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1.Mary is my mother’s . She’s my aunt. 2.My uncle’s son is my _________ .

3.—Who are these girls? — are my friends. 4.The doctors are all teachers.

5.These are my two 6.My uncle’s son is my . 7.This is Paul’s family 8.Those are my two 9.Your mother’s mother is 10._______ these ? They’re her sisters .

二、根据句意及括号内所给词的适当形式填空。(10分) 1.These are Jim’s pen). 2.be)those your parents ? 3.This is (she)good pencil .

4.Here are two (photo)of my family. 5.The (friend)books are green . 6._________ (that) are English boys . 7.They _________ (be not) your cups .

8.Are these your keys? No, it)aren’t. 9.Is this you)son?

10.What color are the watch)? 三、单项选择。(26分)

( )1. My_______is a teacher. A. parents B. grandparents C. parent D. father’s( )2. This is my good ________.

A. friends

B. friend

C. sisters

D. brothers

( )3. My ______ are all teachers.

A. friend B. sister C. grandparents D. mother

( )4. Thanks ______your family photos, they are very nice.

A. to

B. in

C. for D. at

( )5.______these her hats? No, they ______.

A. Is, isn’t B. Am, are C. Are, isn’t D. Are, aren’t ( )6. Is this _____ car ? Yes, It’s_____ car.

A. your, you B. your , my C. his, he D. her, she

( )7. She is a student and ___ name is Kate. A. she B her C. hers D. his ( )8.Your mother’s brother is your ______.

A. father B. grandfather C. cousin D. uncle ( )9. Mum, ______ my friends, Dale and Helen.

A. this is

B. they are

C. he and she

D. these are

( )10. This ______ my sister and those ______ my parents.

A. is, is B. is , are C. are, is D. are, are

( )11.Here______ his family photos. A. are B. am C. be D. is ( )12. --- ________? --- No, it isn’t.

A. Is this your aunt B. What’s this C. Who’s this D. Is he your son

( )13. This is Mr. Black and _______ my English teacher.

A. this is B. she is C. he is D. it isn’t ( )14. _______ are in the same class.

A. Helen and I B. I and Helen

C. I, you and she

D. These

( )15. Is ________ your aunt? What’s ________ name?

A.he,his B.she,her C.he,her D.she,his ( )16.Is he your friend? Yes, ________.

A.it is B.it isn’t C.he is D.he isn’t ( )17.Is that your ________ ?

A.a picture B.picture C.pictures D.nice pictures ( )18.Are ________ Kate’s ________?

A.this, book B.that,book C.these,books D.those,book ( ) 19.Is Guo Peng your brother? ________.

A.Yes,it is B.No,it isn’t C.Yes, she is D.No,he isn’t ( )20.Anna is not my sister. ________ my cousin.

A.He B.He’s C.She D.She’s

( )21.—Are those your pen friends? —Yes, A.they are B.they’re C.they are not. D.they aren’t

( )22.The son of my aunt is my .

A.uncle B.brother C.sister D.cousin

( )23. are good friends.

A.You, I and he B.He, you and I C.I, you and he D.You, he and I

( )24.Are these parents?


A.you B.she C.Mona’s D.they ( )25. Math books, they’re books.

A.Her; she B.She’s; her C.They’re; she D.They’re ; her

( )26.— is your grandfather? —Fine.

A.What B.How C.Who D.Where

四、按要求完成下列句子,每空一词。(10分) 1.That is my good pen friend.(改为复数句子)

our good pen . 2.This is her family photo.(变为一般疑问句)

her photo? 3.Tom is Mr. Green’s son.(改为同义句) Mr. Green is . 4.(对划线部分提问) ?

5.They are orange maps(改为单数句子) orange map. 6.这是我的家庭照。 This is . 7.这两位是你兄弟吗? these two 8.在照片里的那些女孩是谁?

________ in the picture? 9.这儿是一张她家的全家照。

Here is ________ ________ ________ _________ _________ .

10.那些钥匙是珍妮的吗? Jane’s ? 五、补全对话,每空一词。(10分) A:Look at the picture!

B:Oh, it’s a nice ____1____ of a family. Is it your family, John? A:Yes, it is. Can you see me in this picture? B:Is that ___2___ you? A:Yes, he is.

B: is the old man? A:He’s my grandfather.

B:老太太)?. A:She’s my B:Is this your father?

A:No, isn’t. He is my uncle. The man beside(旁边)my uncle is my . B:Who is the woman beside your father? A:Oh, she is my .

B:Your mother is very beautiful(漂亮的). A:you very much! B:Is the your sister?

A:No, she isn’t She is my uncle’s .

B:I see. She is your cousin. You have a nice family.

A:Thank you!

六、完形填空。(10分) This is a picture of my old. My father’s English teacher. He is a man. My mother is a doctor are students. We’re in No. 2 Middle School. We’re not in grade. My brother is Class 1, Grade 2. I’m in Class 2, Grade 1. name is Lin Tao. I’m only .They all like very much(很). ( )1.A.family B.families C.family’s D.a family ( )2.A.is B.has C.are D.am ( )3.A.the B.an C.a D.× ( )4.A.England B.English C.Chinese D.Japan ( )5.A.Me and my brother B.My brother and me C.Brother and me D.My brother and I ( )6.A.the same B.a same C.our D.× ( )7.A.to B.at C.in D.× ( )8.A.Your B.My C.My brother’s D.His ( )9.A.ten B.four C.one D.twenty ( )10.A.them B.me C.it D.I 七、阅读理解。(10分)


This is a photo of Mr Black’s family. The man with glasses(眼镜)is Mr Black, the father. The woman is the mother. They have a son and a daughter. The son is behind(在……后面)Mr Black. His name is Jack. He’s 14. Kate is Jack’s sister. She is 12. Jack and kate are in the same school, but they are in different(不同的)grades. Jack is in Grade Three and Kate’s in Grade One. They are good students. 根据短文内容选择正确答案。(10分) ( )1.Mr and Mrs Black have . A.a son and a daughter B.Jack and Kate’s sister C.three children(孩子) D.a family of five ( )2.The woman is mother.

A.Kate’s B.Jack’s C.Kate’s and Jack’s D.Kate and Jack’s

( )3.Jack and Kate are in the same . A.class B.grade C.school D.year ( )4.Black is the name. A.man’s B.woman’s C.boy’s D.family ( )5.Jack and Kate are . A.good children B.good students C.in different schools D.in the same grade


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