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Unit 1

重庆开县陈家中学 刘益秋


Please discuss why we should study English.

Listen, look and say. (影片1)
Good morning! I am Kangkang. Welcome to China! Good morning! Thank you.

Kangkang Michael



Greet and introduce yourselves.

Good morning! I’m Tom…

Good morning! I am Lucy.

Good morning! I’m Sam.

Shanghai Hong Kong The USA China
Good morning! I am … Welcome to China.

Good morning! I am…

1b Listen and number the following names. 录音1



4 1

Look, listen and understand.(影片2)
Hello! I’m Kangkang. Are you Michael? Hello! Are you Maria? Hello!

Yes, I am.
No, I’m not. I’m Jane.

Oh, nice to meet you, Jane. Hi, Maria!

Nice to meet you, too. Hi, Kangkang!

Welcome to China!


Please listen to the tape 录音2 ___and imitate the pronunciation.

当别人问你“Are you …?”时,否定回答应为: No, I am not. I am ... / No. I am ...。 注:不能只回答No, I am not. 英语中,这样的回答 会被认为是不礼貌的行为。

Nice to see you. 答语通常为Nice to see you, too. 这样的问候常在以下两种情景中使用: 1.双方初次见面后经人介绍后互相问候。 2.熟悉的人好久不见,偶然相逢时表达双方见面后的 高兴心情。

句型: Good morning. I am … Nice to meet you.

Zhou Jielun Liu Xiang


Are you Lily?

Yes, I am.

Welcome to China !


Practice. Hello! Hello ________!

Nice to see you,Yingying.

Nice to see you,too, _________________________ Huanhuan. _______________

Listen, say and trace. 录音3) (

Listen , number and circle the (录音4) letters with the same sound as Bb.

Aa Bb
( 3) ( 5 )

(2 )


( )

( 6)

(4 )



Play the English letter games:
Each student writes one of the English letters (big or small) on the paper, and some students go to the front of the classroom and hand up their paper. If you see the big letter, but yours are the small, please go to the big letter. If you see the small letter, but yours are the big, please go to the small letter, and say: We are “ b, B”.
w We are “b, B”.

For example:



Play the English letter games:
① The first student in the first team says “A” quickly, the second student follows with “B”,and the other students follow with “C,D,E,F,G,A, B ...” one by one.

Welcome to China ! — Good morning! — Good morning! I’m Kangkang. Hello! / Hi! — Are you Jane? — Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. I’m Maria. —Nice to meet you. — Nice to meet you, too. Thanks.

1. Please imagine and list some objects which have the same shape with the English letters. For example:
Ears are like “B”. The moon is like “C” or “D”. …

2. Give yourself an English name after class.
3. Copy the letters on the signs beside the letters on the line.

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