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冀教版七年级英语上册Unit4food and restaurant课件

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Unit4 Food and Restaurant

? restaurant





Time for Breakfast


1,What’s for breakfast today?

2,what would you like for lunch?

? Mr. Smith: It’s seven fifteen. Time for breakfast. ? Lynn: what’s for breakfast, Dad? ? Mr. Smith: We have cereal, bread, fruit and juice. what would you like? ? Lynn: Hmm, can I have a salad? ? Mr Smith: No, I didn, t make a salad. But you can have one for lunch. ? Lynn: ok. Then I would like some bread and a glass of juice for breakfast.. ? Jenny: can I have some cereal and sugar, please? ? I want to put sugar on my cereal. it’s delicious. ? Mr. Smith: sure, how about you, Mary? ? Mrs. Smith: I’m not very hungry. I just want a cup of tea.

①我晚餐想吃蛋糕。 I would like________ ________ ________ ______ supper. ②你想要什么? _________ ________ you ________? ③是吃早饭的时间了。 ________ ________ breakfast
( )①My sister wants to drink ________. A a tea B a cup C a cup tea D a cup of tea ( )② My father likes putting sugar _____ the cereal. A to B in C for D on ( )③ Here _____ some vegetables. A is B are C does D do

? 1.We have rice and meat for lunch.(对 划线部分进行提问) ? __________ _________ your lunch? ? ② Time for school. (同义句转换) ? Time ________ _______ _______ school. ? ③ I would like some bread and eggs. (对划线部分进行提问) ? ________ _______ you _______? ? ④I would like a salad.(同义句转换) ? I ________ a salad

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

It’s seven fifteen It’s 7:15 It’s fifteen /a quarter past seven Past 超过,多于. 7:10就是ten past seven 8:20 twenty past eight To 少于,不到 9:40 twenty to ten 10:50 ten to eleven

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Time for breakfast 是一个省略句 完整的句型是 It is time for breakfast It is time for sth (for 后加名词) It is time to do sth Eg:吃午餐的时间到了. It is time for lunch It is time to have lunch.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

what would you like?你想要什么 What do you want?你想要什么 Would like to do sth Want to do sth 想要做某事 Would like sth Want sth 想要某物 1我想吃鱼 I want to/would like to eat fish. 2,我想买一本书 3, 我想要一件连衣裙。

? Salad: 凉拌生菜。有蔬菜沙拉,和水果沙 拉。Make a salad.制作一个沙拉。

? A glass of juice ? ? A cup of tea

? Cereal;谷类食物,麦片,麦片粥

1,-what’s for breakfast? for:作为 -bread

2,-what’s for lunch? -Rice and vegetables
3,-what’s for supper? -Porridge and fuirt

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