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七上Unit 3 Is this your pencil

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Unit 3 Is this your pencil ? 练习题


1.这是你的铅笔吗? 是的,它是。它是我的. __________________________________ 2.那是你的教室吗? 不,不是,它是Tom的. _______________________________ 3.这是他的绿色钢笔吗?是的,它是。_______________________________________ 4.这支绿色钢笔是他的吗?不,它不是。_____________________________________ 5.那些是她的钥匙吗?是的,他们是。______________________________________ 6.这些是他的书吗? 不,他们不是,他们是我的。_____________________________ 7.用2445246打电话给Alan. ___________________________________________ 8.请给Tom发一个电子邮件._____________________________________________ 9.那是一串钥匙. _____________________________________________ 10.感谢你的笔记本. _____________________________________________ 11.这些手表怎么样? _____________________________________________ . 12.我丢了我的学生证. ___________________________________________ . 二、根据句意和首字母或汉语提示完成句子。(15分)

1、-________ (是)this your ruler ? - No, it _________ (不是). 2、 Is this your ___________ (橡皮)? 3、 E________ me . Is this your pen ? 4、These books are _________(我的) . 5、Thanks for your ___________(帮助).

6、-_________(什么) is this ? -It’s an ID c________. 7、Please e________ me at maryg2@gfimail.com. 8、Is that Paul’s ___________(棒球)? 9、The ____________(电脑)is his .

10、Are these Kate’s _________(手表)? 11、The pen is i______ the pencil-box .

12、I lost my notebook in the _________(图书馆). 13、Please a_________ David for your keys . 14、Please c_______ Sally at 635-7769. 15、S_______ keys are in the classroom. 三、用所给单词的适当形式填空。(10分) 1、Is this _________(you) ruler ? 2、It’s _________(he) pencil .

3、Excuse _________(I) .Is this your book ?

4、-Is this your pencil box ? -No. It’s ________(her). 5、Are those your erasers? -No, they ________ (be not) 6、These are his ________(key). 7、What _________ (be) that ?

8、He lost some _________ (box) .

9、Is the computer game _______ (your)?

10、Some ______ (dictionary) are in the library . 四、单项选择。(10分)

( )1.This is backpack.

A.my B.the my C.a my ( )2.Is that ruler?

A.she B.her C.hers

( )3.Please call this evening.

A.I B.me C.my

( )4.—Is it a pencil?—

A.Yes,it’s B.No,it isn’t C.No,it is

( )5.Please call Mary 386-2115.

A.on B.at C.for

( )6.—Is this book? —Yes,it’s English book.

A.a;a B.a;an C.art;an

( )7.—Is this ________ ruler? —Yes,it’s her ruler.

A.your B.your sister’s C.your brother’s

( )8.—What’s this ______ English? —It’s _________ apple

A.in;a B.to;an C.in;an

( )9.—________? 一It’s a pencil box.

A.Is it a pencil box B.What’s this C.This is a pencil box

( )10.This is _______ Jimmy.

A.a B./ C.the

( )11.-What’s your name, please? --My name is ______.

A. Han meimei B. Wang Xiao Ya C. Green Jim D. Li Yunde

( )12. --How is your teacher today? --________

A. I’m fine, thank you. B. She is fine, thanks.

C. He is good, thanks.D. They are fine, thank you.

( )13. --_____ is your bag ? --It’s black.

A. What B. How C. Which color D. What color

( )14. This is _______ pen. A. my a B. the my C. a my D my ( )15. That _____ my computer game _______ the lost and found case .

A. am, in B. is, in C. am, on D. in , on

( )16. Linda Brown is my good friend. Her father is ________.

A. Johnson Brown B. Johnson Smith C. Brown Johnson D. Smith Johnson ( )17. You and I ______ students in this school.

A. are B. is C. am D. be Mike: OK. What’s your name? ( )18. -Is this ________ dictionary? -No, _____ isn’t _______ dictionary. Diana: My name’s Diana Schwartz.

A. his; it; me B. your; it; my C. your; this; my D. my; it; my Mike: How do you spell your last name ? ( )19.— Is this your key? Please ___ 82376054. Diana: S-C-H-W-A-R-T-Z.

A.call at B call by C.call D.call Mary on Mike: OK. Here you are . ( )20. Jane, is that your dictionary? Yes. ___ Diana: Thank you very much.

A.Thank you B.That’s OK C Sorry D All right Mike : You’re welcome . And is this your pencil case? 五.句型转换 Diana: No, it isn’t. My pencil case is blue. I think it’s Steve’s pencil case. 1.This is my pencil.(改为一般疑问句) ________ ________your pencil? 2.Is that your eraser?(作否定回答) ________,_______isn’t. 3.This is a dictionary.(改为否定句) _____ _________ a dictionary . 4.划线部分提问) _________ _________in English ? 5..(对划线部分提问) _________ _________ name ? 6.These are our coats.(改为否定句) _________ __________ our coats . 7.What are they?They’ re oranges .(改为单数形式) ________ ________ ? ________ _______ ______ 8.Those are my rings.(同义句) _____________________________________ 9.(对划线部分提问) _________ _________ the man ? 10.Is that your pencil-box?(用否定形式回答)No, ________ _________ . 六、根据所提供的材料和要求,完成下例任务。 A Look! I’m Tom. This is a pencil case. It’s orange. It’s my pencil case. What’s in the pencil case? A ruler is in the pencil case. It is my ruler. The ruler is blue and red. That is a pencil. It is black and white. It is not my pencil. Look! That girl is Lucy. It is her pencil. That boy is Tim. I found his green pen in the pencil case. I call Tim at 7890003. It is his telephone number. ( ) 1. What color is the pencil case? A. It’s orange. B. It’s blue and red. C. It’s green. ( )2. I am Tom. That is not my_________. A. pencil B. pencil case C. ruler ( )3. ________ has (有) a pencil.

A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim

( )4. _______ found the pen in the lost and found case.

A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim ( )5. I am Tom. Is my telephone number 7890003? A. Yes. B. No. C. OK. B.

Diana: I’m looking for my ID card and pencil case.

Mike: Hi, Steve! Is this your pencil case? Steve: Oh, yes. And that’s my pen. Thank you . Mike : That’s OK. ( )6. Diana is looking for her ________. A. pencil case B. pencil case and ID card C. pen and pencil ( ) 7. Diana’s last name is ______ . A. Diana B. Schwartz C. Steve’s ( )8. The ID card is ______ . A. Diana’s B.Mike’s C. Steve’s ( ) 9. That’s _____ pen. A. Diana’s B. Mike’s C. Steve’s ( ) 10. Diana’s pencil case is ______ . A. blue B. red C. yellow C 七、有几位学生遗失了一些物品,请根据以下信息为他们完成寻物启事。 Peter: I lost a gold watch. If you find it, call me at 680-7432. Jim: I found a computer game. My phone number is 512-8843. Henry: I lost a set of keys. Who found them, please call 476-3539. Sam: I found a notebook with the name “Kenvin Clark”. My phone number is

555-0287. Lost & Found

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