. He has supper at half past six in the evening.


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