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1 Please come over to my office tomorrow morning to ______(讨论) our new plan. 2He is considered to be one of the ________(成功的)businessmen in China. 3 My parents expect me to pass the examination________(success).

4 –Dick, ____ I use your e-dictionary? ---Yes, please. _____you give it to Mike after you use it? A. will, Would B may, Might C can, Could D shall, Should

5 About _____ of the students in Grade Nine this year were born in the _____.

A three five, 1996 B three fifths, 1990s C third fifth, 1997 D third fifths, 1990s 6 Guo Jingming’s new book has just _____. Let’s go and buy one. A come over B come down C come on D come out

7 ---It’s too hot. Would you mind my ______the window? ---______. Do it as you like, please. A to open, OK B opening, Certainly not C opening, Of course D open, Good idea

8 _____that pair of ___ a little cheaper? A Is, glass B Are, glass C Is, glasses D, Are, glasses 9 –What____ your father think _____the watch? --He doesn’t mind it. A does, of B do, of C does, over D do, about

10. ---Nancy, don’t always _____that old jacket. It looks terrible. ---But I think it’s cool, Mom A wear B dress up C put on D take off

11 I saw Li Ming____near the river on my way home. A plays B playing C to play D played 12 It’s very important for us____English well. A learn B learning C to learn D learned 13 --- Wuhu is a beautiful city. --- Yes, and I feel ____ to live there. A comfortable B worried C afraid D tired

14 Some students are so _____that they often make mistakes in their homework. A carful B serious C careless D successful

15 We happened _____her at the station. She looked worried. A meets B meeting C to meet D meet 16 John will never be able to _____in our hearts. A dress up B come out C in common D take your place 1 Would you m_____ the cold weather here? 2 Chinese c______ is quite different from your country’s. 3 My brother can’t s_____ _____(watch)that movie.

4 Mo Yan is a f______ writer. 5 My uncle joined the a_____ two years ago. 6 Work hard and you will be ______(success)

7 She was ______(luck) to be ill on the first day of her holiday.

8 They had a _______(discuss) in class and made notes. 9 He expected _______(finish) the work by March. 10 The children were happy. They had a most ______(enjoy) evening.

11 Listen to me _____(care). I don’t want to make ____(meaning) explanation. 12 It’s very _____(danger) for children to cross the busy street.

13 –What will the weather be like tomorrow? --It___ be rainy, cloudy or sunny. Who knows? A must B might C shall D should

14 男女主角在电影里演的真是棒极了。

The main actor and actress really ________________in the movie. 15 She likes to ______ for a party. A dress B wear C dress up 16 When night falls, stars_______(出现)

17 The _____(原因) she was ill was that she had eaten bad meat.

18 He aims to be a_______(success) writer . 20 I was ____(luck) to meet you here. 19 Success in study ______(main) depends on one’s own efforts. 21 Let’s pack up and get ready _____(start) at once.

22 We’ll have dinner at Qianxilong Restaurant, which is famous _____ its food. A of B to C for D as 23 My daughter wants to ____ a pianist when she grows up. A become B get C turn D go 24 Are you joining our_____(discuss)? 25 I followed it ______(see) where it was going. 26 If you try our best, our dream will come true _____ . A one day B any day C at time D some other day 27 We should __________ advanced workers. (向。。学习) 28 What time do you expect her______(arrive)? 29 She hoped nothing bad would happen______him.(介词填空)

30 Stop this rock music, please. I’m afraid some people can’t _____the noise! A stand B hear of C think D listen to

31 I think the TV plays are ________(education) than sitcoms 32 I hope ____(go) to France some day. 33 Don’t be c____ to the screen. It’s bad for your eyes. 34 She is one of the w_______ of the high jump. 35 In the morning, f_____air makes me feel comfortable. 36 Wuhan is one of the h_______cities in China. 37 A film director(导演)usually plays a r_____in deciding the good actor.

38 The next _____(perform) is Ben. 39 Of all the boys I know, Jack is the ______(bad) 40 You can buy clothes the most ______(cheap)in the supermarket.

1 I want to be a ______(report) when I grow up. 2 We should think_____(serious) about the problem. 3 ____ all the boys in his class, Tom is the shortest.(介词) 4 Nanjing is one of _____ capital _____in China.

A older, city B the older, city C oldest, cities D the oldest; cities

5 – Who helped you clean the classroom yesterday? --______. I cleaned it all by myself. A Somebody B Nobody C Everybody D Everyone

6 Which do you like ____, apples or oranges? A best B good C well D better

7 –Would you please drive_____, Nick? It’s a little late.—I’d like to, but safety must come first. A more slowly B more quickly C more carefully D most quickly 8 I don’t think English is______ Chinese.

A as important as B not important as C not so important D important as

9 –what do you usually do in your free time?-- I enjoy reading in the library___ I love myself in a world of good books. A which B that C where D who 10 Shanghai is bigger than____in China.

A any city B any other city C any of the other city D any of the others city 11 Which of the _____season of the year? --Winter A cold B coldest C colder D more cold

12 Black tea was invented in China as to keep tea ______(新鲜的)when it was transported lone distances. 13 –Bill fell off the tree and broke his leg.--____(可怜的)child! He has to stay in bed for long. 14 –who listens _______, Tom, Jack,or Bill?

A the most carefully B more carefully C the most careful D more careful 15 My father told me a story last night. It is ____one I’ve ever heard. A the funniest B funniest C funnier D the funnier.

16 –Which is _____season in Beijing?—I think it’s autumn. A good B better C best D the best 17 Li Hua studies English very______and her English is ____in her class A careful, good B carfully, well C careful, best D carefully, the best 18 People complain that the price of the restaurant is getting_____

A lower and lower B higher and higher C cheaper and cheaper D more and more expensive 19 I still remember the park ____we first met. A that B which C where D when 20 The way of doing has played an important role in ____ the problem. A solve B to solve C solving D to solving

21 We have____activites after class. You can take part in them. A kind of B a kind C all kinds of D a kind of

22 It ____you to decide who should go first. A think of B think about C come up with D is up to 23 并不是每个人都喜欢三明治。_________ _______likes sandwiches.

24 She showed her t_____ for cooking. 25 Tom has little in c_____ with Jack. They are different. 26 He took part in a television quiz and won a p______

27 A lot of people here, for e______, Mr Li, would rather have coffee.

28 How ______(beautiful) you sing! 29 We should help _____(poor). They don’t have enough food. 30 The street was ____(crowd) with people.

31 ______may have a chance to be successful if he tries his best. A Somebody B Everybody C Nobody D None.

32 Pan Changjiang is a famous_____(act). People all like him.

33 I’d like to book(预定) a ticket _____Shanghai for August 28.(介词) 34 John ______(choose) the most interesting one in these books just now. 35 The soft seats make us______than the hard ones.

A feel more comfortable B feeling easier C feel relaxed D feeling comfortable 36 If you are a hard-working student, you’ll always get better g______. 37 If you want to get more i______ about the house, please call me.

38 I was also afraid to speak in class because I thought my classmates might l____ at me.

39 T_____ he was very busy, he came to see me. 40 Mr. Green never laughs. He looks very s_______. 1 She is much______ (good) at drawing than I am. 2 Holly’s best friend is _______(funny)than she is. 3 The ____(many) important thing for you is to decide your own future. 4 The reporter spoke very______(clear) so that we could hear every word.

5 There are ______(many) boys in our class than in theirs. 6 When winter comes, it becomes______. A warm and warm B warmer and warmer C clod and cold D colder and colder 7 _____you study, _____knowledge you’ll get.

A The harder, more B the harder, the more C harder, the more D harder, more

8 The weather in Guangzhou is warmer than_____in Beijing in winter. A that B it C this D one 9 Ted is ____ more serious than John. A few B a lot of C a little D very 10 His bike is the same as _____.A I B me C my D mine.

11 We don’t look the same,____ we’re twins. A although B but C which D whose 12 This is the man ____ wants to see you . A who B what C why D which 13 English is______than Japanese in China.

A more much important B much more important C much important D much importanter 14 –Dick, is Nick your twin brother?—Yes, and I’m thirty minutes____than him. A fatter B taller C heavier D older

15 Some studies have shown that students who eat good breakfast stay____and do ___than those who don’t. A thin, well B thinner, better C the thinnest, the best D thinnest, best

16 Can a dog run____a horse?A as fast as B so fast as C as faster as D so faster than 17 Don’t speak so l____, because the baby is sleeping now.

17 Pass me that pair of glasses, I can’t see the words c______. 18 Mike’s parents are b_____ teachers. 19 Hurry up, or we can’t ______(到达)the subway station on time.

20 I’ll take ___of the cameras; one is for my brother, the other is for Jim/ 21 The mother walked into the room _____ in order not to wake up her baby. A quickly B quietly C heavily D fast

22 Most students like the teachers____understand them well. A who B what C what D which 23 I wonder _________.

A where does he live B how old he is C what is he doing D how soon will he come back 24 –Bill, will you get me the dictionary on that bookcase, please?

--I’m afraid I can’t ____it, Daddy. It’s too high. A find B reach C sell D read 25 I know a little about Thailand, as I ____(go)there three years ago.

26 Colors can change our moods and make us _____ happy or sad A feel B to feel C felt D feeling 27 Bob often says that swimming is______than hiking. But he always spends more time on swimming. A less useful B less interesting C more useful D more interesting 28 in our city, it’s ___in July, but it is even____in August. A hotter, hottest B hot, hoter C hotter, hot D hot, hotter

29 This question is _____ more difficult than that one. A rather B quite C very D a little

30 I jump higher than ______in my class. A any other boys B the other boys C any boy D another boy 31 I’m getting fatter and fatter. What should I do, doctor? ---You’d better eat ____meat and take ___exercise.

A less, less B little , more C little, much D less, more

32 Lin Tao’s watch is the same____ yours. So I don’t know which is his. A for B as C on D with 33 ______you need me, I’ll stay. A As B Because of C The same as D As long as 34 He always agrees with his friends about everything,______, he has no idea of his own. A In fact B Because of C As well D As well as

35 There is a ______(say) that behind every successful man there’s a woman. 36 When she came in, Bob_____(break) off his talk with Jane.

37 Basketball has a history of nearly 300 years. Today it is still loved by______young _____the old. A both, and B either, or C not, but D neither, nor

38 I don’t _____what he does. A take care of B care about C look after D look up

39 –Mr.Smith, I don’t think we can get there on time by bike. --You mean it’s____for us to take a taxi? A necessary B important C possible D difficult

40 Your bag is_____to mine. I don’t know which one is mine. A same B similar C like D unlike 1 There are millions of websites on the internet and there ____a lot of useful ____on the websites. A are, information B are, informations C is, information D be, information

2—What does your English teacher look like? --She’s tall and thin_____ long hair. A have B has C there is D with

3 This pen is ____ expensive than that one A much more B much C the most D very more 4 We want to know ____to help him

A what can we do B what we can do C how can we do D how we can do 5 We approached(靠近) the birds _____(quite) and watched them 6 She came first in a writing ____(compete)

7 He did as his teacher told him and ____the first place in the exam A won B beat C lost D win

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