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外研社八年级英语Module 4 Unit 3

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Unit 3
Language in use

The Comparative Superlative Degrees of Adjectives & Adverbs 形容词和副词 比较级和最高级

形容词和副词比较级和最高级构成 (规则变化) cheap, cold, small, tall 单音节词在词尾比较级 fine, nice, safe warm, young, high taller- tallest 加- er或最高级加- est happy, busy, dirty, late 以e结尾的词,只需加 -r 或-st easy, lazy, later - latest pretty early hot, red, 以辅音字母加 y 结尾双音节 fat, 词变 y 为 i 加 –er 或 –est earlier –thin, wet, sad earliest big narrow, 重读闭音节、末尾只有一个 辅音字母双写加 –er 或 –est bigger- biggest slowly, quickly,
少数以er,ow 结尾的双音 节词加-er -est

yellow useful, tired, clever cleverer-cleverest popular, modern, fluently/difficult more~, most~

部分双音节和多音节词在原 级前加 more 或 most

good / well – better - best much / many – more - most bad / badly / ill – worse – worst little – less – least far – farther/ further– farthest – furthest old – older/ elder – oldest / eldest

1.Who runs faster, he or she? 2.He runs faster than she. 3.He runs much faster than she.

4.He becomes healthier and healthier. 5.The more you exercise, the healthier you will be. 6.She is less healthy than he.

1.表示两者之间的选择, 可用“Which/Who … + 比较,…or…?”.

Who runs faster, he or she?
2.表示两者之间的比较,通常用连词 than 引导, 表示“更··一些”. ·· ··

He runs faster than she.

3.much/far/a lot, even ,still ,a little/a bit … 修饰比较级,表示程度.

He runs much faster than she.

4. “比较级+and+比较级”表示“越来越……” He becomes healthier and healthier.

Shanghai is becoming more and more modern.
5. “the+比较级 , the + 比较级”表示“ 越…, 越 …” more you exercise, the healthier The you will be. 6. 表示不及另一方时,用“less+原级+than…” (双音节和多音节词) He is healthier than she. She is less healthy than he.

1.比较级 + and +比较级 2.the+比较级 , the + 比较级

越来越… 越…, 越 …

more and more beautiful 1.The girl becomes _________________________. (越来越漂亮) worse and worse 2. The weather is getting ______________________. (越来越槽糕) The more careful 3._______________you are, _________mistakes you the fewer will make. (你越仔细,做错的题目就越少) the fatter 4. __________you eat, _________you’ll be. The more (你吃得越多,就越胖) even / still better 5. Alice writes well. Mary writes ___________________
than she. (甚至更好)

1.表示三者或三者以上比较,可用”Which/Who …

+最高级,…,…or …?”表示. Who is the tallest, Tom , Mike , or Jack? 2. 最高级+of/among (同类比较) in… (范围比较)
Tom is the tallest of the three. To

m runs (the) fastest in our class.

3. 序数词修饰最高级 Mike is the second tallest student in our class. 4.one of + 形容词最高级 +名词复数表示“最… 之一”
Jack is one of the tallest students in our class.

……plays/ sings/ acts/ runs….. ……one of the …actors/runners

……the second / the third……
Yao Ming 2.26m 1.71m Jay 1.73m

Jacken Chen

Liu Xiang 1.88m


the third longest 1.The Yangtze River is__________________ river in the world. (第三长河)

the second biggest 2. The Atlantic is __________________ ocean in the world. ( 第二大洋)
3. Lin Tao is __________________________ in one of the laziest students the class because he never gets to school on time. (最懒的学生之一)

one of the greatest inventors 4. Edison was______________________________ in the world. (最伟大的发明家之一)

1. Flat A is more expensive than Flat B

Flat B is _____ __________ than Flat A. less expensive
Flat B is ________ _______ Flat A. cheaper than as Flat B is not ____ __________ ___ Flat A. as expensive
2. I prefer maths to English.

better than I like maths __________________ English. 3.He is the tallest student in the class.

taller than any other student He is __________________________________ in the clas any other + 名词单数


1.Hainan is a very large Island .It is the largest second _________ island in china. (large) 2.Our teacher is as ______ as before. (busy). busy the most careful 3.He is ______________ among us. (careful) 4.Li Lei jumped far farther than Jim.(far) ______ happier 5.The busier he is, the ________ he feels.(happy) the hottest 6.I think Yao Ming is one of ____________ basketball players in NBA. (hot)

Language practice
It’s the most comfortable way, but it’s also the most expensive. He lives the farthest from school. It is the fastest and the second cheapest. The more information, the better.

1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.
1 This bus takes the longest (long) time because it is theslowest _______(slow). 2 The new train travels the fastest (fast) of all the trains in the world. 3 The cheapest (cheap) way to get there is by coach. 4 I am in a hurry. What is the fastest (fast) way to get there? 5 The fastest way to travel is by plane, but it is also the _______________(expensive). most expensive

2 Complete the conversation with the sentences with the sentences in the box.
a) By plane, but you have to go to the airport by taxi and that takes time too. b) The cheapest way is going by coach, but it is not very comfortable. c) The most comfortable way is going by train, but it takes more time than going by plane. d) There are three ways: by plane, by train and by coach.

Customer: How can I get to Beijing from here? Tourist guide:________________ d Customer: Which is the fastest way? Tourist guide:________________ a Customer: Which way is the cheapes

t way? Tourist guide:________________ b Customer: Which way is the most comfortable? Tourist guide:________________ c

3 Complete the conversation with the correct form of the words in the box.
cheap close expensive good much slow best A: What’s the ___________way to go to Qingdao? B: We can take a plane, but that’s ____________. expensive We can also take a train. It’s ________, but it’s not so slower expensive. The coach is the ________ way to go, but it cheapest takes the ________ time. most A: So how should we go? B: I think the best way is by train because the train station is the ________ to our home. closest

5 Complete the word map.
by bus

take a bus bus station

by plane take a plane airport

by train
take a train

5 Work in pairs. Choose a place you would like to visit. Ask and answer the questions about
the ways by which you can get there. 1 What is the cheapest way to get there? 2 What is the most expensive way to get there? 3 What is the fastest way to get there? 4 what is the most comfortable way to get there? 5 What id the safest way to get there?

6 Complete the email.
book choice cost travel trip FROM: Sally To: Tony SUBJECT: Journey to China

Hi, Tony, My family is planning a journey to China in the summer. We want to visit Beijing first. Do you think we should (1)book the plane tickets early? After Beijing we want to visit Xi’an and Hangzhou, and travel maybe somewhere else. How can we (2)______ from Beijing to Xi’an, by train or by plane? The (3) cost is not so important, but the time is.

After Xi’an, we want to go to Hangzhou. Is it better to go to Shanghai first, or can we go from Xi’an to Hangzhou directly? And after Hangzhou what is the best (4)________? Can choice trip you make a short (5)_______ to Suzhou? What do you think? Thanks for your help. Sally

7 Listen and match the cities with the information.

1 London 2 Birmingham

a) the city with four million people b) a small beautiful town

3 Oxford
4 Cambridge

c) the most expensive city
d) the most interesting city e) the biggest city

8 Listen again and answer the questions.

1 Which city has the largest population?

2 Which cities have the oldest universities in the world?
Oxford and Cambridge

3 which city is the nearest to London?

4 What are the popular places for sightseeing in London?
Big Ben Buckingham Place Tower Bridge

Around the world
The longest railway The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world. You can go from Moscow, the capital of Russia, to Vladivostok on the east coast, It is not the fastest way to travel from Moscow to Vladivostok, but it is the most interesting and also the most comfortable way.

9 work in groups.
Make a holiday plan for a family trip to a city in china. Try to do: 1. Find a map of China. Choose a city to visit, and decide on the best way to get there. 2. Make a list of things to do there. 3. Present your plan to the class, and make notes about other group’s plans.

Then choose the best plan.
Use your notes to compare the different plans, and decide which one is the best. I think the trip to Shanghai by train is better because the journey is shorter and there are a lot of interesting places to visit in Shanghai.

1. Screen City is _____ ______(good) of all the the best theaters in town. 2. Screen City has ____ ________ (big) screens the biggest the _____ comfortable and _____ most ___________(comfortable) seats. 3. Town Cinema is ________(cheap) than the cheaper other cinemas. 4. Town Cinema has _____ _______ (friendly) more friendly service than the others.

5. Jason’s is _____ ______ ________(popular) of all the most popular the clothing stores. the 6. Jason’s has _____ _____ and _____ _________ cheapest the best (good, cheap) quality clothes of all.
7. I think math is____________ (difficult) than Chinese. more difficult 8. Mr. Miller is one of _______________(popular) the most popular teachers in Green High School. 9. Your father is as _______ (young) as your uncle. young

请根据句意及首字母提示完成下列句子。 heapest 1. Which is the c_______ of the three bags? I don’t have much money. 2. Don’t turn on the r____. My father is sleeping now. adio 3. My house is c____ to our school. lose 4. Town Cinema has the friendliest s_____ . ervice 5. The waiter showed me to my s___. eat

Make a holiday plan:

Interview your father and mother about the favorite place, then make a holiday plan.(至少出现3个比较级或最

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