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Unit 2
What′s the matter?

Unit 2
Topic: Talk about your health Give advice


body parts



thirsty, stressed out tired, hungry, …

dentist, lie, rest, honey, water, should, shouldn’t

Ask about health
你怎么了? What’s the matter (with you)? What’s wrong (with you)? What’s the trouble (with you)? What’s up? 你今天感觉怎么样?

talk about health
I have a… cold fever stomachache toothache sore throat sore back 那真是太糟了, 我希望你早点好起来。

How are you (feeling) today?
How do you feel today?

That’s too bad. I hope you feel well soon.

Give advice
You should drink some tea. You shouldn’t eat anything.

Maybe she should ask a dentist for advice.

Match the problems with the advice
a. have a toothache b. have a stomachache c. have a sore throat d. have a fever e. be stressed out f. be hungry g. can hardly sleep at night 1. eat a hamburger 2. drink hot tea with honey 3. lie down and rest 4. drink milk before going to bed 5. see a dentist 6. have meals on time 7. listen to relaxing music

a-5, b-6, c-2, d-3, e-7, f-1, g-4

Language points

1.Maybe she is kind of unhealthy.
maybe (adv.) may be (modal + V.)
It may be sunny tomorrow. Why not have a picnic? I’m not sure about the answer.
Maybe __

you are right.

The Chinese character 囧 may be used more and more in daily life.

3.I’m not feeling well.
Link verb + Predictive (系表结构)

Link verb: be, feel, look, sound, taste, smell, keep, stay, get, turn, grow, become…

4.You should lie down and rest.
should(情态动词)表示责任或建议。 你应该问问父母的建议。 You should ask your parents for advice. 每个人都应该爱护草坪。 Everyone should keep off the grass.

你不应该把小孩独自留在家。 You should not leave the baby at home.

我们不应该到处乱扔垃圾。 We should not throw rubbish anywhere.

5.It’s important to eat a balanced diet. It is/was + adj. + (for sb.) + to do sth. Change the sentences. To solve the problem is difficult. It is difficult to solve the problem. To review the new words is necessary for us. It is necessary for us to review the new words. To afford a TV set was impossible 30 years ago. It was impossible to afford a TV set 30 years ago. not possible

1.The old man looks (worry) about his illness. 2.She likes going _____ (skateboard) on Sundays. 3.--- I have a (bad) news for you. --- Oh, you sounds (serious). What’s wrong? 4.If you want to stay in (health), try to keep yourself (relax). 5.I’m sorry to keep you ______(wait) for a long time. 6.I like junk food, but I try _____(not eat) it. 7.I ____(eat) vegetables and fruit every day, so my___ (eat) habits are pretty good.

1.Two eyes ____see more than one. A. can B. may C. will D. should 2.I know things are hard for you, but you ____ try to get over the difficulties. A. should B. may C.

could D. need 3. ---The room is so dirty.______ we clean it? ----Of course. A. Will B. Shall C. Would D. Let

4.Look at what you have done! You ______ be more careful. A. may B. can C. would D. should 5.See who is there! ______it be May? A. May B. Must C. Can D. Will 6.--- Can I take this dictionary away? --- You ______ better not. A. should B. could C. would D. had

Translate the following sentences
? 良好的食物和锻炼有助于我取得好成 绩. ? 你每天晚上睡几个小时? ? 喝牛奶对你的健康有好处. ? 你的手表和我的一样. ? 我昨天发烧了. ? 你累了,应该上床休息. ? 或许你应该看看医生. ? 那听起来似乎是个好主意.

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