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外研社八年级英语Module 2 Unit 3

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Unit 3 Language in use

Where are these cities in China?
Beijing Guangzhou Nanjing Urumqi Tianjin Jinan

1. Beijing is in the north of China. 2. Guangzhou is in the south of China. 3. Nanjing is in the east of China. 4. Urumqi is in the west of China. 5. Tianjin is to the east of Beijing. 6. Jinan is to the south of Beijing.

Teaching aims
1. To summarize and consolidate grammar focus. A + be + adj.-er than + B (重点)

in the west/east/north/ south of…
2. To consolidate expressions and vocabulary.

3. Affection: We should love our hometown
and country.



8:10 a.m. late

8:30 a.m. later

构成方法 一般在词尾 +er 以字母e 结尾的 + r 重读闭音节结尾,双写最 后只有一个的辅音字母 再加er 以辅音字母+y 结尾的, 把 y 改 i , 再加 er 原级 cold nice big 比较级 colder nicer bigger

单 音 节 和 少 数 双 音 重读闭音节结尾的,应 节 先双写,再加er

red, thin,


部分形容词(副词)的比较级的 不规则变化 原级 比较级 better good / well more many / much worse bad / ill less little older / elder old farther / further far

Language practice
1. It’s getting bigger and busier 2. It’s a newer city than Hong Kong 3. Its streets are much wider and cleaner too. 4. It’s taller than many other building in Shenzhen

The usage of comparative of adj. & adv. 两者进行比较时, 用比较级表示: A + 动词 + 形容词或副词的比较级 + than + B。 e.g: 1. Mike is older than Tom. 2. Mary is fatter than Lucy. 3. I run faster than you.


比较级前可以用如(much, far, a lot, a little, even, still) 来修饰, 或者是数量词 组来修饰。 如: 1. He is a little fatter than me, 2. He is even shorter than Jim. 3. China is much larger than Japan.

Look at the pictures and say sentences:

Jordon is tall. Yao Ming is taller than Jordon.

Picture 1 is nice.

Picture 2 is nicer than Picture 1.

The blue ruler is long.

The yellow ruler is longer than the blue one.

1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.

big busy clean large new small wide
1. Shenzhen was very small about thirty years ago but it is muchbiggernow. 2. This building is tall but building is much taller. 3. Beijing is old but Xi’an is much older . 4. The US has a large population but India’s population is larger. 5. Beijing is cold in winter but Harbin iscolder .

2 Work in pairs. Talk about the pictures. Use the words in the box to help you.
big busy high low old small tall wide

The buildings in picture 1 are older than the buildings in Picture2.

3 Write sentences. Use the information in the table.



Xi’an China
Tian’anmen Square The population of Tianjin

Beijing Australia

old big

Other squares in wide China The population of small Shanghai

Shenzhen is newer than Beijing.

4 Complete the word map. Use th

e words in the box. big cold large new old small warm
cold warm big/ large small



old new

small large

5 Complete the sentences with the expressions in the box.
in the northeast is famous for on the coast pretty good The population of

1. Cambridge is a beautiful old English city. It ____________its university. is famous for 2. Tianjin is near Beijing, ___________of the on the coast Bohai Sea. The population of 3. ________________ India is smaller than that of China but bigger than that of Russia. in the northeast 4. Harbin is _________________ of China and is a very busy city. 5. The weather in Beijing in autumn is pretty good _________.

6 Complete the passage with the correct form of the words in brackets.
In my hometown there are two cinemas, the Grand Cinema and the Palace Cinema. The Grand Cinema is _____(old) and_____ (small) than the older smaller Palace Cinema. It is alsowarmer _____(warm) in the Grand Cinema. The Palace Cinema is usually_____ (busy) busier than the Grand Cinema because they show better cheaper films -and the tickets are________ (cheap) too.

7 Listen and complete the sentences.

1. New York is a(n)______ and ______ city than bigger busier Washington D.C. 2. New York is______ than any other city in the US. famous 3. Shanghai has a(n) ______ population than larger Beijing. 4. Beijing is______ than Shanghai. older

Around the world
Washington D.C.
Washington D.C. is the capital of the US. Located on the east coast, it is best known for the White House, where the president of the US lives and works, and for Capitol Hill, where the US Congress meets. There are many famous monuments, memorials and museums in Washington D.C. The Lincoln Memorial is a grand white building. Millions of tourists visit it every year to show respect to President Lincoln. In the National Air and Space Museum, people can see the command module of Apollo 11, which sent the first humans to the moon in 1969.

8 Work in pairs. Compare two places in your hometown.
Where is it? It’s in the north / south / east / west of the town. How many people work / go there? …people work / go there. How old is it? It’s about …years old. Is there something special about it? It is bigger than…

9 Write the information in the table:

Place 1:

Place 2:

10 Make a poster.
Write sentences. Place 1 is bigger than Place 2. Place 2 is older than Place 1. Join the sentences using and or but. Place 1 is bigger than Place 2, but Place 2 is older than Place 1.

EX1. 写出下列词的比较级形式: 1. small ______ 2. nice _______ smaller nicer hotter easier 3. hot _______ 4. easy _______ wetter 5. big ________ 6. wet _______ bigger 7. heavy _______ 8. new _______ newer heavier redder 9. red ________ 10. thinthinner ______ worse 11. tall ______ 12. bad ______ taller

13. busy _______ busier 15. long _______ longer 17. short shorter _______ 20. cold _______ colder

14. old ________ older 16. round _______ rounder 19.

cool _______ cooler 21. good_______ better

注意一些特殊的变化形式: good / well _______ better worse bad / ill __________ many / much______ more little_________ less

EX2.从方框中选择恰当的词,并用其比 较级形式填空。
early big small fine

1. I have a small bag. Hers is _______ smaller than mine. bigger 2. Tigers are ______ than cats. 3. The weather will be _____ tomorrow. finer 4. You are late for school today. Can you be ______ tomorrow? earlier

EX3.用所给形容词的适当形式填空 。 earth is ______ (big) than the moon, bigger 1. The
but it is _______ (small) than the sun. smaller 2. Ben looks ________ (young) than Jack. younger 3. The white T-shirt is _______ (cheap) cheaper than the black one. 4. The Yangtze River is ______ (long) than longer the Yellow River.

EX4.完成下列句子。 1 她对做饭感兴趣。 She is interested in cooking meals. ________________________ 2 北京比广州繁忙。 Beijing _______________ Guangzhou. is busier than 3 这里比那里宽。 Here ____________________ there. is wider than 4 伦敦以泰晤士河而著名。 London ______________ the Thames. is famous for 5 长江比泰晤士河长。 Chang Jiang _______________ the Thames. is longer than

Making a poster comparing two cities or rivers in China.

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